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POE6 – [ba] barnesworth anubis, Park Place Home Decor, Aphrodite Shop, An Lema

Original post @ Peace On Earth Gridwide Hunt.

POE 6 gifts

by Genevieve Kamala

All the furniture and props come from the wonderful POE 6 gifts, you still have 2 days to enjoy them, hurry up and complete your hunt:

FURNITURE: BA Peace on Earth hunt fireplace
PARK PLACE candles on candlesticks
APHRODITE Tnaksgiving centerpiece
AN LEMA Furniture bed and rug


Visit http://peaceonearthhunt.wordpress.com/2014/01/04/poe6-ba-barnesworth-anubis-park-place-home-decor-aphrodite-shop-an-lema/ for actual post date.

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