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Season of the Cube

Original post @ Twisted Hunt Spring 2014 | March 1 – 31.

We’ve almost reached the end of the first week of the Twisted Hunt and we still have tons and tons of gifts and prizes to show off!  The majority of our blog pics this time around are of the main store prizes, so remember to hit those easels when you see them to get notecards with information about any side games, mini hunts, gachas or other special store events that might be going on.  Also, when you make it to the End Game, don’t forget that there are a few more gifts waiting by the Survivor sign, as well as more gacha machines.  It really pays to take your time on this hunt and explore the stores and sims you get to visit:  not only are there a lot of interactive things going on, but these merchants have done a gorgeous job of decorating their stores for the Magic theme.

Happy Hunting!


Yellow Jester

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