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Season’s Palette RECENT UPDATE

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Hello there hunters, designers and SPH bloggers,

I have been MIA for awhile since RL has taken me into another warp thereby keeping me from SL (it doesn’t help that I recently got into a relationship with the love of my life!)

 I am aware that I have promised to start another hunt, but due to RL obligations and a few distractions, I have decided to put it off for another month since my RL birthday is coming up and I wouldn’t want to leave out my RL friends and family. I’m still quite undecided as to when the next cycle will begin, but frankly, I do want to start the pending hunt that I have planned in early March… the Season’s Palette Hunt Season 3 to begin this summer!

Right now,

I am in need of:

- Hunt organizers
- Hunt bloggers

Hunt applications for designers will be sent out soon. Please check back this website.

I hope to hear from all of you soon!

Aurora Savira

Visit for actual post date.

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