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Sleeping Summer

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Enchantment is open and things are a little different this round. The stamp cards are an added bonus to the shopping experience but there are a few stand out works in this round worth grabbing, stamp card or not. One of them is this dress by Annex. I love nude shades and Annex has paired a cage crinoline with a nude color strapless gown. The cage is overgrown with flowers making the whole dress to die for. Will I ever wear it after this photo shoot? Maybe! Summer is just starting to wake up and it seems to me a dress packed with blooms might come in handy. Also, I was able to take my stamp card and grab this hair by Mina for free. It has a full fat pack HUD with lots of great shades. Remarkable Oblivion is framing my face with their new Papillons, soon to be released at We <3 Roleplay. Available in 4 vibrant colors May 4th.

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