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Hair Fair 2014 up and running

Original post @ Hair Fair.

We opened the flood gates to Hair Fair 2014 on Saturday morning first thing, and it has been non stop.
HF2014 Map


Four full sims of incredible creators from all over Second Life, donating generously from each and every sale made during this event. You can find the list of each store on each sim HERE.

Each store donates a minimum of 15% of each sale to Wigs for Kids, and also have the choice to donate more if they so choose. There are signs in some booths, and some may have numerous amounts based on what they donate per pack, as well as a different amount per fatpack or other packs available. But with this system, every single thing you buy helps us help Wigs for Kids, and it is completely guilt free shopping.

This is the 9th year of this incredible event, it starting in 2006 on one sim, and growing from there to two sims the year I joined the committee, to the four sims we have had since 2008. This year with the help of the wonderful people at Linden Lab we have rented an additional 2 sims for landing points for the first few days, to help with the stress on trying to gain access. This means that if you use the World Map (Ctrl M) you can then see which sims have what amount of residents on them, and then TP accordingly.

Scripted Vendors – Redelivery NO Double Purchases

The scripts in the items at Hair Fair 2014 are only donation scripts, they can only pay to the account collecting the funds for the Charity, however the Bandanas are set for sale so that there was no need for scripts in those booths at all, and because they are transferable items.

These scripts were created by Mel Vanbeeck for Hair Fair in 2012 from understanding the need for such functions at an event of this size.

When you purchase a Hair Fair hairstyle, you cannot then double purchase it if you do not get it due to a lag spike. If you do not recieve your item you only have to left click on the pack you paid for, and it will redeliver it to you. If you do try and buy it again, it will refund you, and also deliver it to you again. The Man is a Genius ♥ There is a limit of purchases on each pack for this though, so if you do not get your item or go home and realise you did not get everything you have, tp back to the event and reclick on the items you purchased. If they do not respond, then you can contact the creator of that hair and discuss delivery.


We have again this year turned off the visibility function for each sim, so that you are unable to load any residents on the sims joined to the one you are on, this does help with any rendering lag from avatars you experience. Also going into your Preferences (Ctrl P) and turn down your Max # of Non Imposter Avatars to 3, unless you are with more than 3 people as I was earlier today.

Helping yourself as well as others, you can also deprim as much as possible, do not attach items that are not part of your general appearance, and reduce as much as you can in the way of scripted items. No one is going to challenge you to a duel so take off combat scripts for instance….mind you shopping for hair is serious business, so you may get bumped into a few times. If that does happen, please take it as an accident, while people may have removed avatars loading and generally be as low as possible, you just may not even be visible to them.

Area Search

In the past this function in the Firestorm viewer confused me a bit, I was never able to get it to work correctly for me, but Whimsy Winx one of our other committee members talked me through it in the past. I have used it many times for checking items for store approval for my Group, but this tool is perfect for use at an event such as Hair Fair.

If you have fallen in lust with a hairstyle you have seen promoted, you land at the event, and you do not know which way to go, even with the use of my handy girly directions using the notecards and LMs in the maps at the landing points. Then you can click the WORLD menu at the top of your screen – I am not sure if this is even possible in Second Life main viewer – then go to Area Search which will open a new panel. In the Find Tab you then type the name of what you are looking for, or the Creators Name. Whichever you find easier. If once you click on find, nothing happens, you may have your draw distance too low, as it is based on range.

Once it comes up with a list of items, you can then choose from the functions when you right click on it, or just clicking on any listed will give you the option to shine a beacon on them. I have found though that right clicking and choosing zoom, will take your camera directly to the item, and if you are able to rez it, means you can pay for it right then and there, and if it is a need to go back to get a failed delivery, using the touch option will have the redelivery magic work for you.

Prim Bus

Again traditionally since the first Hair Fair I ever was part of in 2007, the Prim Bus is back. Historically speaking though it was originally just a red box on the ground, set for anyone to move, but we used to worry because people would crash and they would end up blocking doorways etc. Mel created the prim bus rezzer two years ago, and it is a lot of fun to pile on with friends and then one of you – usually the one with not only good internet speed but also good editing control – drives the bus so to speak by using the edit tools to drag you around the sims. It will also vanish when you all get off, so we have these placed at various spots throughout the event.


The maps at the landing points of each sim, will give you a folder with landmarks and directions in notecards, of what stores are on what side of what sim – very girly directions they are too, Mel believes in Maps and proper directions such as East and stuff, I believe in the far left side of the sim when standing at the landing point :P.

If you start at any sim and walk to the left and keep the stores on your left, you will visit every single booth and land back at the place you started.

Donation terminals and Bandana Booths 

There are a number of donation boxes, that look like mini versions of the Hair Dye boxes in red and aqua through the event. These are set to pay only HairFairSL Core, so please be sure that that is who comes up in the pay dialogue if you are planning on making a donation. Every little bit helps, and we appreciate it so much, not everyone wants to buy lots of hair, but do like to give what they can.

The Bandanas booths, there is one on each sim and as every year, all proceeds from the purchases of these will go 100% to Wigs for Kids. Each bandana is sold Mod/Transfer so that you can resize them, and also gift them to friends.

The last day of Hair Fair traditionally is Bandana Day where we remove our hair to show we care. So buy lots and have a great time at Hair Fair.

If you have any questions regarding the event, please contact HairFairSL Core, Sasy Scarborough, Whimsy Winx or Mel Vanbeeck.


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Hair Fair 2014 ENDS SOON Don’t Miss Out

Original post @ Hair Fair.

HF2014 Map

Only a few days left of Hair Fair 2014, so it is time to do another run through all four sims and find any goodies you haven’t already snapped up. Remember every single purchase from the wonderful creators at this event will donate a portion to Wigs for Kids. The work that Wigs for Kids does to help children cope with hairloss, not just in the wigs systems created for them, but the overall self esteem they help them hold onto,and in some cases get back is a remarkable gift that you through every purchase at our event can help them achieve.

Wigs for Kids have also helped us spread the word by promoting Hair Fair on their Facebook and Website pages, which is really supportive and encouraging to us, to have them support what we do. Make sure you take your friends along and also get your bandanas for Bandana Day on the 27th of July.


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Hair Fair 2014 – Bandana Day 27th July LAST DAY OPEN

Original post @ Hair Fair.

Bandana Day July 27th


Today is the day that those all over the grid remove their hair to show they care. Not removing your hair doesn’t mean you care any less, but this is a fun tradition we started in 2007 and it has grown every year since.

Bandanas are created from people all over SL, by creators, bloggers and Second Life residents, who just feel inspired to open up a photo editing program and do their part to help us help Wigs for Kids.

The Bandanas are only available at Hair Fair 2014 and once the event is over they are never purchasable again. The bandanas are sold for 50L and you can transfer them to friends, people even have bandana wearing parties, and events that also help bring awareness to Hair Fair and Wigs for Kids.

It is the last day of this huge event, and we hope to see you there. You can find one Bandana booth on every sim at Hair Fair, most just a few booths down from the landing point. Each booth has the same bandanas in it, so once you find one, you have access to them all.

Hair Fair Locations


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Hair Fair 2014 – Totals & Thank You

Original post @ Hair Fair.

Hair Fair 2014 Logo 512

Hair Fair ended on the 27th of July, and the totals for the event are as follows.


Bandana Sales – L$ 92,850

A big thank you to all the people who help us by creating Bandanas each year, and for all of those that purchase them and send us information about friends and family, and why Bandana Day means so much to them.


Hair Sales Donations and Kiosk Donations – L$ 4,764,064

This is the total raised from the donations that each and every hair pack sold gave to this event, as well as all the individual donations made to the kiosks located around Hair Fair 2014. A huge thank you to all the stores that gave of their talent and time for this event, making it such a popular destination each year. Thank you too, to the generosity of the individuals that added extra by donating into the kiosks as they shopped, as well as those larger donations that were paid directly to HairFairSL Core…we really appreciate everyone’s kindness.


Grand TotalL$ 4,856,914

Wigs for Kids

Thank you to Wigs for Kids and their staff that help us through the set up to this event, providing us with the tools needed, as well as showing support with including us on their website and their Facebook this year. There was great pride in seeing Hair Fair 2014 showcased on their Facebook amongst other RL events, and we really do appreciate all that they do to show that support to us each year. Thank you to our contact Andrew , who is a pleasure to liaise with in these matters.

Hair Designers

A HUGE thank you to all the content creators that were part of Hair Fair 2014. It is through your creativity, generosity and enthusiasm that this event is so popular and such a huge success. Thank you all, not only for your donations from every style sold, but also your creativity in decorating the booths, as well as sharing the knowledge of the event with your customer base.

Linden Lab

Special thanks to Linden Lab for the care and quality that they give to us each and every year. It is a pleasure to work with the team from Linden Lab that are part of the process of hiring the sims we use each year. A warm thank you to Dee Linden, who  is our go to co-ordinator, who goes above and beyond each year to make it as seamless as possible.

Firestorm Team

Special thanks to Jessica Lyon and her team at Firestorm who are so kind as to make Hair Fair their Message of the day on their log in screen, that lets so many more residents know of this event when it is truly helpful to get as much information out as possible. It really is a kindness they extend to us, and we are very grateful that they do.


To all the Bloggers that cover the event, the Early Access bloggers who do as much prior to the event’s opening, by letting their readers know in advance that it is coming, who help us promote the photo contest and Bandana Day, and just through their commitment to the event, show such wonderful posts throughout the two weeks and let us reach an audience we may never get without them. To all the bloggers that didn’t make it to early access and still covered the event, because of their passion and dedication to their readers, the designers they follow, and also for personal reasons that make Wigs for Kids something important to them also. We are all very grateful for your work through this time, and all year.

Hair Fair Committee

There is so much praise I wish to pour on Mel Vanbeeck.. His builds, his scripting, his support and patience is just immeasurable. He holds us together in more ways than one, and it is due to his knowledge of so many of the inner workings of SL that make it as lag free as possible. He has a lot of time for all of us during this event, and the many months of work prior, so thank you so much for everything.

Whimsy Winx is a treasure, she does a lot of things behind the scenes that help run this event each year, and in the past has done a lot more in the front with building and so on. She has a flare for design and layout that astounds me each and every day, and it is a big thank you to her for all her help during and leading up to the event each year.

Both of these people are the greatest team I know, and I am honored to be part of theirs each year.


Thank you to everyone that makes Hair Fair a success that it is, and thank you to all those people who visited, shopped and shared, and made it another year of giving to Wigs for Kids, because that total is because of all of you, so thank you truly.

Once Wigs for Kids has their money processed in full, we will post a receipt in the website.


Sasy Scarborough

Hair Fair committee


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Hair Fair 2014 Donation to Wigs for Kids

Original post @ Hair Fair.

2014 Second Life Donation Thank You from Wigs for Kids

Wigs for Kids has sent their appreciation and thank you letter for this years Donation from the 2014 Hair Fair in Second Life. We are so thankful to be part of this combination of efforts from Second Life each year. To be able to help those children in need, and make their lives happier in this way. On behalf of the Hair Fair Commmittee I express our heartfelt thanks to the wonderful creators that take part in this event and donate of their hard work to help in this way. Thank you to the community of Second Life as a whole, the people that visit the event, purchase items that donate, and all of the people that help spread the word, to make sure the event gets as much exposure as it can during the two weeks.

Thank you to Linden Lab staff who help us with the planning stages, ongoing help during the event, and step by step processing of the doantions until they reach Wigs for Kids.

Thank you to Firestorm Team, who with their amazing Message of the Day log in screen reach more people than we can ever imagine, and are so helpful and lovely in communications while doing so.

Lastly a huge personal thank you to Mel Vanbeek and Whimsy Winx, who each year donate of their time, their skills, and their drive and support in this event. Each year they bring more and more to the table that has made working alongside them the biggest of pleasures. I am always humbled by their support and all of those that join us along the way in making this something that means so much to those involved.

Thank You

Sasy Scarborough

Mel Vanbeeck

Whimsy Winx

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Miss Busty 2014 – Semi Final!

Original post @ Big Boobie Babes.

Hello Lovelies,
The semi finalists for the Miss Busty 2014 contest have been announced!
The excitement is building!  The Semi-Finalists have worked hard to prepare for their big night.  Join them this THURSDAY, October 23rd, at 6:00 pm SLT to see who will be crowned the best of the best, Miss Busty SL 2014.
Pageant will be conducted in the mountain-side amphitheater located high above Mountain Tops Village and The Enchanted Forest.   
Miss Busty SL 2014 Semi-Finalists represent the diversity of the Busty Community. 
Here they are!!!

Eclipse Avora 

Ermi Syn

 Gersemi Keystrel 

 Inamorta Emor

Iris Melody

Joline Vesperia

Kira Ragged


Romance Firelight 

Silvy Tophat

During the Pageant, Semi-Finalists will be judged in two categories.   The first will be an open style review where each girl will pick her own signature look and will walk the runway for review by the Judges.  They will then change into swim wear of their choice and again walk the runway for review.  Judges will pick five Finalists who will be judged in one final category, Evening Wear.  From these five Finalists, the new Miss Busty SL will be chosen.
* Pageant Staff
    Producers – Brace Mao-Brightflame, Chalcedony Mao-Brightflame, ‘Hymalaya’ Mao-Brightflame
    Director – Playful Howley
    Judges – Angel Blackhawk, Maggie Bluxome, Rachel Swallows,  Vivian Veeper
* Blog
* Pageant Sponsors
-   Big Boobie Babes Freebies ~ Community Group for applier wearers.  We started with boobs but now we cover boobs, butts and bodies!
 –  Bosom Bay Studios~  If you are looking for stunning photography with a contemporary yet modern romantic flair, you have come to the right place.  Bosom Bay Studios incorporates both in-studio and on-location photography, with professional editing that is going to grab the attention of those who see your photos
  –  BUSTED Magazine ~ A monthly free magazine devoted to showcasing some of the sexiest busty girls in the enhanced breast community, featuring not only photos but articles, news, and advertisements dedicated to enhanced  breasts.
 –  Chest Treasures Mall ~ Chest Treasures is a premier mesh/prim breast implant-friendly shopping experience, located in a spacious 2-story sky mall. Established in April 2013, the mall contains almost 70 of your favorite busty designers on three levels.   After leisurely walking through and enjoying the modern mall walk while browsing stores, relax for a moment in our beautiful fishing area or enjoying the landscaping throughout.  Be sure to stop in the bottom floor and enjoy the Highlights room, where group members can enjoy free gifts from each of the participating stores.
 –  Designs by Shalenda ~ Busty can be beautiful and classy, as well as sassy.
 –  Fantasy Restraints ~ Premier Clothing and Restraint Store
 –  Furoque Magazine ~ Premiere magazine for the Busty Furry.
 –  Gatherings ~ Gatherings Designs specializing in busty clothing since 2009, including stunning gowns, classy and retro dresses, smart business wear, casual clothing and naughty latex. Whether it is the beach, the boardroom or the ball, GD has the perfect outfit to live your second life.
 –  Icons ~ Icon “Bra busters” is one of the original founding boobs of the busty scene that are  still in production today. In addition to this, Icon brand clothing brings style for all women of SL, well endowed or not.
 –  Mountain Tops ~ A BUSTY friendly destination featuring MOUNTAIN TOPS VILLAGE, a shopping experience in a Bavarian setting and BRIGHTFLAME HOLLOW, a BUSTY music and dance CLUB, with events every Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday..
-   Pink Sugah ~  Feminine clothing for female and trans-gender avatars, specializing in appliers for breast and ass implants.   At .::Pink Sugah::. you will find feminine clothing in styles to suit your every mood and every occasion. 
 –  ROSAL ~  Designing and creating high-quality apparel for people of all communities. High quality mesh and sculpted corsets (waist and neck), boots, and gloves. Latex, leather, and velvet types are available.  
 –  Verge ~ Makers of Verge Super Overfilled, the next generation of resizeable implants. Also specializing in breast expansion scripts, props, and interactors.
  –  Violet Studios ~ Home of vStrings, evolution in Breast Implants with the vStrings breasts; Verotic, skins and clothing; LTX, quality Latex skins, hair, boots, and clothing; Polymorph, fitted mesh lower bodies, and many other items. Introducing FUSION, the next generation in unified mesh bodies.
  –  VOOH Designs ~ Fashion clothing store.
Good Luck to you all!

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Candy Fair 2014 Closing Party!!

Original post @ Candy Fair 2014.

Today is the last day of Candy Fair 2014! Be sure to come join us at our closing party starting at 7PM SLT tonight! We’ll be announcing the Candy Fair 2014 I Love Candy! Photography Contest Winner and Runner Up at 8:30PM SLT. The fair is open until Midnight Tonight!!
Take your teleport here! —> Sugar Rush

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Fright Fest 2014

Original post @ HUNT SL.

HUNT SL Fright Fest 2014Hunt Dates: Oct 16 – Nov 1

Type: Sim or Store Hunt
Region Rating: Moderate
Stops: TBA
Hunt Object: Pumpkin
Hunt Theme: Spanning two sims, set in a creepy haunted village and enchanted forest, this 17 day Festival will feature displays brought to Second Life residents to celebrate the Halloween season. Visitors will enjoy shopping, Trick-or-Treating, Live Entertainment, Haunted House, Haunted Maze, the Great Pumpkin Hunt, A Scarecrow Building Contest, a Halloween Party with Costume Contest and MORE!

This community event features Exhibitors who have joined together to set up ghoulish displays for your Halloween entertainment. Map search ‘Fright Fest’ and teleport in…. but PROCEED WITH CAUTION! We’re looking forward to seeing you at Fright Fest!

Start: TBA (to be announced)
Web Site: 4stores2behunted.wordpress.com
Contact Person: Earth Nirvana


Check out all the hunts at HUNT SL. Updated Daily!

Hunt SL Banner Updated Daily Sign

Visit http://huntsl.com/2014/10/11/fright-fest-2014/ for actual post date.


Original post @ ..

CUPCAKE:   ::Axix:: Sugar Bear In A Cup Polar Gacha  TY! Elise Mannequin
ALGODON:  RαzzBerry Iɴc. [RI] Yummies (Cotton Candy-Pink) Gacha  TY! Jayme Lorakeet
ESTANTES:  Alouette – Candy Jar Shelves & Counter TY: Scarlet Chandrayaan
JARRONES:  Alouette – Candy Jars  TY: Scarlet Chandrayaan
CORAZONES:  SYSY’s Candy Hearts  TY! Sysy Chapman
BIZCOCHOS:  .*Paper Flowers*. Cakes Gacha  TY! ArianaClaire
MAQUINA BATIDAS:  [ Organica ] Milkshake Machine (Bubblegum)  TY! Aki Shichiroji
BATIDAS:  [ Organica ] Milkshakes  TY! Aki Shichiroji
ARBOL:  Myrrlne Candy tree gacha 5  TY! Myrrlne
SILLAS:  ::Axix:: CupcakeChairs  TY! Elise Mannequin
NIÑOS:  ! Lost Junction! [LJ] Sugar Friends Gacha  TY! Tala Laval

VESTIDO:  {ViSion} – S&F – Leather Dress Dolche – White  TY! pjey Pearl
BRAZALETES:  [Modern.Couture] Jewelry – Mika Bracelet Gold

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Hair Fair 2014 Donation to Wigs for Kids

Original post @ Virtually Dressed.

Originally posted on Hair Fair:

2014 Second Life Donation Thank You from Wigs for Kids

Wigs for Kids has sent their appreciation and thank you letter for this years Donation from the 2014 Hair Fair in Second Life. We are so thankful to be part of this combination of efforts from Second Life each year. To be able to help those children in need, and make their lives happier in this way. On behalf of the Hair Fair Commmittee I express our heartfelt thanks to the wonderful creators that take part in this event and donate of their hard work to help in this way. Thank you to the community of Second Life as a whole, the people that visit the event, purchase items that donate, and all of the people that help spread the word, to make sure the event gets as much exposure as it can during the two weeks.

Thank you to Linden Lab staff who help us with the planning stages…

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