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For all those amazing people!

This post originated @ Fantasy Faire 2015.

So, today I was really going to do a post with happy, cheerful stuff. I am still doing that! The thing is, after my first blog post on this site, I got stories, IM’s and emails. Of wonderful people in Second Life. New people and friends, sharing their experiences and thoughts not only about how … Continue reading For all those amazing people!

Amazing Maze Hunt

This post originated @ HUNT SL.

HUNT SL Amazing Maze HuntHunt Dates: Apr 10 – Apr 20

Type: Sim or Store Hunt
Region Rating: General
Stops: 10
Hunt Object: Box With Maze Sign On It (L$ 10 Hunt)
Hunt Theme: Enjoy the amazing maze made by new animated mesh espalier trees and find great gifts for only L$ 10! Start at 21strom, enter the maze and find objects with Maze Sign in any color. Objects are only in maze, have got different sizes and could have any color, but there is always a Maze Sign on them. See Maze Sign at start of hunt or webpage.

Start: twentyFIRST
Web Site:
Contact Person: Zuza Ritt

Check out all the hunts at HUNT SL. Updated Daily!

Hunt SL Banner Updated Daily Sign

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