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Happy Birthday to The Gallery Gift Shop!


shortcake sugarplum:

by Chiana Oh

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TGGS Anniversary LogoIt’s open and looking FAB!

TGGS Entrance

(located on the Saikin and booN sim)

I’ve shown you my contribution already (tho I am adding it again at the bottom of this post, just cos :D ) but there is so very much more to see at The Gallery Gift Shop – including a beautiful new build and an awesome free store hunt! The celebrations will continue for 6 weeks with Part II kicking off on August 5th – so check back often to see what’s new! I’ll be covering some of the items over on my fashion blog soon and you can also check out the Seraphim gallery post here.

TGGS 3rd Anniversary

For our hunt items we were given frames to include a self-portrait.. this is mine!
For our hunt items we were given frames to include a self-portrait… this is mine – happy hunting!

TGGS 3rd Anni Ad - by Chiana Oh

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They say it’s your birthday..

Original post @ serenestyle » Secondlife Special Event by serenestyle.

SL11Birthday kittycats

Happy 11th Birthday SL. I find it sad that the timing of the information regarding LL plans for beginning to create a new virtual world has come at the time of SL’s celebrations. I can only hope that SL gets to celebrate many more birthdays.

I had planned to get to the press day, I even received the confirmation for being invited to the group and details. But RL took over and my mind and body was not very focussed on SL. BUT I do want to encourage you to go exploring if you haven’t done so yet. There is a jaw droppingly large amount of amazing content represented in these four connected sims. There are little  transportation pods that give you an overview tour if you don’t want to walk your way around, or you can grab one of the info magazines and choose your route to explore this fantastic expo of our  virtual world.

I am not going to ramble about clothes and gifts, though scattered around are special birthday gifts PLUS the SLbig Hunt gifts too. Instead I’m going to share a few pictures of some of the displays that caught my eye on my whirlwind visit today.

SL11Birthday  pic 1

SL11Birthday pic 2

Ok I know I said I wasn’t going tot talk about the gifts, but this is one of those birthday parties when the guests get the presents so I strongly urge you to go exploring and gathering . In this photo underneath you can see that both Kittycats and BioBreeds ( the great dane in the very forefront of the photo) are involved along with a vast array of other treats.

SL11Birthday gifts

Some useful links : Main SL11 Birthday webpage –

Information page about the hunt –

Here’s a SLurl to get you started ( though you can use the webpage or search) , this one will take you to the location of the first photo..and your free SL11 kittycat:

There are still a couple days before the decorations and balloons are taken down, so check the webpage for special events or grab your shoes and camera and start celebrating this creative and varied environment celebrating the wonder that is SecondLife.

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Dimitri Dj Session for Harambee & Paolo birthday!

Original post @ Harambee Gwassi-Kenya in Second Life.

⁂ Dimitri for Harambee ⁂ martedì 28 genaio 2014: un evento di beneficenza dedicato alle scuole del progetto Harambee Gwassi-Kenya, ma soprattutto una grande festa per tutta Bunny Isles for Kenya in occasione del compleanno di Paolo Elmulo. Un grande amico, una colonna portante del nostro Staff.
A lui da tutti noi, TANTISSIMI AUGURI e un ENORME GRAZIE per tutto quanto fai per il nostro progetto!
Una lunga e incalzante DJ session con Dimitri, anche lui grandissimo amico e importante supporto per tutto il gruppo! Nel prossimo post trovate tutte le donazioni!!!
Dimitri for Harambee ⁂: January 28, 2014: a Charity event to fundraising for Harambee Gwassi-Kenya self-development Project: a Magic Night for Paolo Elmulo birthday !!! A great friend, invaluable support of our staff.
To him by all of us, MANY GREETINGS and a HUGE THANK YOU for all that you do for our project!
A long and relentless
DJ session with Dimitri, who was also very close friend and an important support for the whole group! In the next post you will find all the donations!

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…on my birthday.. I will live like I’m dying…

Original post @ The Feeling.

…on my birthday.. I will live like I’m dying… by madi fray at madi Likes It… read the full article at

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Happy Birthday 7Seas – Celebrating Fishaversary

Original post @ The Misadventures of Shady Ami & Redd.
I was feeling restless and bored at the Shady Lady HQ as I’m wont to do when I am between events.  I filled two garbage cans with crumpled pieces of paper.  I played whatever electronic devices I had until the batteries went dead.

Ami was off doing Shady stuff, Petal was off doing Petal stuff.  I spun my phone, glaring at it.  SOMETHING HAPPEN.

It was then when Ami zipped in holding her fishing pole.  I looked at her, happy for something!  “Is it????”


And across the office, the boredom was lifted with the traditional fishing song:

Redd’s Fishing song!

Fishaversary for those not in the know is a massive fishing extravaganza that usually lasts for a weekend.  It has a specific theme (this time it was Iron), as well as custom items and islands built by some of the coolest fishing rod developers! 

What fun constructs were made this year?

There were two sims set up Iridium and Osmium.

Take a look:

Here’s what Iridium had out:

Behold!  The Ferrous (as in Iron) Wheel!  This build was crafted by Jen Shikami and if you look behind the wheel, you’ll see a nurse shark – complete with tetanus shots!  So thoughtful!
Here is a bar called the Breakers – provided by…..well I didn’t get a chance to see who provided it – it derezzed while I was photographing it!
This castle build was provided by Migizi North.
This is the spring themed island was provided by one of Ami’s favorite designers – CC’s Custom Rods.

And the second sim (Osmium) had some fun builds as well:

This mesh build provided by Kabalyero Kidd gave us an Egyptian feel as well as a ominous premonition…..will that black hole swallow us all????
This is a Green Lantern themed island provided by Heinrich Muircastle, created by Jeff Beckenbauer.
Petal Ami and I fishing.

After a lot of bait going into fishies’ tummies, it was time for Ami and I to go on home.  There are still 4 hours left of Fishaversary so be sure you get your fish on!

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Ricielli Birthday Hunt – 15L per Item

Original post @ » Hunts.

Ricielli Birthday Hunt 2013If you haven’t been to Ricielli for a while you definetly should rush over soon. Since Sep. 1st Ricielli is having its birthday hunt items out there. No idea how long they will be lingering around. If you see anything in the pic that you like you should go and get it in time. Each hunt gift is 15L only.
(BTW: You will be looking for 20 pink birthday balloons scattered around the shop. Easy to find. ;-))

Taxi: Riciellie Mainstore

Ricielli Hunt Dress

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Birthday Party for Flora!

Original post @ Harambee Gwassi-Kenya in Second Life.

Una notte magica, la musica fantastica di Dimitri, tanti amici riuniti…. per il compleanno di Flora Piratessa, fantastica amica e insostituibile colonna dello Staff di Bunny Isles for Kenya!!! AUGURI FLORA!!!!!!!

A magical night, the fantastic music of Dimitri, many friends gathered for Flora Piratessa birthday, great friend and ‘irreplaceable pillar’ of Bunny Isles for Kenya Staff ! BEST WISHES FLORA!!!

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SL11° birthday: Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Project

Original post @ Harambee Gwassi-Kenya in Second Life.
Siamo nella Destinations Guide come Espositori per l’11° Compleanno di SL!
We’re in the Destinations Guide as exhibitors for the SL11th Birthday! 

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It’s Our BIRTHDAY!! We’re having a bash to celebrate!!!!

Original post @ FAR Hunt Group.

FAR Hunt Group is one year old this month!  We are very pleased to have everyone of you supporting us by joining in the hunts, sales and events.  Whether you are a shopper, hunter, or merchant, you are the reason we are here doing what we do.  Organizing events of any kind can often be stressful for us as organizers but it is all worthwhile when the end result is a successful event where folks get great goodies to fill their inventory :)  Hunters gathering fantastic gifts, shoppers piling their inventory with outstanding sales, all provided by a plethora of merchants both new and veterans; there is no better reason for an being.

FHG is most grateful to all of you who have supported us this past year.  We hope that the next year will be better than this past one for you all and us. Now with all birthdays there should be celebration.  The gifts however are for you!!

Our birthday wouldn’t be complete without a party!  FAR Hunt Group is proud to host the FHG Birthday Bash Hunt!  Yep, you know it.  It’s a hunt!  The perfect gift for us is to have you receive the gifts, soooooo ….. from February 15th until March 15th go on the hunt to get all your fabulous pressies!!!   We will even give you a peek at what they are!

Check these out ~~

Felicia's Fashions FHG Birthday Girl 1-Hundred.-FHGBB-Hunt-Gift [dirty.little.secret] __ FGH Birthday Ad 6th Age Chaise lounge from An Lema_001 v2BETTYTEEparty SD Wears Birthday Gift for FHG Rezday_002 Rezday Birthday Cake Hat Ad Penelope Red Lok's Birthday Spanking Chair LGC -Birthday Bash Hunt hunt gift for birthday FHG-BDay-Hunt FGH Birthday Bash Evaki Balloon Dart Game Celebration Bouquets Alpha Textures Poster Birthday Celebration ad BIRTHDAY BASH HUNT 1_001 BBH-LOORDES OF LONDON-RAINBOW FLATS

We’ll add more to the gallery as they are sent in to the email.  We couldn’t think of any better people to spend our birthday with than you, our supporters :)

Much Love to You All,

Ava & Rowan
FAR Hunt Group Owners

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FHG Birthday Bash Hunt Hints & Slurls

Original post @ FAR Hunt Group.

1)  1 Hundred – Find The Perfect Window For A Party Treat!
2) CoLLisions – Even Zinobra & Nemesis enjoy a little Birthday Cake now and then, but Nemesis is not that fond of sharing.
3) Fantasy Restraints & Fashion – Buckled down get ready to hunt, you will find all the goodies
4) MFP Designs -
5) An Lema  – Don’t cry over spilled milk.  Cry over the cupcake I dropped.  Now I is all wet!
6) Lok’s Low Prim Furniture – Find the SALE, and try not to get caught in your birthday suit.
7) Raessa Marketing & Design – Your gift rests amongst the glamorous items.
8) Fi’s Creations
9) Felicia’s Fashion – “A little bit of sweetness under a Penny”
10) Hopes Creations – Look & search for this tasty treat …..  its High in calories that you seek
11) Skipped
12) Skipped
13) Loordes of London – by the bargains
14) Raynzone – REAGAN wishes FHG a Happy Birthday!!
15) Grumble – Every girl wants a new pair of shoes for the party!
16) Libby’s Holiday Store – Masked Man
17) Nefeli’s Gestures – I’ts Party Timeee!!
18) Shadow Moon – OOPS! I might do it again…. it was fun last time :)~
19) .:K&B:. Katitudes & Boneisms – Meow Mix now comes in Cupcake Flavour. It’s the Taste your Kittie’s Love!
20) [dirty.little.secret] – Who left this drawer open?
21) Skipped
22) Kaithleen’s – Do they clean down here too?
23) Unforgettable Temptations *Adult Sim*
24) Lotus Garden Center – It’s in you
25) Ro!Act Designs – Have you checked the SALES?
27) Freya’s Finest Jewels – Like me!
28) R & Z Creations – i do not like others to know where i am but i want to be able to view when someone comes in and out ,up and down in the store….
29) Tree House Treasures
30) Flowers Candles Romance – Come and tiptoe through the tulips with me!
31) Alchemi Scenes –  Cheer on your favorite team. Go boys go!!
32) DivaLicious
33) Evaki – Let’s meet in the middle
34) Skipped
35) Lions & Butterflies – An easy find right from the start – just look around to find a heart!
36) SHUP BISH – A birthday candle in the sign (Secondary hint could be “Birthday star!”)
37) Nomiki’s Creations – I wonder if I fit in with the other foods here???
38) Somethng New
39) SD Wears – Hold me tightly and my cupcake too! **SKIP UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE**
40) Freya’s Finest @ DMC2 – Oooo, a sweetie machine?

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