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Dare2Bare is Hunting for a Blogger

Original post @ Dare2Bare.
Love to blog? Dare2Bare is looking for one male and one female blogger. To blog hunt gifts, freebies, & dollarbies throughout the hunt. Contact Julya Lykin for application =).

There is no pay at this time, but to get a kick out of blogging for a kick ass hunt =P.


Visit http://dare2baresl.blogspot.com/2011/02/dare2bare-is-hunting-for-blogger.html for actual post date.

Official Blogger Coverage Continues!

Original post @ SL’s Sand and Sea Expo.

~Oceania Breedables~ The Kiss

Ami Deceit ~ The Misadventures of Shady Ami and Redd
Joonie Jatho ~ Joonie’s Journal
Dahlia Jayaram ~ Dahlia’s Second Life
Adriana Pinklady ~ 1pinkpill’slwardrobe
Joonie Jatho ~ Joonie’s Journal
Chic Aeon ~ Chic at Phil’s Place
Natsumi Kangjon ~ Urban Leyends
Wild Bedrosian ~ A View On My Inventory
Ami Deceit ~ The Misadventures of Shady Ami and Redd
Wild Bedrosian ~ A View On My Inventory
Adriana Pinklady ~ 1pinkpill’slwardrobe
Wild Bedrosian ~ A View On My Inventory
Shayariel Teardrop ~ Shopping with Shay
Cecelia Levee ~ Freebies for Cece
Colleen Criss ~ Colleen Criss’s Weblog
Caitlin Tobias ~ Cait’s World
Alyx Aerallo ~ Alyx’s Adventures in Second Life

Visit http://sandandseaexpo.wordpress.com/2013/05/04/official-blogger-coverage-continues/ for actual post date.

SAVIAD Spring Fair Blogger Competition : winner announcement.

Original post @ SAVIAD.

Saviad Spring Fair Blogger Competition ended today after the party held at the Salima’s Sim @ Saviad Fair, the voting phase was really exciting and the designers voted only one favorite blogger, the choice was really hard cause as you saw in the past weeks Saviad Bloggers deliveres an amazing amount of contents with a quality never seen before.

The prize for the lucky blogger is a gift card of the value of 10.000 L$ for each of the following store : Violator, AD Creations and Solidea Folies and the title of official Saviad Blogger (will become blogger for the 3 brands hosting the event, Salimar Luxury District, Couturier Docks and all the future events hosted at SAVIAD).

The choice between them was really hard and we ended with a tie between 3 bloggers that got the majority of votes…so with a prize that reach an amount of 90.000 L$ we decided to award all the 3 bloggers that reached the podium, so with no any other delay I am going to disclose the names of the lucky 3 bloggers that bring home this amazing prize :

Lua Vendetta
Caoimhe Lionheart 
Caryn Ashdene


Many congratulations to the winners from Saviad Management!


Visit http://saviad.wordpress.com/2014/03/28/saviad-spring-fair-blogger-competition-winner-announcement/ for actual post date.

A Note from your Blogger

Original post @ Big Boobie Babes.

Hello Darlings,
Regretfully, I will not be posting as much as usual from here on out, but will continue to do special features. Life changes and so do we, my new illness is not allowing me to do what I have done before, and it is painful to change everything, but SL is changing fast, too. There are so many blogs and hunts out there these days for boobies and butts, it’s no longer a matter of seeking hidden rare treasures as it was when I got my first prim Lolas back in October 2012 (right before Tangos were released…doh!). It has been becoming more and more of a monumental undertaking!
 I have been blogging on here since I was offered the opportunity last August and have learned many things and met many wonderful designers along the way, it really is a dedicated art form creating beautiful virtual clothing. Show them some love and know that free gifts truly are gifts of their own money and time.
I am grateful to have been at your service and blogged thousands upon thousands of free or nearly free boobie outfits and perhaps your inventories will scream and cry a bit less now lol. Please give me a shout if you have anything of interest for a possible feature post on Big Boobie Babes Freebies!


Xana (xxanaa Resident)

Visit http://www.bigboobiebabes.com/2014/05/a-note-from-your-blogger.html for actual post date.