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Liberta BMF – BullRing Music Festival | PHOTO CHALLENGE

This post originated @ Windlight Magazine.


Enter the Liberta BMF Photo Challenge which is giving away a combined total of 15,000L’s in prizes!

Liberta BMF – BullRing Music Festival | PHOTO CHALLENGE.

UWA art and machinima challenge: show how you Pursue (the) Impossible

This post originated @ Windlight Magazine.


Inara covers the new UWA Art and Machinima Challenge:

Originally posted on Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World:

Image courtesy of UWA Image courtesy of UWA

On Saturday August 1st, 2015, the University of Western Australia (UWA) announced the opening of their 2015 Grand Art and MachinimUWA Challenges. Jointly entitled Pursue Impossible, between them, they feature an opening prize pool in excess of L$ 400,000.

The Challenges are sponsored by Tom Papas & SciFi Film Festival, Reign Congrejo & BOSL, LaPiscean Liberty & SL Artist, AviewTV, Pixel Bits, Virtlantis, Phillip Vought, Carolyn Steele & York University (Canada), Taralyn Gravois, UWA Marketing & Communications, as well as the UWA Virtual Worlds Project.

Pursue Impossible invites entrants to consider what their “impossible” might be. Is it the goal they have achieved or which they’ve seen achieved by their loved ones, friends, family  or heroes achieved and which has sought to inspire them? What have they overcome which they once thought to be impossible? How do virtual environments empower people to visualise, create and push the boundaries…

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