whore couture fair 4 is coming..~

 tattoo. Speakeasy Wild Spirit Tat
hands. slink mesh hands casual and elegant 
 rings. izzie’s midi rings (silver) 
dress.   -Unbothered- new! Bondage Outfit (Teal) @ Whore Couture Fair 4 (open 1st March) 
 feet. slink high feet
heels.  babydoll  new!  Whore Heels  @ Whore Couture Fair 4 (open 1st March)   
pose.   purple poses kate


March Hunts Coming To The Grid

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It’s Backkkk…. Dare2Bare2 Coming 2 U May 1st

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Dare2Bare is coming back May 1st. It will be running until May 31st. Got some fantastic new shops coming your way & brought back some goodies from the last hunt. There is still time to get your applications in to be included into the hunt. Get a hold of Julya Lykin if you would like your store to be included.

Dare2Bare Crew

What’s Coming Up!

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We are sending this out to do a little informing.  The hunt will be August 1-31. There will be no mesh in this hunt.  Also this hunt is only for the ladies this round.  In Feburary we will included the males.

This hunt will be 69 stores.  This hunt is a bit different from the others.  We are incorporating 3 skin stores, 3 pose stores, & 3 hair stores.

Here are the stores participating so far (the hunt order has now been chosen):
1. Shame Me Designs

2. Tori’s Stylez

3. Decadent

4. Patchwork Heart

5. Tameless

6. Angelic Lefevre Couture

7. Rack Poses

8. MiSs^.^BiTcH

9. Ginger’s Goodies

10. Slave Dressing Room

11. Ssanass Design

12. Glamorize

13. Absinthe

14. Motherfunken

15. Factorie Couture

16. Custom Inkz

17. EBA

18. Venomous Designs

19. .:Ari:.

20. Reasonable Desires

21. Sassy!

22. Ms. B Designs

23. Tank Girl

24. Vaxer

25. Panda Punx

26. Jazzitude

27. Black Arts

28. Artful Design

29. JS Naughty Designs

30. Carrie’s Lingerie

31. Vextra Fashion

32. Purple Pose

33. Ostentatious

34. Devilish Designs

35. Pretty N Pink

36. Crack Designs

37. Fierce Designs

38. Secrets Hair

39. Lovely Designs

40. KOKO

41. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

42. Fuk’N’Hawt

43. The Phoenix Collections

44. Sweet Lies Designs

45. {:ThirteenTH:}

46. PinkCat

47. 187


49. Voluptia

50. Lovely Ink

51. Beyond The Stars

52. Leila’s Closet

53. Floor Candy

54. Hot Stuff

55. 215 Couture

56. Rotten Apple

57. Blah Blah Blah

58. Bikinis and Swimwear by ZIBWARE

59. Fusion

60. Tw@ttyC@kes

61. Dangerous Curves Designs

62. Bond Street


64. Bitch Tails

65. Asylum

66. S1nner

67. Vengeful Threads

68. .::WoW Skins::.
69. Bella Donna
** There will be a bonus game at the end of the hunt @ Lovely’s Photo Studio.  More details about that to come.

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Dare2Bare Is Coming….

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Dare2Bare 5 AUGUST 1-31

We’re back bitches, and we’re taking the lock of the cocks!!

Since several of you have been asking for an update.  I give you guys a sneak peek at the stores that are to come….We have 72 of them so far, so when I get the other 5 I will update this post.

The order has not been decided EXCEPT first 5 spots which are Sponsors.


Shame Me Designs
Tori’s Stylez


Drop Dead Gorgeous
Bitch Barbie
Star Shadow
Shabby Cat
Rotten Apple
Purple Pose
Devilish Designs
Pink Pearl Designs
Tori’s Stylez
Sub Rosa
Wow Skins
Brazen Hussie
Niekra’s Dreams
Panda Punx
Mirror’s Enigma
Awear Lingerie
Artful Designs
Pretty N Pink
D & G Designs
Pink Sugah
Patchwork Heart
Carrie’s Lingerie
Dumb Blond
Beautiful Dangerous
Tits Up
Que Bella
KDee’s Designs
U: Refined
Naked Flower
HAHA Studios
Tekila Candy
For F’s Sake
CBJ Clothes
Wayward Angels Reunite
Fantasy Restraints
Exposeur Poses
Mood Swings
Custom Inkz
Calico Ingramm Creations
Rack Poses
Purple Candy
Pin Me Up
Drama Queen
Fucking Ninja’s
Sasscandilous Mesh

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He She It Hunt ~ COMING SOON

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Fi's Creations - He-She-It Store Hunt - Poster ImageHunt Dates: Feb 14 – Feb 28

Type: Sim or Store Hunt
Region Rating: General
Stops: 3
Hunt Object: pink (female), blue (male) and yellow (unisex) hearts
Hunt Theme: Fi’s Creations made 3 wonderful Hunt Gifts for you. One for women, one for men and one is unisex. You are wondering what you have to do? All you have to do is to search for our hearts, hidden at the Fi’s Creations Mainstore. Pink for the female gift, blue for the male gift and yellow for the unisex gift. Click them all and after you collected enough hearts, please click the treasure chest to get your gifty. After clicking the hearts, they will disappear for a moment, but they will come back, so your friends need to be patient. Please be careful! Some of the hearts might be just decoration ;) Pink = Female Gifty Blue = Male Gifty Yellow = Unisex Gifty The treasure chests have different colors as well, so you can see which one to click. If you need any assistance, feel free to contact our lovely Manager Selinasky Resident or Fiona Scorfield.

Start: BeachFlowers
Contact Persons: Fiona Scorfield, Selinasky Resident

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Coming To The Grid: February 1st

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Check out all the hunts at HUNT SL. Updated Daily!

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BURIED – Game coming soon!

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BURIED – A brand new grid-wide adventure from MadPea Productions begins February 1st!

A popular writer Lily Morano is missing after researching into new kind of geocaching, and her loving husband is offering a half a million dollar reward for the first one to find her!

Will you be the one?

Do you dare to discover the roots behind this thrilling story, that will keep you on glued to your seat for hours?

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Coming To The Grid: January 1st

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HUNT SL Coming Soon Clock2015 is almost here and so is a set of new hunts to go along with the new year. There is quite the eclectic mix of themes too. Cuddles, snow, the new year… even “The Doctor.” I’m sure you can find a hunt to suit your mood.

Remember, after all those Christmas cookies and New Year’s champagne, it’ll be a good time to run around on some hunts and, um, get back in trim as it were.

Just poke the hunt names for the 411 on each one. You can also find a comprehensive listing of hunts (current and future) in the right-hand sidebar here at HUNT SL.

Grid Wide Hunts

Check out all the hunts at HUNT SL. Updated Daily!

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The Hunties Are Coming

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The Hunties 2014There are only a few days left to get
your ballot in for you to drop off your
Hunties ballot.

You can get one from many of the
merchants who participate in hunts.
Or you can copy/paste one from the
Hunties page on this site.

Then drop it in the mailbox at the
Happy Hunting HQ
or send it on to Rosamoo Mendelsohn.

Watch here for information about
the formal presentations, which will
happen in mid January!

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