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Creative uses of the hunt path (2013)

Original post @ The Femdom Hunt.
Anyone who took part in last year’s hunt might recall that a couple of locations decided to make creative use of the hunt path. It appears that this year is no different. Emilie at Plausible Body has been rather busy:

And it’s not just Emilie. It seems that The Velvet Crossing have “tweaked” their path to better suit their sim:
And then over at PRIME:

Worse yet, almost on the doorstep of the TFH office! At the Evelock store!

We’re still unclear if Sunshine Technology are getting a delivery or it’s an abduction:

Meanwhile, back at Plausible Body, they’re claiming to have post-party photos. Personally we think they’re photoshopped. You can tell by the pixels:

According to Plausible Body the night got more freaky:

Apparently the path is just hanging around at Etherial Isle FemDom:

Back to Plausible Body again, it seems there’s been a murder!

Be sure to see part 2!

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Creative used of the hunt path (part 2)

Original post @ The Femdom Hunt.
Given that the first post of hunt path (ab)use has grown rather big, it seems now’s a good time to start a second. While we wait for reports of such (ab)use to come in, here’s a photo of Antony on the Raven Park clock tower, waiting for Emilie Muggins to land on his sim again:

Turns out though, Emilie is far too smart to fall for that:

Also from Plausible Body…. well, we’ll let the images speak for themselves:

Meanwhile, at the home of Eve Terr:

Seems that Emilie went fishing recently:

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Prim Perfect talks today at the SL11B Community Celebrations: Mesh Creative and Fantasy Faire!

Original post @ Prim Perfect.

Today, Sunday 29th January, we are delighted to have two fantastic two sessions of Meet the Designer, and then Meet the Community Talks in the Auditorium on SL11B Fascinate (on Stage 2).

Meet the Designers

Meet the Designers

First of all, at 2pm SLT on Stage 2, back by popular demand, the team of leading Second Life designers that is Mesh Creative. They will have hints, tips, information and ideas – not least about keeping Second Life going while eagerly anticipting the new grid.

Sadly, our 4pm Meet the Artist talk has had to be cancelled.

Meet the Community

Meet the Community

But at 5pm SLT on Stage 2, we will be talking to Elizabeth Tinsely of Fantasy Faire, who will be talking about the ways in which Fantasy Faire has grown from an idea into and event and now a community. Fantasy Faire is one of the most loved annual events of the Second Life calendar (rather like the Birthday) so come along and find out all about it!

How do I find out more about the SL11B Community Celebration?
You can find out more by following the official blog, and by following on Facebook and Twitter.

There is also a Flickr page where you can paste your own images when the sims open. You make see some sneak images from the team before that so keep watching!

Or you can get the Guide – on the web or inworld.

Main site:


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Creative Writing Contest!!

Original post @ MadPea.

The Green Mire Mystery

Breaking news from PeaTV. Many residents around The Green Mire witnessed flashing lights and unusual sounds coming out of the depths of the swamp during a recent devastating thunderstorm. After searching for many hours, local authorities finally found what appears to be a huge crater in the darkest depths of the swamp. However, they cannot figure out where it came from or even exactly what it is.
No signs of life or a meteor have been found at the site and it seems that the crater came out of nowhere overnight. The scientists are, after many hours of research, still clueless and are asking for help from local residents.
We at PeaTV encourage you to send in stories about the mysterious crater. If yours is one of the top three entries, in addition to being featured in the MadPea blog, you will be financially rewarded for your creativity:

10,000L 1st place
 3,000L 2nd place
2,000L 3rd place
PeaTV is talking now with Her Evil Highness Kiana Writer, who is the sole judge of the competition. She shared with PeaTV that she will personally contact and then announce the winners on July 6.

“All entries will be judged on creativity, how well the spirit of the swamp is captured, and overall quality of the story’s composition (how well it is written),” said Her Evil Highness. “Your story should indicate a familiarity with the backstory of The Green Mire swamp (the mystery of the missing boys).”
For information on the contest, contact Thalia Lupindo via notecard or IM. DO NOT CONTACT Kiana Writer except to submit your story via email. 
Rules for the Contest:
MadPea Contest Terms:
By submitting your written material to the MadPea writing contest, you agree to the following terms:
  • You acknowledge that the work submitted is an original creation and written by you.
  • MadPea has the right to alter, modify, or amend your work for any MadPea purpose.
  • MadPea will acknowledge your authorship should you win first, second, or third prize.
  • MadPea will only compensate you for a first, second, or third prize (10,000L, 3000L, and 2,000L respectively). You will not receive any additional compensation for any reason.
  • If you do not win the first, second, or third prize, MadPea will not retain any rights to your submitted work.
  • If you are a prize winner, MadPea may ask you to add material without additional compensation.
The story should be mysterious in nature and take place at
Go have a look and find your inspiration!

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