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One lesson I have learned in SL is to always make time to dance.  I forget this sometimes and my best SL buddy, Kav, has to drag me off to a club (sometimes she threatens me with a club).  I always have a great time and I need to just stop and have fun more often.

So, it was fun to combine a bit of dancing with some blogging to get these photos done today.  I am showing off these fabulous items from [CIRCA] that will turn your dance area into a summer party!

I am combining that with some clothing, a shape/skin and a fab hair.  My top is the Axel Jacket from Ducknipple and is a new release.  It doesn’t come with the tank underneath, but I didn’t have any pasties and you will need them with this sexy jacket!  The skirt is also from Ducknipple and is called Roosje.

The hair is currently at the Hair Fair and is from ChiChickie.  It is called Kasandra and is super cute.  The shape and skin are from Panda Punx and you are a prize in the Passion4Red Hunt.  The lips are normally redder but I threw an orange gloss on to go with the colour theme.

Check out the awesome Disco Tech Dance Ball and Hanging Records.

You will also be the host with the most when you serve your guests drinks from this fab Disco Tech Bar Room Set.  It comes with the bar, 3 bar stools, pendant light, palm tree planters and display props.  WOW!

You can also see the cool Groovy Glam Portal Wall Seat in the background.  It has loads of poses for boys and girls so great for funkying up a space.

The martini glasses are also from [CIRCA] and are from the Epicure Summer range of items.

This fun Disco Tech Dance Floor is in the Sunset colours but also comes in a Rainbow version if you want a more traditional disco look.  The panels light up when you stand on the them and you also get the disco ball from photo one when you purchase the floors.

These awesome shoes are also a Ducknipple item and are called Judith Wedges.  As with all Ducknipple items they come with a HUD so you can make them whatever colour you are wearing that day.  Brilliant.

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Save the Date: The Femdom Hunt IV Dance

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Since early on this year we’ve been having a fortnightly event on Raven Park. We have a themed dance (quite often the theme being something sci-fi related — not always, but we do like our sci-fi dress-up) with an excellent choice of music provided by Eve Terr.

It turns out that the next dance coincides with the first weekend of The Femdom Hunt. So we’ve decided to combine the two things, with a couple of small changes. The first is that we’ll have the dance on the Friday night rather than the Saturday. The second is that we’ll hold the dance over at the Z&A main store rather than on Raven Park itself.
And the theme? Well, that’s an easy one this time. This is an event to celebrate the start of The Femdom Hunt IV so the theme will be….
Everyone is invited to come join us for a couple of hours of fun, theme and music. Ideally dressed as per your idea of Femdom. Here’s the details:
Date: Friday October 18th
Time: 4:15pm to 6:15pm SLT
Where: Z&A Productions
Music by: Eve Terr

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The Femdom Hunt IV opening dance

Original post @ The Femdom Hunt.
Yesterday evening saw us having a dance at Z&A Productions to help celebrate the start of The Femdom Hunt IV. The dance was loads of fun with great music from Eve Terr and lots of good banter from everyone who came and joined us.

We’d like to thank everyone who came along. It was a lovely break from the work of getting the hunt going and was also a fun way to meet a few names we’ve been chatting with in the group.

We’ll be using the next Raven Park dance, in two weeks time, to mark the (almost) end of the hunt. Keep an eye out for an announcement early next week.

Here are a few photos from yesterday’s dance:

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Save the Date: The Femdom Hunt IV Closing Dance

Original post @ The Femdom Hunt.
As with the weekend of the start of The Femdom Hunt IV, things coincide with the usual fortnightly Raven Park dance. So, again, we’re moving the dance into the Z&A Productions shop and we’re making it a Femdom Hunt dance — this time to celebrate the (almost) end of the hunt.

This time around the theme will be:

I finished the Femdom Hunt!

The idea being that people come along wearing outfits, or restraints, etc, from or inspired by this (or previous) Femdom Hunts. Everyone is welcome. Dress up, dress silly, dress totally fetish, whatever takes your fancy, and come and swap your Femdom Hunt and unboxing stories. As always, there’ll be a fun mix of tunes from Eve Terr.

Here’s the details:

Date: Saturday November 2nd
Time: 4:00pm to 6:00pm SLT
Where: Z&A Productions
Music by: Eve Terr

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The Femdom Hunt IV closing dance

Original post @ The Femdom Hunt.
Last night we had the “not quite but pretty close to the end of Femdom Hunt IV” dance at the Z&A main store. The evening was filled with great music, silly banter, creative path-abuse artwork, a display of a selection of gifts from the hunt and a surprise visit from two hunt celebrities.

Here’s a selection of photos from the event:

At this point two stars of many path-abuse images turned
up, unannounced!
Apparently they expected a dance.
Much to her amusement, and his horror,
Antony’s Mistress was more than happy to allow this.

We’d like to thank everyone who came along and added to the fun. We really appreciated it.

For now it’ll be back to the normal Raven Park dances but given how much fun these were we think it’ll be a feature of TFHV. ;)

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~ghee~ Runway Dance Show

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~ghee~ clothing celebrates new beginnings and a grand reopening in a new location with none other than the Dazzlers!

On August 9th the Dazzlers helped the celebration with some dances designed for a runway show, with the ladies strutting their stuff in outfits designed by none other than Warm Clarity of ~ghee~!




Ghee_004 Ghee_005 Ghee_006 Ghee_007 Ghee_008 Ghee_009 Ghee_010 Ghee_011 Ghee_012 Ghee_013 Ghee_014 Ghee_015

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Review: SLDC’s Epic Final Performance of Wishes and Dreams

I’m late giving a review of Spirit Light Dance Company’s most recent production, Wishes and Dreams, but finally sitting down to jot down my thoughts.  Running since the Fall of last year, it’s reign recently ended.  And I must say that it’s like what I wrote in the title of this post.  The performance that I saw was epic in nature.  For the limitations that exist inside of Second Life, SLDC’s performances are cutting edge and engaging.  It’s a vibrant, pulsing experience that is really not to be missed.  If you’re one who has not had the pleasure of sitting in the audience inworld as they perform, you’re missing out!  YouTube videos are great and I’m thankful for them, but there’s nothing quite like having the experience inworld as it’s done live on the stage.

It had been a while since I last attended a performance and so I hadn’t realized that they now charge for their performances and it’s necessary to reserve your seat ahead of time.  It is in every way money well spent and though I won’t admit this out loud….I’d definitely pay more than the modest amount I paid for two tickets.

Wishes and Dreams was Disney-themed and I don’t know many who wouldn’t be moved by a good majority of the songs they danced to in this production.  Some of the pictures I took below will lead to videos on YouTube produced by Pia Klaar.

Songs like Pinnochio’s, When you Wish Upon a Star.

Wishes - When you wish upon a star 2 - Pinnochio


Or The Lion King’s Circle of Life:

Wishes - Circle of Life - Lion King 2

As you can see above, the sets and the costumes tend to be vividly colorful and they go perfectly with the music and the choreography to help the audience to merge into the performance with the dancers on the stage.  There is much in the spirit of the movements and the music, the lights and the sounds.  I had such a huge smile on my face when You’ve Got a Friend in Me from Toy Story began:

Wishes - You've Got a Friend in Me - Toy Story

And I was moved and more than a little wistful as Feed the Birds played out before my eyes:

Wishes - Feed the Birds - Mary Poppins


There was a Disney-themed dance after the performance and I had a chance to speak briefly with Caryl Meredith, head genius behind what the spirited dancers do, while we gleefully danced to fun tunes.  Very few of us were ready to leave after such an amazing performance so having a dance right after was brilliant.  The Company has been through all sorts of trials and tribulations as it is what happens when trying to put on complicated productions inside of Second Life.  She had this to say about the final performance of Wishes and Dreams, “We have performed this show under some really awful SL glitches…but today was good.  It was amazing to watch it when everything went as we had planned…It just validates all our work and the belief that we are on the cutting edge of a new art form.

I can attest that it is definitely an art form and a wholly entertaining new art form.   Caryl wished that everyone could have seen the show go as smoothly as it did on the final night and I feel remarkably blessed to have seen it!  Though I couldn’t get out of her at that time what the next production is to be, I do know they are already working on it.  Keep your eyes open for their next performance because you’ll need to grab tickets to one while you can!

Wishes - Everybody Wants to Be a Cat 2 - Aristocats

From Disney’s Aristocats.  Such good stuff!  Tell me that doesn’t make you want to see the next performance!