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Småkager Gallery of Art [småkager = cookies]

This post originated @ Windlight Magazine.

1-Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 5.00.18 PM

Saoirse reviews The Smakager Gallery of Art:

The logo for the Gallery of Art is a rainbow design.  The logo is burlesque type females and this is the only place you will see this style at the gallery’s current installation.  Miss Snape aka Cookie has created some surreal images that gave me a wonderful visual treat.  The gallery is under construction and opening soon.  There are many images to view here now.  The music track is a German station and the songs played are sung in English and German.  Lighting : Any inside venue.

There is but one self portrait, an exquisite design black and white.  Dressed in black from hat to high heel, this portrait gives me the most intimate viewing of our artist.  Neat jeweled necklace below pouty lips and dark eyes, her hair moving in the breeze.  This could easily be taken as a picture from first life.  Her moniker, Snape, perhaps after the fictional character from the Harry Potter series.  Snape is a cold, sarcastic, intelligent wizard who fumes with barely concealed contempt and resentment.  With the book series, he develops and reveals a richer layer in his interactions with the main character.  Always interested in the artist as well as the art, I consider this name choice which may be unrelated to Harry Potter or any other series.  I can tell that the artist is watching the world around her.  Watching the world and believing she has concealed her thoughts is what this portrait appears to say to me.  Lovely image to view.

1-Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 12.52.33 AM

Many of the gallery images are surreal and colorful.  There is a departure from that theme as a few images of are city and of bridge scenes.  Next to her self portrait is a surreal in primary colors.  For those who have long since forgotten their box of crayons, the primary colors are Red, Blue and Yellow, secondary colors are Purple, Green and Orange.  This image has a discreet roughly paneled or city scape background.  Each primary color defines some part of this image.  The red is kisses laid over to one side.  There is a stencil in black at the center.  The blue is the city scape out a window.   Yellow is a delightfully misty fog in the left foreground.  It comes together nicely to form this image holistic and real.

I moved from the self portrait to the guest table where the exhibit begins.  I enjoy the piece ‘Everyday Struggle’ that greats me as I walk into the main gallery.  This image uses colors twisting around a center line not around an object.  The artist uses a fine circular pattern that is barely noticeable in both halves emanating from the center of the canvas.  One side is brownish red but not to the point of Sepia coloring.  The other side faces it diagonally with teal and white coloring.  Along the middle division are thick rich black strokes, as if made by a large brush, other small black lines have more flow and slight spiral.  A nice image to ponder whilst standing in the gallery.

Sometimes I see a prevailing pattern that an artist uses which shifts with emotion and with each image.  I see some similarities here in the mostly bright selection of colors as well as an interlocking chain pattern.  This pattern intrigues me moving through some of the images.  There are wonderful movements of the color in large arches and circular patterns across the canvas.  Not all the lines are curvy strokes, some are linear and rigid in contrast.  Most of the images contain a pattern or a focus with a theme running through it.  One image ‘Animal Pattern’ has round distinctive cat eyes with closely detailed feline pupils.  On these eyes the artist dusts them with upward strokes of bright red in faux lashes.  The more I study the images, the more I believe that there are also words buried in places, perhaps within the chain like object.  This ‘chain’ has a pattern that is drawn out and not obvious.  The artist takes comfort with this chain in each image as we watch her colors and her imagination dance around.

1-Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 12.51.06 AM

The artist takes a futuristic approach to the city images included in the installation.  Smartly located in a room off the main gallery, the focus here is on the city scape and the bridges.  The bridge images displayed the artist has used Sepia coloring with diffuse edges.  I am curious, did the artist do city scape and bridges before and move to abstracts or is our artist moving into the city scape and bridge area of expression?  Both bridges are picturesque and angled, keep the bridge concept in mind as the gallery tour wraps up.

I loved walking around these abstracts and arriving at two images full of color, clarity and optimism.  One has a focal point of a silhouetted bridge similar to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco.  Three planets are in the sky above, one planet is a curious lovely teal.  The Mists and colors are warmly yellow, pink and red hues.  The other image is equally optimistic with teal featured as the predominate color, the frame etched in neon green.  Within this image is a bike and a woman, first life picture, arms flung behind her in joy.

As I finish spending a wonderful afternoon at the Gallery of Art I read the artist notecard.  She is Danish working with art in sl for about a year.  The artist began work in Paris sl and relocated very recently to this location.  Come and visit her gallery, enjoy the progression of her art experience.  Artfully Yours, Saoirse Heart

Gallery Location:
Cookie is an acronym for:
C Cutie
O Offering
O Overwhelming
K Kisses and
I  Intense
E Embraces
Listed on Galleries of Second Life website

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Ziki Questi’s Blog: Farewell to Molly Bloom’s Gallery

This post originated @ Windlight Magazine.

Molly Bloom’s gallery is to close on August 26, 2015. Ziki Quest covers the closing:

Ziki Questi’s Blog: Farewell to Molly Bloom’s Gallery.

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Creating a Flickr gallery Windows application lesson 1 How to get the API

This post originated @ Windlight Magazine.


Great article for all of you developers out there who would like to know how to create a Flickr Gallery as a Windows Application:

Originally posted on thatkindofdev:

As you start your journey in application development you will understand that you don’t have to re invent the wheel. As a developer you can utilize the information available to create your applications without having to worry about it’s content and how you are going to get it. If you have noticed some of our most popular applications have interactions with web-based services so that we can get to our information easily or present it to us in a new fresh way. How many application you are using that can let you interact with services such as twitter, Flickr and YouTube . These applications use something called APIs which stand for Application Programming Interface.

A more detailed definition of it is that APIs are a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications, it expresses a software component in terms of its operations, inputs, outputs, and underlying types. An API…

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dathúil Gallery of Art ; Unique Installation Positioning new

This post originated @ Windlight Magazine.

Saoirse reviews the Dathuil Gallery of Art:

“Nothing can cure the soul but the senses, just as nothing can cure the senses but the soul.”
– Oscar Wilde

The dathuil Gallery of Art is located in world on Floris around the corner from the formal club Sabal.  Owned by Mr. and Mrs. Lovegasm, this warehouse gallery is currently showing a media pop installation until August 30 with images  by Laura, Mrs. S and selected by Mr. S.

1-Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 9.18.07 PM

If you have every been fortunate enough to visit the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington D.C. you have witnessed some very cutting edge pop art.  Many pieces have the influences of Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Claes Oldenburg and James Rosenquist.  I see these influences in the manner the images are displayed as well as the composition of the individual portraits in this gallery.  This makes this installation a real treat to spend time in for an afternoon or two.

Benches below the installation have plenty of animations so you may position yourself to view the images.  Watch carefully as the images change subtly.  The images are displayed on monitors close to the ceiling of the warehouse.  View this installation from both first and mezzanine levels.  Recommended light : begin with Midnight for focus, then move to any daylight setting.

In the images is love, loneliness or feelings of being alone, and the deep intense feelings of the artist.  One images I really enjoy is a blue and white image of a man lying on his back with his partner bending over him.  Both are clothed, and you see no faces in the image.  Using the blue gives a feeling of warmth that I would not usually feel looking at a black and white image.  The artist uses interlocking  rectangular outline silhouettes emanating outward from the center of the couple.  This is an image I would enjoying looking at in my home, no words suit it specifically, it feels comfortable, warm and home.

2-Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 9.22.10 PM

There are some images a submissive woman in the role play of Bondage, Discipline, Submission, and Dominance BDSM.  Let me dispel any hype created by 50 Shades of Grey, the acronym BDSM is a conglomeration of terms for a very expansive and very diverse role play community.  I write as an outsider to it who believes in freedom of expression between any consenting adults.  My knowledge comes from interviews and an awful lot of reading.  Those who are seriously into this role play will tell you that there is indeed much reading and much research.  Practicers are as ‘normal’ as anyone else in world, it is not all whips and chains, and it doesn’t always involve sex.   Now that I have cleared that up let’s move along.

I view art, I read about art, then I review an installation.  It makes the experience very enriching for me and I recommend you try it when you  have the time to do so.  An image with a woman restrained in leather, black and white, eyes averted delivers a message of safety.  The model in the image is not distressed, rather the artist uses the shadows and angles to convey her message.  This model has trust in the artist and the image delivers the message.  She is also alone in this image.  In the images the models were a couple, a man alone and very frequently a woman alone.  The individual images show a vast range of emotions which at times relies on others which may or may not be in the same area as the model.   We cannot see what happens around the model, only surmise.  How the artist chooses to include models or to exclude them tells a story with each image.

One image of a woman sitting on a bed, with short hair, muted yellow, black and white colors looks as if she is lonely and isolated.  There is a window in the background to convey depth of the feeling.  This artist plays with light and color artfully in each image.  In many images Tattoo art and piecings are used as foreground for play of light, the artist does not use color to overpower her play of light.  On the days this artist sees the lighting in the world, she must see beauty all around her.  This artist can walk into a room, stand in the middle and see images of lighting around the room.

Husband holding restrained partner in the blue and the black.  Focus lighting is on them in the center of the picture highlighting them.  In image she is stilled in his embrace, and seemingly comforted by the contact.  He appears muscled, sure, and posed holding her firmly hand across mouth, other arm around waist.  If my writing sounds erotic it is because the installation is erotic when you spend time considering the images.  The dathuil gallery plays a sensual music track playing to compliment the art.

1-Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 9.23.05 PM

A study conducted by Neuroscientists from Caletech in collaboration with scientists from the University of Groningen [Netherlands] studied the connection between touch and emotion. “Intuitively, we all believe that when we are touched by someone, we first objectively perceive the physical properties of the touch – its speed, its gentleness, the roughness of the skin. Only thereafter, in a separable second step based on who touched us, do we believe we value this touch more or less.” [3]

Consider that each one of us have the best viewer for artistic experience right inside our brains.  Each of us experiences our world differently.  I was interviewing in world artist, Johannes1977, at his installation LEA4 – Seasons of Life .  As I looked at a portion of his installationI asked him ‘what does this part mean to you’ and he responded with the best artist response by saying ‘what does it mean to you’.

Visit, spend time, enjoy and tell me ‘what does this mean to you’?  Artistically Yours, Saoirse Heart

dathuil Gallery of art   [for those interested dathúil means good-looking or handsome]
BDSM 25 Facts
[3] Sensual Caress – How Does The Brain Respond?
LEA4 – Seasons of Life

The Windlight Art Gallery Presents: Sunday at the Arts with Anek Fuchs!

This post originated @ Windlight Magazine.


Windlight Art Gallery Slurl:

Join us at the Windlight Art Gallery, on Sunday, August 23, 2015 at 3pm slt for a very special event: Sunday at the Arts! This will be a time to mingle and see the August Windlight Art Fellows before their exhibit ends at the end of the month!

Burnsey’s Gallery Camp Caelin : Féach mé anseo [I see here]

This post originated @ Windlight Magazine.

Saoirse reviews Burnsey’s Gallery:

1-Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 7.40.51 PM

Burnsey’s Gallery is the creation of Caelin O Báire set upon a rich multicolored bucolic lakeside mountain range. I arrived at her studio on one of her colorful entry points positioned with a great view of the gallery she built. Excellent lighting, expansive windows, detailed woodwork, this is a stop that immediately charmed me. I turn around before walking inside and I see a pleasant table under a apple tree in full blossom. Give Bruno a greeting, her German Shepard. To work with this VKC pet simply type in ‘Bruno Help’ and he will tell you all about it.

The art I found inside was personal, varied and diverse. The artist has been in world almost a year and this gallery displays her explorations as well as her personal growth. The artistic motif feels as if I am peering into the artist’s mind. There is a self portrait inside the front door off to the right. This portrait brings a realness to in world with her artistic garb and the offsetting lamp. There are no accidents in this portrait as it provides a deliberate open view of the artist herself. Periodically when I visited there would be a “Paint Me Easel” in the same spot, I recommend that you use it if offered.

2-Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 1.47.40 AM

The main room is spacious with the outside light coming in at all possible angles. There are plenty of comfortable places to sit in this gallery so I sat in the middle of this lovely room. There is a self portrait with smoothed down edges that models the owner and her dog, elemental and natural to view. It hangs here on the wall speaking to me with slight colors on the artist and on the pet saying ‘Judge her not’. I believe our artist has a tender heart in her work. Sliding my eyes down and to the right the mood shifts dramatically with a city image and two fantastical images that are unique to our world. Below the elemental self portrait I see the rich colors of sunrise on the city. On this wall, the images on the top row, including the natural self portrait, are starkly colored. The next row the colors are vivid and scenes are lively in a nice compliment.

One favorite of mine is ‘The Eternal Suspense’. This image displays figures dancing in water moving seemingly in a circular motion which is actually spherical. I see a repeat later in the gallery of the artist’s interest in spiral motion in image. Interesting string accents the dancers left back of image. Lighting is either sunrise or sunset with mild shadows. This pieces tells me that the artist saw these amazing dancers somewhere in world and focused in closely on something special to her. The focus rewards in this finished portrait.

I paid attention to the overall flow of the gallery as I walked through it, carefully considering the artist. The large room channels us through to a smaller room. In the connecting area, there is a ladder to the second level as well as an image using a closeup spiral in the dessert to convey spacial design and colors in the larger image. A breathtaking piece subtly in this walkway but a sleeping cat.

The smaller room is equally charming and has a guest book as well as a tip “weed”. I signed the guest book and watered the weed. The images here are each very individual to me. One has a soft and inviting bed in an unusual location indicating power that may be intended as subliminal to us. I really enjoy the image of a last stop gas station before the desert. The isolation speaks to the feelings of isolation and of last chances I have had myself. I feel most people have such feelings and will also appreciate a positive flavor to this same image that is comforting and is familiar. Sneaking up on a water lily I see a crane behind a rock. This image portrays soothing water with gentle color.

3-Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 1.46.10 AM

The upper level room she makes a foray into the surreal with a captivating center image of a wooden animal. Muted colors and experiments with lighting contrast the images within the image. The final image I see is a gayly lit ferris wheel in the fall. The image has a delicate light separating part of the image as fully lit and the other as shadowed. This delicate line is part of the structure of the piece. Outside of this room the artist left us a telescope to use to view the mountainside.

Returning to the main room, I walked out the back door up a stone walkway to Camp Caelin. A real visual treat with flowers, raised rooted trees rolling grassy landscape. There are three very individualized two-person camp sites around in a semicircle. Within the camp ground I found abandoned glasses atop a stack of books near an outdoor tub. The details will amaze you when you visit.

In the middle of this place is a circle of stones with one large one in the middle. Most have heard of the most famous of the Irish Stone circles, Stonehenge, and this is similar to many that have been restored in Ireland recently. The Irish stone circles were built from as far back in history as 3000 B.C. to as recent as 1500 B.C. and no one knows the exact purpose. There is a common thread with stone circles and the artist has captured that element. Facing the axial stone you will see either the rising or setting sun at one of the solstices or equinoxes. Many agree that these stone circles were used of religious or organizational purposes and perhaps astronomical as well. I have contacted the artist regarding a retreat for artists at this place in the future. I walked out to the lovely table under the apple tree and finished this article. What a wonderful day. Artfully Yours, Saoirse Heart

Shakti Adored Opens The Pearl Gallery of Modern Art

This post originated @ Windlight Magazine.

New PEarl_011LM sign

Veteran real life and Second Life artist Shakti Adored, who is also a featured contributor for Windlight Magazine, just opened her new gallery, The Pearl Gallery of Modern Art.

The grand opening of the gallery is today and is located at the following slurl: To celebrate the opening of the gallery, the following sale is taking place:

“★Clearance Sales all weekend long.★
Special 200 L$ Coupons inside these pieces;
Flower Eye
Mythos Dream
Secret Illumination
Flower From Heaven
❤ FREE GIFT~Safe Harbor
✲ Feature Piece~
Texture change canvas with 3 original works by Shakti Adored inside.
Bright Angel- Black Ambrosia- Flowers from heaven
Each Compliment, along with the frame, the new Apple Fall Fireplace”

3 Falls Frame from The Pearl Gallery

3 Falls Frame for Apple Fall Clifton Fireplace

Shakti Adored is curator of the following galleries in Second Life: The Rose Art Gallery of Angel Manor and Creation’s Fine Art Gallery for the Michael J. Fox Foundation’s “Team Fox” fund raising for Parkinson’s Research.

Subtle Elegances at Elephant & Seadrake Gallery [at Patron]

This post originated @ Windlight Magazine.

Saoirse reviews The Seadrake Gallery:
Doubt thou the stars are fire,  Doubt that the sun doth move,  Doubt truth to be a liar,  But never doubt I love.”    POLONIUS  from Shakespeare’s Hamlet


Eliza Wierwight has been working artistic magic in world for quite a while.  I could spend hours writing about her SIM, visit it another day, and write even more about it.  The Elephant & Seadrake Gallery at Patron is tucked away from the initial teleport in a seaside corner beyond the main house.  I had to tear myself away from Eliza’s artful designs and art work itself to make my way back to the gallery area.  There is nothing in world this woman hasn’t designed or improved for her SIM.  [Suggested light for viewing gallery is Sunrise and Midnight]

On display in the gallery since January 13 of this year is an installation of art works by Stephen Venkman.  Online Venkman terms his art ‘Visualizations with Venkman’ sharing information on the Mycology or the study of…wait for it….mushrooms.  I find learning a bit about the artist frequently leads me down the path of an intellectual.  In this case I feel many in world will enjoy that little tidbit as much as Lewis Carroll would indeed.


Unbeknownst o me Venkman has a liking for light play in images, one of my personal favorite features.  In his images there is often detail in the background that I had to linger to find.  He has a female nude with man standing behind.  Yes I have seen many nudes in world and usually I steer away from them for just that reason.  In this nude, The image is not about nudity but easily about vulnerability.  The bodies are sill-o-wets and lie perfectly on the Y axis of the window frame.  The window frame forming the cartesian grid or the coordinate plane.  Wooden window slats have perfectly formed shadows falling through them.  Outside is winter, no leaves on the tree and very dark with cirrus clouds.  Although the image has color, it feels as cool as a black and white.  I see beauty, balance, and the very emotions that gives me butterflies in my stomach.
A couple of his images contain bats in the background or foreground.  Bats are mysterious creatures to most of us even if we understand the basic facts about them.  I considered that as I viewed the pictures holistically.  There is a hallway image in yellow fading to a distant doorway.  Far into the distance there are bats.  Another picture has bats flying around a surrealist landscape at sunset with a sculpture of a woman facing west.  Salvador Dali appears to influence some of the work with the surreal and the time references.  Eliza has several references on property of Dali as well as a picture of him in one of the house galleries.
Walking around the installation I notice that he uses shadow, light and color to move other images in and out of view.  ‘Ghost of Hallow’s Past’ has the shadow of the man appears more detailed prominent than the man in the foreground of the picture.  The detailed shadow seems as if it is human man, the foreground a hooded figure similar to the figure of death.  A-ha an image whose name I understand…<smiles>
Shadows surround a crouched image of a woman using orange reds.  Keeping on this theme he contrasts black and white with vivid red lines [Orlando Innamorato] and cube shapes or a lush landscape in black and white only.  His self portrait pieces are among the kind that do not showcase the artist in the frame but instead the ‘art of the artist’.  I think I see Dali in ‘Orlando Inamorato’ in both form and shadow.  ‘A Dream of the Past’ looks painted with dark oils on panel.
‘Micah’s Magic’ has integrated color textures of reds, dark blues and smoke with a darken psychedelic blend effect.  The face paint worn by Micah, as well as his eyes, stand out in the lower center of the portrait.  There are a couple landscapes “Sea Salt’ and “Time Traveler” where the peaceful image blurs towards the horizon.  ‘Time Traveler’ made me think of don quixote with a single rider moving into the distance.
  ‘Eye on ChouChou’ is a return to the surreal, and a wee bit of Monty Python.  In the movie “The Meaning of Life’, the director uses brightly colored sky in the animated scenes of the movie.  The sky in this picture is that brightly colored image.  Others have probably seen it in other locations all of them eye pleasing.  Is our ChouChou reference anime?  ‘Ricky Love’ shows the artist using the silk screen process influence of Andy Warhol and then playfully the artist teases us with a cat perched on the shoulder.  I love these individual touches the artist makes on his work.
The final image I will tell you about here is ‘I Believe in Everything’.  I think this is a keeper for anyone who is a fan of the television series Grimm.  I won’t tell you why, Grimm fans come and see for yourself.  This installation stands on its own as simply a wonderful array of art by Venkman.  I felt privileged to view it in the beautiful and unforgettable landscapes of Eliza with ambient sounds of wind chimes and sea waves.  Displaying each piece of a easel with gold brown leaves on each leg is a real touch of elegance.

Artfully yours, Saoirse Heart

Sabra Art Gallery Now Open at Kelly Yap Artwalk

This post originated @ Windlight Magazine.


The Sabra Art Gallery returns to Second Life:

Originally posted on Sabra Style:

Sabra Art Gallery has a new home. I am delighted to be here, in spite of the fact that it meant a couple of sleepless nights building a gallery from scratch, but then, that is par for the course for me. I have always been taken with the Kelly Yap Artwalk experience. Part nature walk, part fantasy, part industrial chic  — what’s not to love! And now I’m parked in the middle of it all.

Kelly Yap is a gardener, in this world and the real one. Her vision for creating a gathering of art galleries amidst a beautiful garden is nothing short of divine inspiration.

Kelly Yap Artwalk Kelly Yap Artwalk


I can finally display a fair amount of work — 30 pieces at a time, and it’s been awhile since I’ve had a major collection of my work on display in SL. You’ll find classic favorites and brand new pieces. As…

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Art Gacha Festival Gallery

This post originated @ Windlight Magazine.

Originally posted on MadPea:


Take a sneak look at some of the works you can collect at the MadPea Art Gacha Festival which opens on Friday at 12noon slt!



madpea gacha sign

Virtual Vistas by TheaDee KEY 512

Silas Merlin -2b

Silas Merlin -1

Say it with words

Sabbian Paine Art Gacha Texture Original Scale

Gatcha Poster 512

MadPea Edgeplay Art GachaFlogo



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