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The 24²: Indulgence with Love GizzA Creations

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GizzA Creations is a highly visible brand with a designer who is passionate about what she does and consistently creates exciting apparel for both men and women. A brand can only be vibrant if the person behind the brand is vibrant. Giz Seorn has an ability to lure those who are and aspire to be accepted into the elitest circles of SL fashion as well as those who just plain want to look good as they go about their daily virtual activities.

Photo supplied by Giz Seorn

Photo supplied by Giz Seorn

Alianna: Hello, Giz, thank you for taking a moment to tell us a little more about GizzA and yourself. Your brand has been around for how long and what originally brought you to SL?
Giz: I started being a designer in SL in 2010 and this was the reason that I joined to SL.

Alianna: Four years of dynamic fashions you’ve given the grid. What are your favorites to design of what you create?
Giz: I design everything with love and being excited about them. The outfits which are forcing me to improve myself to design better things are the ones I like the most to make. More avant garde and different outfits. This style gives me more satisfaction than casual style.

Photo by Asia Rae

Photo by Asia Rae

Alianna: The love, excitement, and enthusiastic attention to realistic details definitely shows in all you create. Yes your designs are refreshingly unique and I’m also fond of the magazine ads you have for GizzA. Always fun to see what you’ll present next. Do you have an interest in expanding your brand to include other types of items?
Giz: I am interested in accessories lately. We have had few tries making accessories and our customers like those. So I want to improve our store in that way, by working more with accessories in the future.

Alianna: We’re in for a treat with your venturing into making accessories. How did you become involved with The 24²?
Giz: By means of Lexie. We joined The 24 and after seeing her professional work it becomes a reason for us to be a regular to join every year. The 24² is a very good event.

Photo by Hikaru Enimo

Photo by Hikaru Enimo

Alianna: Any hints as to what you will be making for the event to tease our audience with?
Giz: We have 2 special products for men and women. Something very different, a Turkish history-inspired outfit. We think it is going to be liked. And for ladies we have prepared a classic but attractive outfit, from shoes to hat. It is a full outfit. Ladies always like classic outfits. ;)

Yes, we do and most especially when it is stamped with GizzA love. The 24² will be richer for your presence and may you keep on working your craft into the foreseeable future.

Photo by Alianna Logan

Photo by Alianna Logan

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Swinging at the Christmas Expo with Mr. X and Heart Homes plus GIZZA at the J&A Expo

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I am making my list and checking it twice…I shall never tell you when Mr. X is naughty or nice!

 I am relaxing while I wait for Mr. X in the just released Winter Swing by Heart Homes and Aphrodite Shop that is available at the RFL Christmas Expo.  I have looked  a long time for a swing like this.

This low prim swing (only 3) looks best attached to a tree or porch.  Simply click the swing to rezz a menu of single and couples poses.  You can start or stop swinging with an easy click between the strings of the swing.  The motion of the swing is perfect and very soothing.

Couples and singles can choose from a number of activities to indulge in… from sipping hot chocolate and chatting on your cell phone to reading and working on your computer.
The details on this swing are really great from the leaves of white ice on the strings holding the swing up to the colorful quilt fabrics on the swing itself – the textures are so crisp you look at them and feel cozy.   I am wearing a fabulous pendant from GIZZA  from the Jewelry and Accessories Expo and the new sweater dress in black by Gabriel.
For full information and all the latest updates, please visit the Christmas Expo website: http://slchristmasexpo.wordpress.com 

Aphrodite for Heart Homes

Jewelry and Accessories show LM http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Webhost/253/124/1302     

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