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Geekin’ Out Hunt Hints

Original post @ Sour Pickles Hunts.
1. Sour Pickles “Check the hint giver”
2. Co*Motion “Make A Wish”
3. Dondi’s Doodad’s “Check the hint giver”
4. Kabuki Creations ““You are my SWEETEST love””
5. Tool Shed “Geeky, nerdy, full of sass.”
6. Texture Me True “it’s tricky trying to keep them on without ears”
7. Duh! “I subscribe to the theory that everyone is secretly a geek.”
8. Ez’s “#1 “I do LOVE these shoes!” #2 “Oh My what BIG eyes I have!””
9. The Ferret & Hedgie Shoppee “Accessories Accessories, need I say more?”
10. Toxic High “Us girls love slink mid feet shoes…”
11. Peeps “I heard you had to be 21 in order to wear this bra.”
12. Les sucreries de Fairy “I love Alice in Wonderland”
13. Karma’s Kreation’s “Please use hint giver”
14. Sigma Jewels “Look for Admira sets”
15. Artic Storm “Ut Oh! Dropped my glasses – better check the stairs!”
16. Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop “Hint F: Look at me in front of you, near the African Tip Jar! Hint M: Browsing around… to have a look in the ‘Fashion & jewelry’ Hut”

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Ravens Claw 13 Pumpkins Hunt

Original post @ HUNT SL.

HUNT SL Ravens Claw 13 Pumpkins HuntHunt Dates: Oct 1 – Oct 31

Type: Sim or Store Hunt
Region Rating: Moderate
Stops: 13
Hunt Object: Pumpkin
Hunt Theme: Sage Oberon sat on his throne, his face wearing a frown. A Pie, a Pie, is what he craved one made from a pumpkin round It seemed his archers had used all the squash to practice their skills for war, and left not a pumpkin or seed about and so he sat and swore. “a pumpkin a pumpkin, a pie for the King,” was that too much to ask? So he called for his Ravens to search high and low a seed to find was their task. Low and behold some seeds were found in the nest of a pesky squirrel, The Ravens snatched them up and flew high and about the sky did whirl. In their dance of joy the seeds flew out across the land so fair, And with the magic that soaked the ground they grew without a care. Some seeds held the magic of the land and in them gifts you will find. So search high and low to find them my friend. while our Sage eats pie and drinks wine.

Start: Gowers
Contact Person: Isabella Peony


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Night of the Living Cart Sale Mini Hunt Gifts

Original post @ I Heart the Cart.

Below you will find photos of all the awesome gifts you can go searching for during the I Heart the Cart one year anniversary Night of the Living Cart Sale and sim wide Mini Hunt.

The hunt runs from October 1st to the 31st, all items are $ 2 Lindens and you are searching for Braaaaains!

BtD NLD Mini Passage pillars

1. Beyond the Dark

SN~ Hanging Zombie

2. Something New


3. Skeleton House Halloween Store

Miss Darcy - Body Conscious - Royal

4. Miss Darcy

{CoMotion} Vampire Fang Necklace Advert

5. Co*Motion

Hunt Gift From Wicked Temptation

6. Wicked Temptation

{REVERIE} Slink Nails - Living Dead Girl


___CPD___ Chalk Outline

8. Chaos, Panic & Disorder

[PD] Lay Me Down - Hunt Gift

9. Play Dead

Nol earrings_affiche

10. N@N@

Mesh Cathie dress gray pop

11. Sweet Strawberry

_PMoon - iHeart Hunt Gift 2014

12. Purple Moon

Snapshot _ Alqualonde the Swanhaven, Alqualonde the Swanhaven (

13. An Lema

Luna Body Art iHeart Exclusive Set

14. Luna


15. Nail Me

LC Halloween Orange and Black Hitops womans LC Combat Boots Halloween Mens B

16. Lucky Charms

LVS Halloween Table Lamp AD

17. Living Vintage Southern

Vengeful Threads - Autumn Wind in Orange Add

18. Vengeful Threads

candy monsters

19. Kandy Tattoos

DD Cannibal Throne

20. Dondi’s Doodads

Crazy Pastry Designs Pumpkin Ankle Boots

21. Crazy Pastry Design

Halloween Shirt BoyHalloween Asymmetric Girl

22. J&A Rock Culture

animated haunted house

23. Dyrssen Design

Dark Passions  - Koffin Nails - Masked Magic - AD I Heart The C

24. Dark Passions


25. #187#

SC Web Me Up Outfit Ad

26. Seddy’s Creations


27. Rising Hystyria

__cherry pie__  Friendship Bench (fall theme)

28. Cherry Pie

Captured Ghostie hunt gift pic

29. Wise Walls by Dede

Mmm...Kay! Halloween Pumpkin Couples Pose

30. Mmm…Kay

{KS} The End Tank - hunt gift ad

31. Kita’s Sideshow

Haunted Decor

32. The Artist Shed

blah.BLAH.blah Webbed Heart Tee

33. Blah Blah Blah


34. Living Vintage Couture

Kimba's Mesh Halloween Skirt

35. Kimba’s Boutique

Autumn Settee - Hunt Gift

36. Something Wicked This Way Comes

Night of the Living Hunt Prize

37. Aly’s Shop

La Boheme NotLCart Sale Hunt Prize

38. La Boheme


39. Untamed Designs

Trick Or Treat AD

40. MumuHime Clothing

OYR Zombie Food Hoodie

41. Off Your Rocker


42. The Madness Within

Balleigh Black-Skull (c)

43. Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes

Jack Hoodie Ad

44. Nerdology

FAC Ad Halloween Wheelbarrel Prize

45. Fairy Angel Creations




47. The Little Branch

_Home_ Fall Candle Set

48. Home Essentials

Ghost Companion

49. I Heart the Cart

Mesh Monster Hunter hoodie

50. Mesh Monster

hunt item Mag_3.B

51. Mag<3.B

Halloween 2014 Rug ok copy

52. StoraxTree

Am I making you Horney Poster - Cupcake Clothing

53. Cupcake Clothing

~Mesh Glam~Unisex Screaming Necklace

54. Mesh Glam

Sour Pickles

55. Sour Pickles

Mens & Womens Skully Trench Coats AD

56. Dirty Little Secret

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Botanica’s 4th Annual Haunted Corn Maze Hunt

Original post @ SL Hunts.



10/1 – 11/2
Sim Hunt
0L Hunt
Botanica’s Annual Interactive Trick or Treat Hunt
Organizer Cara Cali

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Ravensclaw 13 Pumpkin Hunt

Original post @ SL Hunts.

Ravensclaw 13 Pumpkin Hunt


10/1 – 10/31
Sim Hunt
Touch the sign at landing for instructions

Organizer Isabella Peony

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Lick My Lollipop Hunt

Original post @ HUNT SL.

HUNT SL lick my lollipop posterHunt Dates: Nov 1 – Nov 30
Application Deadline
: Oct 13
Application Site

Type: Grid Wide Hunt
Region Ratings: General/Moderate/Adult
Stops: 50 max
Hunt Object: Lollipop
Hunt Theme: Think of your naughtiest desires…. This hunt is perfect for you!

Start: Carnival Land
Web Site:
Contact Person: Pebbles892 Resident

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Hooter Hunt 2

Original post @ HUNT SL.

HUNT SL Hooter Hunt 2Hunt Dates: Oct 1 – Oct 31

Type: Sim or Store Hunt
Region Rating: Moderate
Stops: 20
Hunt Object: Pink Owl (L$ 2 Hunt)
Hunt Theme: The Hooter Hunt 2 is a charity hunt for the Susan G Komen for the Cure Foundation. Find 20 owls hidden around the sim including Grumble and the Wet Spot. $ 2L each-male/female/unisex gifts. All proceeds will be donated. Hunt for a cure!

Start: Nympho
Web Site:
Contact Person: Allie Munro


Check out all the hunts at HUNT SL. Updated Daily!

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Malice In Wonderland Hunt

Original post @ SL Hunts.

Malice in Wonderland Hunt

Runs – 10/5 – 10/31
Store hunt
Blog –
Hunt Location –

Organizer Alyxen

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Icarus October Hunt

Original post @ SL Hunts.


Runs – 10/4 – 10/31
Sim Hunt
Each week, a different set of four prizes containing gifts valued between L$ 100 and L$ 2000 will be hidden in various spots around the grounds. A fifth prize will also be hidden, but here’s the twist: only the first hunter to discover it will receive that prize, and the reward is a choice of any single item in the shoppes of =IcaruS=.

Blog –
Organizers LeonTubrok Beaumont, iSkye Silverweb

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Hooter Hunt 2

Original post @ SL Hunts.


Runs – 10/1 – 10/31
Sim Hunt
Search for 20 owls
2L each
Hints on blog
Hunt Location –
Blog –
Every October we do a fundraiser for the Susan G Komen for the Cure Foundation. Proceeds from the hunt will be donated to the fund.
Organizer Allie Munro

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