EggaPalooza Spring Hunt

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Hunt Name EggaPalooza Spring Hunt
Hunt Date 3/1 – 5/31
Organisers SL Name The Bolero Group
Any Other Info Hunt for Easter Eggs 0L each
Type of Hunt Sim Hunt
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Blast from the Past Hunt

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SLHunts-Blast from the Past Hunt


Hunt Name Blast from the Past Hunt
Hunt Date 3/20 – 4/15
Applications Date 3/15
Price 0L Hunt
Organisers SL Name Kamiek
Any Other Info This hunt has to do with the past! 50s, 60s, 70s…etc… Let your creativity run and show us what you would be wearing if you lived in these times.
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Dust Bunnies Hunt

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Hunt Name Dust Bunnies Hunt
Hunt Date March 20-April 20
Applications Date March 6
Organisers SL Name Taliah Darwin
Any Other Info Apply online today!
Type of Hunt Grid Wide Hunt
SLurl to starting location
Theme Not your average Spring/Easter hunt. This time we are embracing the twisted side! Chocolate bunnies with no ears and bite marks on their butts. Are you sure those are chocolate eggs? Looks kinda sketchy to me. Not every one looks like an angel in their Easter dress. You can use this hunt to take all those sweet, innocent things that most people love about Easter and Spring and twist to your hearts content.

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Slap Yo mamma Easter is comin hunt

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SLHunts-Slap Yo Mama,  Easter is comin Hunt


Hunt Name Slap Yo mamma Easter is comin hunt
Hunt Date 3/20 – 4/15
Applications Date unknown
Price 1L Hunt – Easter egg
Organisers SL Name Kamiek
Any Other Info This hunt has to do with Easter or Spring.
SLurl to starting location

Note – SLHunts does not recommend or encourage slapping anybody’s mother at any time of year no matter what seasonal holiday may be approaching 

Go Green Hunt

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HUNT SL Fi_s_Creations_-_Go_Green_Hunt_-_Poster_ImageHunt Dates: Mar 8 – Mar 31

Type: Sim or Store Hunt
Region Rating: General
Stops: 3
Hunt Object: TBA (to be announced)
Hunt Theme: Our newest Fi’s Creations Store Hunt is called the “Go Green Hunt” and since 17.March is St.Patricks Day, i’ve decided to make some wonderful green gifts ! As always there will be one for our ladies, one for our gentlemens and one is going to be unisex.

Start: BeachFlowers
Web Site:
Contact Persons: Fiona Scorfield, Selinasky Resident

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Choco Bunny Hunt

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HUNT SL freebiecosmos-choco-bunny-hunt-poster-2015Hunt Dates: Apr 1 – Apr 15

Type: Sim or Store Hunt
Region Rating: Moderate
Stops: TBA (to be announced)
Hunt Object: Choco Bunny/Choco Egg
Hunt Theme: Spring and Easter Funny Hunt with Choco Bunnies which rez Choco Eggs (eggs contain random gifts and decoys).

Start: Queer
Web Site:
Contact Person: Ylanya Resident

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3/1 – Cupids Valentine Hunt @ Jewels Isle

3/7 - Drunk in Love Hunt

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StarHunter Hunt Hints!

Welcome to the hunt, Starhunter!

Be A Star Hunter Blog post pic
Below find a list of booths which supplied hints for the hunt, not all hunt booths have hints however! Happy hunting & good luck!

Hint By Sim & Booth Numbers

 Magrathea Gold Sector:
4    Cosmic Battles    “Then battles were tough”

10   National Space Society       “Harrison Schmitt is wearing a smile”

12    Starfleet Galactic   ” —Look to the night sky, ancient navigators used to guide their ships by it—”

19    U.F.O. Abduction    “On a Broken Wing and a Prayer”

22    Korolev Station    “Cosmography means mapping the stars”
Sihnon Green Sector: 
26    Pryxis Alliance    “It is a Novel  Gift”

27   <TheSith Empire> “I am the Sith Ghost of Dark Lord Visol, find the throne I used to sit on”

29    United Federation Starfleet    “Where would you expect to find a star?”

34    Bright Metallic    “Take a seat, we’re sure you need a rest.”

35    [TfAtN]    “The stars are bright behind a honeymoon.”

36    Metaverse City        “We are stars, but not in the heavens, but we are always picture perfect for our fans!”

39    LONDINIUM GEARWORKS  “Complain to his feet”

Combined Exhibit
44    Isil Designs    “Under the rosy sky, a Green patch ahead of the black bird.”
45    PaxWerx    No Hint

46    INSILICO    “—Don’t put gum under the tables!!—”

Risa Orange Sector:  
49    Green Lantern Core    “In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night; You will find your prize where you charge your Might!”
51    PsiNanna, Inc.    “Behind Deckard’s Girlfriend…”  :)

53    Time and Space Nexus    “—Out of chaos a star is born!—”
59    Gator’s Gallery    “Look for Europa Spring”

61    BSG-82 Thesis    “Take a Ride to earn your first Star. Go to the Stars to find the next!”

69    Remnant of Earth    “—Frozen Stiff!—”

70    AGEIRA Corporation    “The little bee shows you where the Albion is.”

New Vegas Blue Sector:  
78    Elvian High Council     “Journey to the top of the Onyx Spire, may your interest be Peaked by the view less Dire”

80    ITG & Dreams of Heaven    “Look for the Stars”

86    Moonshadow Designs    “Don’t leave before you come in!”

92    Coghaven    “You’ll find me high above, in the sky, where I belong. Watch out for aliens.”

95    Black Gazza Station    “Somewhere few visitors actually want to see the inside of.”

96    USS SOLSTICE   “Don’t forget to duck when you enter a Jeffries tube, but look up to find a star.

Pern Sound Red Sector:   
97    Gianfar Peaks of Pern    “If on dragon back High, higher and highest And then fly higher still.”

98    Boai Honglian Companion’s Guild    “Hot Sushi”

99    Starfleet Renaissance    “Energize…”

100    ORIONITE    “Beam into the sky, on high and then look under thine thigh!”

Fhloston Paradise Purple Sector
Combined Exhibit
103, 104, 105 Pandora    “You must climb iknimiya the stairway to the heavens, find the star among the glowing grass.”

The Boob Job Hunt Ends 2/28!

This post originated @ Cleavage.

BJH Poster3 with date

The Boob Job Hunt at Cleavage!
February 7th – February 28th

Cleavage has gone under the knife with a full-sim remodel and we’re celebrating our new and updated look with a sim-wide hunt! The Boob Job Hunt is a 2L hunt (why 2L? because boobs come in pairs!), and it is the perfect opportunity to get a bunch of great hunt items while getting to know your favourite implant-specialized sim on the grid. Join the in-world I <3 Cleavage group for help with the hunt.

You’re looking for The Boob Job band aid pictured below. The designers have hidden their band aids inside of their Cleavage shops!

Hunt item pic

And now for your list of hunt hints and teaser pics:

1. sexZ
Hint: Read up on all the literature!

Lace Tee AD

2. 7 Deadly S{k}ins
Hint: Smooth as velvet

Boobjob-LUCY-LU-poster - 7DS
3. Pink Sugah
Hint: Dropped a bombshell

.__pink Suagh__. Boob Job Hunt poster

4. 1 Hundred
Hint: Think like a fly…

1 Hundred. With Love Top AD

5. Aphrodisiac
Hint: Atop the tall wood, you see; you will find the things for boobies.

BoobJobHuntAD - Aphrodisiac

6. Bad Apple Designs
Hint: Velma and Louise!!!!  The dress is quite a tease!

Boob Hunt Ad - Bad Apple

7. Barely Legal Couture
Hint: Take me to home base!


8. F’n’Hawt
Hint: “F’n’Ouch”!

FnH for Boob Job Hunt

9. Gatherings Designs
Hint: Turn the Radio Up and Kiss the DJ

GD Boob Job Hunt I Heart U with all my boobs

10. Infliction
Hint: Behind the looking glass

[ Infliction ] Boob Job Hunt Ad

11. Jelly
Hint: 1-2 Buckle my shoe, 3-4 shut the door, 5-6 pick up tits….

Jelly BJH Ad

12. PB Designs
Hint: Not quite sandal weather yet.

The Boob Job Hunt Gift - PB Designs

13. Purple Candy
Hint: My tummy!

hunt Purple Candy

14. Salt
Hint: “Nipples perfectly covered”

BOOB JOB HUNT PIC - .SALT _ marietheres Resident

15. Tiffany Designs
Hint: You can find me at Tiffany Store from CLEAVAGE, under the Facebook Sign :)

TD Celia Mini Dress with Appliers

16. TRS
Hint: “Ouchie! These shoes are giving me blisters”

[trs] for The Boob Job Hunt_PIC

Don’t miss out on any of these 2L boobilicious prizes! Come get your hunt on before it’s all over!

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