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Twisted Hunt: Time Warp

Original post @ HUNT SL.

HUNT SL Twisted Hunt - Time WarpHunt Dates: Sep 1 – Sep 30
Application Deadline
: Aug 13
Application Site
: twistedhunt.com

Type: Grid Wide Hunt
Region Ratings: General/Moderate/Adult
Stops: TBA
Hunt Object: Cube
Hunt Theme: As you peer through the window, you can see a tunnel of light spiraling out from the singularity in the distance. This is where Time begins and ends – this… is where concepts are shattered, and rational thought gives way to a spiraling madness of clarity. An illusion of misdirection of truths, and a tapestry of spun truths clouded in lies. You drift closer to the event horizon. Time is slowing down, while all around you, everything is spinning out of control. You urge yourself forward…forward…always seeking the answer to a question long forgotten.

Stop. Rewind. Replay. Pause. Shift. Fast Forward. Your slate’s been wiped clean. No carbon footprint. No trace. No story, no songs to tell. Haste is just an illusion crafted by the mind – you have all the Time in the world. As we march forward on this mortal coil, pulling against the fetters that bind us to this spinning rock, Time will make us all equal.

Welcome to the beginning of a new Twisted Era. We’re rewinding the clock to show our true colors – all of them from the scarlet in our veins to the verdigris-painted skies. From the encroaching terror of darkness and the cold embrace of gunmetal from the depths of horror filled dungeons and rattling chains.

Start: Secrets of Gaia
Web Site: twistedhunt.com
Contact Persons: Rox Arten, Sredni Eel, Lokii Violet

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Twisted Hunt Fall 2014 – Time Warp

Original post @ SL Hunts.



Twisted Hunt Fall 2014 
September 1 – 31

A grid-wide hunt featuring some of the most Twisted creators in SL!

The first Twisted Hunt was in March of 2009, the second was in September of the same year. Now the 12th Twisted Hunt is upon us!

We can’t wait to do it again, and we hope you can’t either! If you’re new to this whole Twisted Hunt business, we have some words of warning for you. And whether you’re new or not, it can’t hurt to peek in to the info for twisted hunters. ;)

Hunt Name – TWISTED HUNT FALL 2014

Organizers – Rox Arten, Sredni Eel & Lokii Violet

Date – September 1 – 31

Theme – Time Warp (for more info see the twisted hunt website

Website for all the info – http://twistedhunt.com/

Note to merchants – Twisted is one of the best hunts you can be in, but it comes at a price, you have to read & pay attention to the guidelines and rules for merchants, before you apply make sure you understand the requirements or you are simply wasting your time… if you put your store in one hunt make it this one, but make sure you do it properly all the info & guides for merchants can be found here http://twistedhunt.com/for-merchants

SLHunts is proud to fully support & promote the Twisted hunt :)

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MadPeas Mini Hunt For The Bleeping Bunny

Original post @ HUNT SL.

HUNT SL Madpea Mini Hunt for Bleeping BunnyHunt Dates: Aug 1 – Aug 15

Type: Sim or Store Hunt
Region Rating: Moderate
Stops: 3
Hunt Object: TBA
Hunt Theme: MadPea is sponsoring this bedeviled event. This means there will be a mini-hunt to confound you even more! If you can decipher the notoriously tricky MadPea teasers, then you will get a Fucking Mad Bunny t-shirt and a pair of Pea green bunny slippers!

Start: Grantville
Web Site: madpea.blogspot.com
Contact Person: Kiana Writer

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Funny Hunt

Original post @ HUNT SL.

HUNT SL funny huntHunt Dates: Jul 30 – Aug 30

Type: Sim or Store Hunt
Region Rating: Moderate
Stops: 10
Hunt Object: Lipstick
Hunt Theme: Second Life is a place where you can have fun right? So this hunt is all about fun, 10 items that will make you smile and have fun on SL guaranteed… what are you waiting for? Happy hunting.

Start: Grace
Web Site: nowstart2create.wordpress.com
Contact Person: Crikka1 Resident

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PTSD awareness HUNT

Original post @ SL Hunts.


July 28 – 31
Hunt Item – Ladybug
9 to find
Blog – http://mentalhealthretreat.wordpress.com/ptsd-hunt-take-off/

Start Location – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Arequipa/162/245/21

Hunt Organizer – Remy Hadley (NaeviaTurquoise Resident)

Since July is PTSD awareness Month, MHR volunteers along with 8 nice builders put together a special PTSD hunt just for you!

Visit http://slhunts.wordpress.com/2014/07/29/ptsd-awareness-hunt/ for actual post date.

Night of The Living Hunt

Original post @ SL Hunts.

Night of the Living Cart Sale Texture for Blogging

Runs – October 1st to October 31st

Hunt Item – Brain

Price of Items – 2L each

Sim Hunt

Hunt Location - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/BuenaVista/33/169/23

Visit http://slhunts.wordpress.com/2014/07/29/night-of-the-living-hunt/ for actual post date.

Hunt Update!

Original post @ SL Hunts.

Here’s a list of what hunts are starting and ending.

Click the hunt name  for more info.



Hunts Beginning 7/26 – 8/2

Beginning 7/27 & 7/28

Magical Maze

Avenue Hunt

Beginning 8/1


Dog Days of Summer

August Heatwave

Back2 School 2

The Blues


Fairy Tale

The Big New Hunt

Femboy – The Zodiacs

Starships  & Aliens

Journey of the Sea

Through the Jungle

Cupcakes Anonymous

TSG – Sloth

Pirates vs Ninjas

Abundance First Harvest

Can’t Stop the Beat

Beginning 8/2

The Third Anniversary

Wild West Round Up

IDWN Summer Time Blues


Hunts Ending 7/26 – 8/2

The only hunt ending date this week is 7/31!

 Ice Sundae Hunt

Get Lei’d

Beach Bum

Dark Fantasy

Let the Sparks Fly

Christmas in July

Fly Away

Mystical Fantasy

Plugged In II

Medieval Fantasy XII

Irodori Mini Hunt

Summer Toddleedoo

Summer sun


Let your Colors burst

Fruit Salad

Humaniod Summer

Simple Treasure <

Visit http://slhunts.wordpress.com/2014/07/28/hunt-update-9/ for actual post date.

MOSP 2nd Anniversary Explorer Hunt

Original post @ HUNT SL.

HUNT SL Second Anniversary HuntHunt Dates: Sep 1 – Sep 30

Type: Sim or Store Hunt
Region Rating: Moderate
Stops: 25
Hunt Object: Cube with MOSP Logo
Hunt Theme: The Machinima Open Studio Project turns two in September. The original MOSP housed at LEA20 had a long time explorer hunt that was quite popular. Once again MOSP will be having a hunt, this one a little simpler with hunt objects in logo boxes scattered around the MANY locations. A hint notecard will be available at the landing site and on the blog once the hunt starts and research on locations can be done on the MOSP blog, HUDS and landmarks are available at the landing area. Some prizes will be easy to find, others will take intrepid explorations.

Start: LEA7
Web Site: machinimasl.blogspot.com
Contact Person: Chic Aeon

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Visit http://huntsl.com/2014/07/28/mosp-2nd-anniversary/ for actual post date.

Bunny Hunt

Original post @ Cheep & ChiChi » Hunts.

The RMK Gothic Sim has a wonderful hunt going on right now: in an Alice in Wonderland inspired area you chase rabbits until they drop a ticket then use that ticket at the respective stores to claim a prize.
Full details can be found here.

Let me show you two of the prizes I’ve found so far – I love them!! <3


Outfit: ‘Bunny Girl (Red)‘ – AmbrosiaL$ 0 – Alice in RMK Gothic 2013 Bunny Hunt Prize
Hair: ‘Celebration 1 (Black)‘ – DuraL$ 0 – Past Group Gift [Free to Join]
Skin: ‘Gerda(4)‘ - Mother Goose’sL$ 0 – Lucky Board (3 mins)
Eyes: ‘Beginner Lenses (Ghost)‘ – Chus!L$ 0 – Freebie
Shoes: ‘No.26‘ (texture/colour change) – Ri! HoHL$ 250
Shape: ‘Keri‘ (modded) – Panda PunxL$ 0– Past Group Gift (no longer available)

Vendors 5‘ pose by Glitterati

263_002Outfit: ‘McTwisp‘ – Dreaming Maiden (part mesh) – L$ 0 – Alice in RMK Gothic 2013 Bunny Hunt Prize
Hair: ‘Linda (Dark Brown)‘ – Amacci (@Old Europe Village) – L$ 0 – Umbrella Hunt Prize
Skin: ‘Sia-1L‘ - Mother Goose’sL$ 1 – Dollarbie
Eyes: ‘Liquid Light Eyes (Desert Dawn Shadow)‘ - MayflyL$ 0 – Past Group Gift [Free to Join]
Shoes: ‘Gatsby Heels (Chestnut)‘ - IngenueL$ 295
Shape: ‘Keri‘ (modded) – Panda PunxL$ 0– Past Group Gift (no longer available)

Vendors 3‘ pose by Glitterati

Visit http://cheepandchichi.wordpress.com/2013/03/14/bunny-hunt/ for actual post date.

Bunny Hunt #2

Original post @ Cheep & ChiChi » Hunts.


More from the fabulous Alice in RMK Gothic 2013 Bunny Hunt .. Theatre Chain‘s prize includes Queen of Hearts hair and 10 amazing Alice-in-Wonderland-themed poses!

I haven’t collected all the tickets yet so excuse me while I go hunt more bunnies!

Headband: ‘Bunny Headband‘ (colour/texture change) – Tentacio (@XYRoom) – L$ 70NEW!
Hair: ‘Spiranthes (Blond)‘ – Lo*MomoL$ 120
Skin: ‘Special 1L Skin7‘ – My Ugly DorothyL$ 1 – Dollarbie
Eyes: ‘Deep Sky Eyes – London Fog‘ (4 levels of whites) – MayflyL$ 0 – Free Colour
Dress: ‘Peplum Dress (Alice)‘ (mesh) – 1mmL$ 0 – Alice in RMK Gothic 2013 Bunny Hunt Prize
Jewelry: ‘Little White Bunny Cameo‘ – EBDesignL$ 200
Shoes: ‘French Spring Ballet Shoes (Cream)‘ – SAKIDEL$ 0 – Past Hunt Prize (no longer available)
Shape: ‘Keri‘ (modded) – Panda PunxL$ 0– Past Group Gift (no longer available)

Mad Hatter‘ pose by Theatre Chain (Alice in RMK Gothic 2013 Bunny Hunt Prize)
Bokeh effect by PicMonkey

Visit http://cheepandchichi.wordpress.com/2013/03/19/bunny-hunt-2/ for actual post date.