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It’s begun…

Original post @ Twisted Hunt Fall 2014 | Sept 1 – 30 .

The clock strikes midnight and you slowly become aware of a faint glowing light where there should be none at this hour. The light strengthens, the glow bathing the room and you realize it’s not just a light, but a portal. A swirling, shimmering doorway floating in the middle of the room. A faint breeze tickles along your neck as you stand and move closer, curiosity overriding any sense of fear. You can see something swirling in the depths of the opening, a square, no, a cube…a Twisted cube, just beyond your reach. You lean in a bit more, stretching your arm for the cube – only to find yourself hurtling through the doorway, sucked into the silent vortex of spinning colors and mist.

Welcome to the 12th Biannual Twisted Hunt, Twisted Time Warp. You have until midnight, September 30th, to complete the hunt and find your way home.

The Twisted Time Warp hunt is slightly different from most Twisted hunts: this year, instead of a specific hunt color and theme, the Powers That Be decided it was time for a walk down memory lane and so ALL of the previous 11 hunt colors and themes are fair game for ONE hunt only.  Over the next few days, we’ll be bringing you a look at some of the amazing prizes and hunt items you can find as you work through the Time Warp, so be sure to check back often.

And now…clear your schedule, stock up on lindens/alcohol/headache meds, arrange for delivery of food and drink, and strap yourself in for the ride….Twisted Time Warp has begun!




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It’s Arcade Time

Original post @ Chic at Phil’s Place.

It is almost September and that means a new round of The Arcade!  While I am not a gambler at heart, last round I discovered the garage sales which I definitely enjoy so feel free to crank that handle as much as you want. I may be waiting to buy your extras! 

With lots of great things coming your way, this is my sneak peak at the event. I have no idea what the official theme is or even if there is a theme, but it seems to have a retro vibe from the things I have seen so far.

Hence I dressed up in a very vintage swimsuit, just out from 20.Five, the Beau Bikini set (which by the way coordinates with the other new swimwear). Color choices by hud of course.

The star of this Arcade preview is the {theosophy} For Future Reference set. The machines are so inventive and fun, making me smile big time after a difficult day pounding on my computer. The Zultor’s Wisdom booth gives fortunes you wear on your screen to see. There is appropriate music and flashing red eyes. You can almost hear the carnival or boardwalk in the background.

The testers also play music with lights flashing through the choices and  — finally, landing on “the answer” :D. Really you need to see these.

Now as much as I LOVED LOVED LOVED these, I couldn’t really think where I could put them (chuckle). I finally decided that they would be appropriate discarded clutter in the alleyway next to the warehouse gym. When I was processing this photo I hit the vibrancy slider a bit too far and ended up with black and white — which seemed, PERFECT.

If you just can’t wait until you make it into the event, feel free to come by and play (and take some photos of course). Here is the spot. 

Hair: Girls on Film1 by Vanity Hair

Poses by: the {what next} balloons found hiding deep within my closet

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Rock Your Rack 2014 is on it’s way!

Original post @ Rock Your Rack.

Breast cancer is one of the leading health crises for women. 1 in 8 women, and an every increasing percentage of men will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. There is currently no known cure for breast cancer, and its early diagnosis is critical to survival.

Models Giving Back is pleased to present Rock Your Rack, an annual fundraising event combining the best of SL Music and Fashion to support the work of breast cancer charities and raise awareness for early detection which is critical to a positive outcome for this devastating disease.

This year’s event will support the National Breast Cancer Foundation which provides free mammograms, education, support and early detection services to anyone in need.

The 2014 event is on three sims and involves 64 designers including 7 Platinum Sponsors: Barely Legal Couture, Delirium Style, Legal Insanity, Liv Glam, Lybra, Mute. , and {ZOZ}. Along with these designers, 10 Live Musical Artists, and 13 DJs will provide entertainment throughout the two week long Event.

Events during the fundraiser include 16 fashion shows, 10 live musical concerts, a performance by the Dazzler’s Dance Troupe, 8 DJ dance parties, a 10L Hunt, Silent Auction areas, and two different Gacha! areas. Designers will be providing exclusive creations with 100% of the sales of those items going to the National Breast Cancer Foundation along with a fine selection of the newest and most popular designs donating a percentage as well.

For a complete listing of events and more details on this year’s event, please visit the website:

This year’s event officially opens to the public on Monday, September 1, 2014 at 12:00am SLT and will close at 11:59pm SLT on Monday, September 15, 2014.

Together we can make a difference!

Those who are unable to attend but wish to support the cause, may visit the Model’s Giving Back official donation page at where donations can be made directly using a variety of means.

RockurRack Ad Final 2014

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It’s Seriously Summer at Happy Hunting!

Original post @ Happy Hunting!.

This week Host and Hunt Reporter Cinders Vale has gifts decorating the Happy Hunting set from the Summer Hunt at Creations Park, Inkantation’s Let the Sparks Fly Hunt, the Fruit Salad Hunt, and Old Europe’s Starfish Hunt. You will get a look at a variety of things including 2 drivable Ferraris, home decor, clothing and building tools.

Editor’s note: Sometimes things get away from you and this week was Happy Hunting’s turn. Hopefully we have fulfilled our quota for the year!
~The actual dates for the Old Europe Starfish Hunt are the the ones Cinders gives us – July 18 through August 10.
~Also, the image of the beautiful teal dress from the Summer Creations Hunt got “lost”, so here it is:
#66 dress_001~Lastly we are a day late getting the show posted. We expect to be back on our Friday schedule again next week and far into the future.

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It’s your move

Original post @ serenestyle » Secondlife Special Event.

your move

Are you ready? Once the clock strikes midnight it’s game on! Prepare your strategy, rally your team and claim your victory. The Month of Games is about to begin. Over three weeks packed with events you can also stalk your prey in the fashion stakes as designers unveil three new releases on the themes of : Candyland, Clue and Chess.

Be bold in Boudoir

Boudoir, in characteristic dramatic style, sets the stage for the classic black vs white battle of Chess. The wonderful small table and chairs set comes with a variety of different seating animations and on touching the table the pieces start to move for you.. I vow to win the title of Chess Queen. See I am already dressed perfectly, in the same titled outfit, a daring crossed bodice disappears into a flurry of  monochromatic ribbons tied with a bold red bow. The skirt is circled by gorgeous red roses which match the trim for the black collar, the hair I picked up from Shi Hair is the perfect complement as it echoes the sleek black lines. I paired this outfit with black latex boots for my Slink high feet and added the compatible gloves from AE ( the outfit does include latex gloves but I wanted to wear my Slink hands).


I took this last shot so you can get a glimpse of the fun checkerboard polish I picked up from A.S.S, not at the Month of Games event but it finished my look for this post.

Skin: Vera – Horror edition 03 B, -Glam Affair -
Hair: Chic [Femme . Mono 3], .Shi Hair ( @ Hair Fair 2014 opening 12 July)
Eyes: Lucid Eyes – Black , IKON
Clothing: Chess Queen, Boudoir ( Month of Games- opening 12 July)
Shoes: enbi boots,black, r2 A/D/E ( for Slink high feet)
Extras: Latex gloves ( includes appliers for Slink hands) Adam n Eve worn with Slink elegant1 hands
Slink high feet with Bold polish from A.S. S
Pose prop: Chess Queen Battle, Boudoir ( Month of Games- opening 12 July)
Pose: White 1, 6, PosESioN
Windlight; Surreal, night (Paulina)


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YAY it’s friday

Original post @ The Huntress EMPIRE.
Here is what is happening in the Huntress empire today!

@ [Huntress] Inc 
=>Gempandas noon auction FREE PANELS !!!
=> Mossms auction at 5pm FREE PANELS !!!

@[Huntress] Market
▶▷▶ WH◎: ☊♫  DJ Fyodor ♫
☯☊☯ WHERE: ✩ @ Club Breed ✩
▶▷▶ H◎ST: ✯BlueIceWaya!  ✯ ☯☊☯           
 ▶▷▶ WHEN: ◕ 6:00-8:00slt pm
        ☯  Best Wild Wings!☯
 …take this taxi & enjoy …. u shouldn´t miss this..

   DJ ღŘëñëღ @Club Breed      
㋡*♬ *★” 〒ίMƐ ➋  PⓐℝƬӋ “★*♬ *㋡
▶▷▶ WH◎: ☊♫   DJ ღŘëñëღ
☯☊☯ WHERE: ✩ Club Breed  ✩
☯☊☯ WHAT: ♬ Best in Black
▶▷▶ WHEN: ◕ 8:00 -  10:00 ◕
☯  Come Party With Us
Your Limo Awaits ~*~

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Original post @ The Bleeping Bunny Hunt 4~Presented by Evil Bunny Hunts & Grumble by .
That turkey he’s so jerky! Leaving feathers all over SL, causing chaos and mayhem wherever he goes-he’s a jokester and loves to stir up trouble!  Find the feathers to find the jerky turkey and end up with gobbling gaggle of end sponsor prizes!

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They say it’s your birthday..

Original post @ serenestyle » Secondlife Special Event by serenestyle.

SL11Birthday kittycats

Happy 11th Birthday SL. I find it sad that the timing of the information regarding LL plans for beginning to create a new virtual world has come at the time of SL’s celebrations. I can only hope that SL gets to celebrate many more birthdays.

I had planned to get to the press day, I even received the confirmation for being invited to the group and details. But RL took over and my mind and body was not very focussed on SL. BUT I do want to encourage you to go exploring if you haven’t done so yet. There is a jaw droppingly large amount of amazing content represented in these four connected sims. There are little  transportation pods that give you an overview tour if you don’t want to walk your way around, or you can grab one of the info magazines and choose your route to explore this fantastic expo of our  virtual world.

I am not going to ramble about clothes and gifts, though scattered around are special birthday gifts PLUS the SLbig Hunt gifts too. Instead I’m going to share a few pictures of some of the displays that caught my eye on my whirlwind visit today.

SL11Birthday  pic 1

SL11Birthday pic 2

Ok I know I said I wasn’t going tot talk about the gifts, but this is one of those birthday parties when the guests get the presents so I strongly urge you to go exploring and gathering . In this photo underneath you can see that both Kittycats and BioBreeds ( the great dane in the very forefront of the photo) are involved along with a vast array of other treats.

SL11Birthday gifts

Some useful links : Main SL11 Birthday webpage –

Information page about the hunt –

Here’s a SLurl to get you started ( though you can use the webpage or search) , this one will take you to the location of the first photo..and your free SL11 kittycat:

There are still a couple days before the decorations and balloons are taken down, so check the webpage for special events or grab your shoes and camera and start celebrating this creative and varied environment celebrating the wonder that is SecondLife.

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It’s Backkkk…. Dare2Bare2 Coming 2 U May 1st

Original post @ Dare2Bare.
Dare2Bare is coming back May 1st. It will be running until May 31st. Got some fantastic new shops coming your way & brought back some goodies from the last hunt. There is still time to get your applications in to be included into the hunt. Get a hold of Julya Lykin if you would like your store to be included.

Dare2Bare Crew

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It’s Here…Dare2Bare 2

Original post @ Dare2Bare.
Dare2Bare2 is here. Unfortunately, I was unable to dedicate as much time as I would have like to. With the heart attack in Feburary I have not been on even close to the amount of time that I normally am. Hopefully the hunt will grow throughout the hunt. Thank you for all the people that have come back from the last hunt. Also thank you to the patient designers that have stuck with me through the mess.

So here it is so far……

Dare2Bare Crew

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