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LOTD ~ 10-22-14: Dem Bones

Original post @ Cheep & ChiChi » Hunts.

102214LOTD Dem Bones
I love this time of year and everywhere I turn people seem to be releasing the cutest things; there are loads of free and cheap items popping up all over the place. My dress is a new free-to-join group gift from COCO – and I absolutely love it – it’s just so sexy (with side slits you can’t see in this photo) yet casual and it’s going to be a while before I take it back off! The incredibly detailed collar is a new VIP gift from Remarkable Oblivion. This group costs L$ 50 to join but there are a whole bunch of amazing gifts available for such a tiny price.

The super-cute hair with eyeball bows is by LaViere and can be found at Trunk or Treat – this colour is from the red fatpack, which is totally free, and I think I remember the other packs only being priced at L$ 80 each. A HUD to change the colour of the bows is also included. Trunk or Treat is a kid-friendly event but there is plenty for adults to enjoy too – most carts seem to have a freebie and it’s a lovely little market to look around – it ends on November 5th, so be sure to visit before then.

I’m also totally in love with this skin by 7 Deadly s{K}ins, which can be found at a discounted price at the fab Feeb’s Rascal’s St. Sales Room – the colouring is just beautiful, especially on this freckled version.

Finally, Ricielli is having another hunt to say goodbye to their old store as they refurbish.. there are 20 gorgeous, and generous, prizes available – including a fatpack of these stunning shoes – all for just L$ 15 each. You can see a line-up of the prizes on their Facebook page and I think the hunt ends around November 12th.

Back again soon, thanks for reading!



Clothing & Accessories
Dress: ‘Tee Dress (Black)‘ – COCOL$ 0 – Group Gift [Free to Join]
Collar: ‘Oracle Collar‘ – Remarkable OblivionL$ 0 – VIP Group Gift [L$ 50 to Join]
Shoes: ‘Malinda Heels (Black)‘ – RicielliL$ 15 – Hunt Prize, 8-colour pack

Hair: ‘Sabrina (Fire)‘ – LaViere (@Trunk or Treat) – L$ 0 – Freebie, 5-colour pack
Skin: ‘Feeb’s Sacha v2‘ – 7 Deadly s{K}ins (@Feeb’s Rascals St. Sales Room) – L$ 400*..
..includes 2 versions, and appliers for Lola’s Tango, and Slink Hands & Feet
Eyes: ‘Leo Eyes (Green)‘ – BrixleyL$ 1 – Dollarbie, 7-colour pack
Hands: ‘AvEnhance Hands (Elegant 1)‘ – SlinkL$ 450
Feet: ‘AvEnhance Feet Female (High)‘ – SlinkL$ 675
Nailpolish (Slink applier): ‘High Shine‘ – Simply ChaotixL$ 149 – 31-colour pack*
Shape: usual

[*review copy received with thanks!]

Bones‘ – GlitteratiL$ 0 – Freebie

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lotd. Lanny’s Look

Original post @ [ Room69 ] .

Hair- .ploom. @ My Attic
Skin- ::[annaA]:: Skin ” Debbie ” -vanilla-  XYROOM [complete] October 1st
Mouth Chain- dagger/pumpkinmouthchain- Contact texasindia resident
Earrings- Lumiere Owl Earrings Bronze/white
Top- ..:: E d e n. ::.. Oneshoulder ROOM69 October 1st
Bangles- *MM* Resin Bangles
Pants- NS::  Mesh Jeans Unbutton (HUD)
Boots- FLite. -Liberators Pink- LIMITED EDITION
Poses- BEZ!

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LOTD ~ 06-19-14: Ricielli World Cup Hunt

Original post @ Cheep & ChiChi » Hunts.

061914LOTDI mentioned in my last post that I was considering trying to fit more in during the week and this is my road test of that idea. I love spending time writing more detailed blog entries but they take so long to do that I can realistically only manage about one a week. I took a little look back at how frequently I used to post and it made me feel somewhat nostalgic – also, sometimes I just don’t have that much to say other than ‘ohmahgawdilovethischeckitout’ and I figure that would get ridiculously boring to read over and over again!

So, I’ve decided to reintroduce some more standard, look of the day, posts that consist of a simple studio shot, a few words with any crucial information needed, and the usual list of credits (minus a few things like photo studio type stuff and windlights used). I may be playing with how I present these for a while until I settle on a look I’m happy with so please bear with me!

I’m excited with the idea of hopefully being able to blog a little more often and perhaps keep up to date with a few time-sensitive events and offers. For example, this look was inspired by a store hunt being held by  for the World Cup – there are 20 fabulous mesh items to be found inside footballs (I’m British, I refuse to call it ‘soccer’ :P ) dotted around the store (they’re pretty big so you don’t have to hunt too hard!) and each costs just L$ 15. I’m not too sure when this hunt ends but can see more details on their Facebook page here and find the SLURL in the credits.

I hope you’ll enjoy these LOTD posts – obviously they’ll contain less yabbering from now on! :D

Loves ya! <3


Jacket: ‘Leather Vest (Turquoise)‘ – RicielliL$ 15 – World Cup Hunt Prize
Pants: ‘Nell Skinny Pants (BabyPink)‘ – Ricielli - L$ 15 – World Cup Hunt Prize
Shoes: ‘Kenzie Studded Stiletto (Beige)‘ – RicielliL$ 15 – World Cup Hunt Prize
[*for High Slink AvEnhance Feet only.]

Adorable Doggie
Doge – French Bulldog (Cream)‘ – Birdy/Alchemy (@The Chapter Four) – L$ 100 per play – Gacha

Hair: ‘Dakota (Strawberry)‘ – LaViereL$ 250 – 4-colour pack
Skin: ‘Alena Azure (Vanilla)‘ – Pink Fuel (@Free*Style) – L$ 50*
[*Slink appliers sold separately at Pink Fuel's Mainstore, L$ 100 each.]
Eyes: ‘Luminous Mesh Eyes (London Fog, w2)‘ – MayflyL$ 0 – Free Colour
Lashes: ‘C01 Natural Eyelashes‘ – FTLL$ 280 – Fatpack
Lipgloss: ‘Your Lipgloss #4 (Sentimental)‘ – AngelicaL$ 0 – 9-color pack, opening gift
Hands: ‘AvEnhance Hands (Mouse)‘ – SlinkL$ 450 (wearing included basic nails)
Feet: ‘AvEnhance Feet Female (High)‘ – SlinkL$ 675
Shape: usual

Nightcall (But You’re Still the Same)‘ – PurrsnickittyL$ 50 – 4-pose pack

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LOTD #1 – [Room69]

Original post @ [ Room69 ] .
Outfit:[uBody] Riley Tank Fat Pack & J&A Black and White Skirt – Room69 Shoes: Delirium Stlye And Latria High Top Sneakers Hair:*~*Damselfly*~*Nicki Blonde Dusky Skin:[ Al Vulo! ] – [ Fujiko ] – [ Red sunkissed TDR ](wear me) Eyes: pc eyes – classic gen4 – m/r – calm sea Nails: [Bamboo] Nail Hud – Caviar

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LOTD #2 [Room69]

Original post @ [ Room69 ] .
Outfit: [uBody] Riley Tank Leo Blue – Room69 Added to come pleat outfit: FK VIRTUES – Union Jeans – White Wash [Ripped] Shoes:Latreia /D-Style- Peggy RockaBilly Jewelry: Beloved Jewelry : Melody Jewelry (Texture Change) Room 69 Hair:[LeLutka]-VIBRATO hair/Light Blonde Skin:-Glam Affair- Amelie Light – 07 Eyes: pc eyes – classic gen4 – m/r – calm sea Nails: [Bamboo] Nail Hud – Halloween

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LOTD #3 [Room69]

Original post @ [ Room69 ] .
Keresma - Flowing tunic - Dark glitters (wear) Outfit:Keresma – Flowing tunic – Dark glitters (wear) – Room69 Shoes:BAX Regency Boots Violet-Black Patent Leather Hair:[LeLutka]-JOLIE hair/Light Blonde Skin:-Glam Affair- Amelie Light – 07 Eyes: pc eyes – classic gen4 – m/r – calm sea Nails: [Bamboo] Nail Hud – Halloween

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LOTD #4 [Room69]

Original post @ [ Room69 ] .
Outfit:..:: E d e n. ::.. Sweat pants (black) @ ROOM69 & TOMGA casual vest top whit pocket – Room69 Fatpack Shoes:Ash’s Trash / Hi-Tops Black Hair:[LeLutka]-JOLIE hair/Light Blonde Skin:-Glam Affair- Amelie Light – 07 Eyes: pc eyes – classic gen4 – m/r – calm sea Nails:[Bamboo] Nail Hud – Halloween

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Original post @ Aericas Fashion Fix » Events.

Hey everyone!! Omigaw so i have been working on alot of things and ive been keeping an eye on a few very awesome designers and events and as you all probably know Project Limited has opened today and will be running from January 17th thru the 31st and if you dont know what Project Limited is Well.. it is one of the most Exclusive events composed of 50 participating brands,each brand is offering at least one Limited Edition item for sale at the event in this post i am featuring just that .. this wonderful hair by Milk called Oh Lorde will be featured a Limited Edition there are 7 different color packs, and only 150 sold of each pack, so grab this hair while you can!

Next this sexy little top by Static will be at Silicone starting tomorrow [1/18] comes in 6 different colors all with the tango appliers available

The beautiful red ring is available at the Rabbit Hole sales room theme this week is Red Passion and Montony has produced this lovely item available now so get it while you can hehe

and Last but not least these sexy Black Cuttoffs soon to be available at Aericas Boutique these shorts will be available with Azz Appliers

These socks are also a up and coming release at Aericas Boutique available with Slink Appliers..

Lorde hace mercy


Hair*Milk* Oh Lorde @ LE
TopStatic – Tied Top @ silicone
TapeNana My Tape Slaves
RingMONTONY – Ring Red Passion @ Rabbit Hole
Shorts - Aericas Boutique [Black Cuttoffs] Coming Soon
SocksAericas Boutique [Socks Black Pack] Coming Soon

all links can be found here

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Snatch LOTD EverGlow and Elymode at Pose Fair

Original post @ A Rose By All Other Names » Hunts.

Recently released at Sn@tch is this very sexy velvet coat with a plunging neckline!  It comes in multiple vibrant colors and it is delightfully mesh.

The trousers I’m wearing are also from Sn@tch and they do not come with the coat…sold separately and worth every linden.

I went wandering about the Pose Fair and stopped in the EverGlow and elymode booths.  Like most models and bloggers, I don’t think I ever tire of buying new poses.  These two above are EverGlow.

Alianna Logan in Sn@tch Gabrielle Velvet Coat

The hair I’m wearing was recently released at Truth and I’m sporting gorgeous sling back heels from MStyle called KAI.

The earrings I chose because they are very large and I was needing something that could present well despite my ear area being covered with hair.  The FZaPP Luxil earrings fit the bill.  The two poses above are EverGlow and the two poses below can be found in the Elymode booth at Pose Fair.

There’s so much to see at Sn@tch.  You won’t be disappointed if you stop by.  I’ve included a taxi below!


Coat: Sn@tch Mesh Gabrielle Velvet Coat in Black (New!)

Pants:  Sn@tch Classic Trousers in Black

Hair:  Truth Hair Teddy in Night (New!)

Skin:  Dream Ink Amaris

Lipstick:  Modish Niaka Lipstick Set B 8

Heels:  MStyle KAI Slingbacks in Gold

Earrings:  FZaPP Luxil Earrings Met and Gold

Nails:  MStyle Perfect Long Rounded Nails Classic

Poses:  EverGlow & Elymode at Pose Fair 2013

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