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Can I play with madness?

Original post @ Twisted Hunt Spring 2014 | March 1 – 31.

It starts off simply enough.  You hunt a few stores and taste the thrill of finding a few cubes.  You check out a gacha or two.  You wander through a side game and discover more prizes. Next thing you know,  you’ve been online for close to 24 hours, you are subsisting on coffee and whatever food you can eat without leaving the computer, and you are convinced you are thisclose to finding the next cube.  When you do sleep, you dream in eggplant, with random cubes haunting your thoughts.  It becomes a marathon, a test of wills – you versus the cubes.  When you finally…FINALLY…reach the End Game, and its all over…you feel empty.  Lost.  Counting the months to the next hunt.  The insidious magic of the cubes has infected you.

Fortunately, you still have 3 weeks left of the current Twisted Hunt to satisfy that itch for spinning devilish cubes.  We’ve got another peek at some of what you can find in this year’s Magic-themed hunt – remember, though, for every gift we show, there is still a LOT out there just waiting to be discovered.

Happy Hunting!



Never Totally Dead



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Selfie Madness

Original post @ Gacha Goodies.

So, as a blogger and photo enthusiast, I am a sucker for unique poses.
When Something New shop sent their new Selfie Poses it instantly reminded me
a nightly ritual with my teen & tween neice.  They are selfie addicts and blow up my phone and iPad just about every night with random selfies and crazy photos from ‘Photo Booth’.
While most of the photos are just erm gross, it makes me laugh every evening and
makes my day brighter.  If you are a sucker for great poses, be sure to check out Something New shop, its loaded with some unique animations & props for bloggers, photo enthusiasts and those looking for some fun. Here is a little selfie reinactment from my neices, gotta love them! \o/
 Something New~ Selfie 1 NEW @ Something New
*Bubblefish* Slink Shoe Nails - SOON @ The Thrift Shop
XoXo Glo

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3 new Gachas on Sim-MAY MADNESS MANIA!

Original post @ Grumble.


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Bonsai Madness for the Arcade Gacha Event!

Original post @ MadPea.

MadPea Productions has been invited to participate in the awesome, Arcade Gacha Event.  The Arcade Gacha Event is NOW open once again, and this time MadPea has a chance to share the excitement with our Peas and gacha addicts.  
We are presenting the Bonsai Madness collection.  16 bonsai trees for this round. They are lovely, but you don’t have to take my word for it. You can collect them and see for yourselves. They are now available through the 31st of June. 
• Each tree is 50$ L, each one has a match and when paired together play sounds.  Special effects on touch.
We are humbled and honored to be a part of this amazing event!

  Two Trees of a kind 

play the symphony of souls 
in sweet harmony. ♫ 
♪ ♩ ♫ ♬

Collect them all at♫ ♩ 
Psst…don’t forget your pre-loaders and if you can’t teleport in, there is always off-sim shopping available too…♬ ♫ 
♫ (THE ARCADE-Galley)♫ 

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