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Sea Nymph

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 … ][Murdock !nc.][ … – Element – Water – Head SOON @ Totally Top Shelf
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::DS:: Smooth Pearl Eyeshadow @ Dulce Secret 

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Sea Nymph

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Summerfest 2014 just opened as I type. It is of course full and I am a patient gal. So by the time you read this, it will likely be smoother sailing.

The poses shown here are from the festival,  “flowey . the water is fine” set. These are wonderful additions to your pose collection; perfect for swimming and of course MERMAIDS!  The poses come in two heights which is handy if you don’t want to deal with pose balls or can’t rez where you are taking photos.

My attire includes the BAIASITCE Caprice Monokini, also available at Summerfest. Lots of yummy colors to choose from, of course.

This retro swim cap is from Vanity Hair and can be found at the Summer Fashion Festival. It is tintable via hud into any color you need. I had a swim cap similar to this in my youth. I was VERY proud of it! 

Poses by: flowey

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