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Pose Me Amazing, October 10th – Opens Today

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Pose Me Amazing October 10


Teleport here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Android%20Six/131/125/21


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Liv’in It up with The Pose Shop

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Hair- (r)M Hair No.22’14 ( B l o n d s )
Tongue- tps. the tongue. 41- Room 69
Outfit- [LG] Boutique-Fall 2014 These Waters Bagged 3 1 XYROOM
Shoes- Open 1995 Store – Adventure Shoes Slink Flat
Poses- the pose shop. 43 (add me)- Room 69

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It’s HALLOWEEN at Pose Me Amazing – October 10

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JOIN US : https://www.facebook.com/groups/PoseMeAmazing/

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Strike a pose

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Hair: *~*Damselfly*~*Antonia (Fameshed)

Shape: Ooh-la-licious Lupita Nyong’o Celebrity Shape (24²- Starts Sept 5th)

Skin: Ooh-la-licious/Lupita/LE/Godiva/Cleavage/Lip Gloss 2 (24²- Starts Sept 5th)

Dress: AC ~ Olivia ~ Purple Stripe Tube Dress  (The Season Fair – starts September 1st)

Nails: Hollyhood  LA’METALLIC_la’metallic nails (La Metallique)

Pose: *Eternal Dream* Attitude 01

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Pose Me Amazing – Designer List AUGUST 10, 2014

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New Release: Winsome Twins Melissa Pose

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Winsome Twins, Pose artists specializing in busty women, released their new pose, Melissa. I took it for a stroll at the beach today.
Winsome Twins Pose Melissa

Winsome Twins is available at Winsome Twins @ Chest Treasures Mall, and have a new Group Gift for May.

Display your beauty for lovely photos like these with the work of Winsome Twins. Oh, and check out Winsome Twins pose images of my entire adventure at the beach here on my Flickr!

<3 Jessi

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Winsome Twins New Release Couples Pose and Group Gift

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I had quite the day at the beach. Sun on my skin. Wind through my hair. Hands on my body. Romance was brought to life by the sentiments of Winsome Twins poses. Below you’ll see me getting a peek at a lucky starfish, showing off my happy surprise with the Winsome Twins Group Gift at Chest Treasures Mall, available now. He gave me a sticky kiss on my leg!

Jason gave me stickier and sweeter kisses. A humid day only got hotter when we hit the sand together. Before a dip in the surf, he bathed me in touches. I got real wet, even before I reached the waves. We Touch is the name of this thrilling pose, a new release from Winsome Twins.

Legs kicking open to him, falling into his hands, fingers and eyes holding on with desperation – We Touch shows me swept up in the surf of my lover’s embrace. It was a pleasure to take hold of my body. It’ll toss you into a pose of pleasure to, so be sure to drop by Chest Treasures Mall for this exhilarating Winsome Twins new release.

<3 Jessi

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Winsome Twins Glam Pose Collection New For June

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Another winner from Winsome Twins inspired me to pose on the road again. I took a trip up to my ski lodge. The snows were soft. The pillow fort was snug. The fire was hot. The glamour of these poses made me warmest of all. They’re available now at Winsome Twins at Chest Treasures Mall, for when you’re feeling like seducing the spotlight or just finding your most sensual self for a few sexy shots.

The Glam Pose Collection is new in June from Winsome Twins. It features five sleek glamour poses that go from subtly sultry to undeniably spicy. They entertained my body like the lick of fireplace flame. I had to take shelter in my cozy fort to let the heat escape.

You deserve to be seen at the most glamorous. The Winsome Twins Glam Pose Collection is sure to give you your just desserts. Sweet expressions and frolicking postures will grab the camera for you. It steamed up an entire ski lodge, so it’s sure to bring a smolder to your Snapshots.

<3 Jessi

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Winsome Twins Intertwined Pose New Release

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My dream lingered with me after I woke at the beach house. In the hazy chateau, I had been hunted down by an angel, and she had done things to me that would make a devil blush. I went to cool down at the shore. Then she appeared – the angel from my dreams – my secret pen pal, Ava Dee. We had to get Intertwined. Winsome Twins’ new release, Intertwined, is a must for any pair of lovers, available at Chest Treasures.

Winsome Twins Intertwined says it all about romance. And it whispers promises of so much more: Eyes gazing unmentionable vows into one another. Thigh splitting deep between thighs. Touches and bodies winding closer and closer and closer. Ava teased the split of my skirt. I didn’t need much teasing. I turned her around. Then it was my hand climbing higher and higher on her thigh.

This new release from Winsome Twins at Chest Treasures Mall will lift your pulse with just a look. It’s all about two lovers coming together. Gather while it’s hot from the artists of Winsome Twins Poses, then get a hold of someone you want to tangle with. Ava and I wound up tied together all morning, stuck and sticky. Come to Chest Treasures Mall to immortalize a hot moment with Intertwined.

<3 Jessi

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