Harambee in Second Life n. 5!

This post originated @ Harambee Gwassi-Kenya in Second Life.

Finalmente il n° 5 del nostro Magazine in una nuova veste più colorata e agile. Nel sommario trovate novità, foto e traguardi raggiunti:
News dall’isola di Bunny Isles for Kenya 
Eventi dei primi mesi del 2014: Concerti, Mostre d’Arte e lo spettacolo teatrale per Harambee.
Parlano di noi: l’articolo di My Virtuale Life!
Buona lettura e arrivederci al prossimo numero, che uscirà a breve, dedicato alla nostra presenza in mostra per l’11° Compleanno di SL e alle Cacce al tesoro Harambee!

Finally, the n ° 5 of our Magazine with a new look more colorful. In summary you’ll find the News, photos and achievements:
News from Bunny Isles for Kenya
Events of the first months of 2014: Concerts, art exhibits and theatrical performance for Harambee.
Talk about us: the article to My Virtual Life!
Happy reading and see you
soon for next issuededicated to our exhibit for SL 11th Birthday and oiur Harambee Treasure hunts!

Thank You to everyone for the 2014 Second Life Buddy Walk

This post originated @ SL Buddy Walk.



It was with a sad face that I took down the 2014 location of the SL Buddy Walk. Months of planing and getting ready and in just 9 hours it’s all over. BUT in those 9 hours there was so much energy, emotion, and kindness!

I can not thank everyone enough!! I’m always floored for the help and donations that we receive. In one short day we collected over $ 199,000L for NDSS! How awesome is that!

A big Thank you to The Phoenix Compound & Crescent Bay Mall for letting us use the space and to Anek for all your help and donations. To Aggie and Toto for helping me organize all the Live Singers. To all the vendors for setting up and donating items to raise funds. To Lauren for helping me host all day, I thought you were only staying for a few and you were there the whole day :)

Thanks to all the live singers who brought awareness to your fans. Mankind Tracer / Seth Regan, Toxic Darkmatter, Maximillion Kleene, Zak Claxton, Savannah Coronet, Anek Fuchs, Loreen Aldrin, Tukso Okey, Edward Kyomoon/Donn Devore, THANK YOU! My estimate that throughout the day we had about 500-600 visitors. And a big thanks to everyone who donated. Your donations help NDSS advocate for individuals with Down syndrome.

Transparency –

I want to make sure everyone knows that the Buddy Walk is officially for NDSS. I know there has been some talk about some other fundraisers being scams and I want to assure you that I don’t make anything from this walk. In fact I usually end up spending money to purchase items for the walk. EVERYTHING that is collect is given to NDSS. I set some buy orders so I was able to get $ 775.54. This is being transferred to the local non-profit group paypal account (that I run) and then a check will be sent to NDSS. I will ask them to post it on the national Buddy Walk page that they received it. I really want to make sure everyone knows that I do this to help individuals like my rl son and that I am not in this for the money.


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