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The Bleeping Bunny Hunt 2 starts at midnight!

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Get ready, this is a HARD HUNT! It’s a hunt so hard, it will make you want to curse!  But hang in there, get past the decoys and solve the hints to find your reward!  The 1st 10 stores are sponsors and will have special things just for you, whether it’s mini-hunts, group only gifts, gachas, midnight mania boards and more! Be sure to make it all the way through and claim that you finished the hardest hunt and get yourself some amazing gifts!  Here is what you are looking for:

And YES there are decoys-use the hints page and get to hunting! The Bleeping Bunny Hunt 2, starts Friday August 1st!

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The ALOHA FAIR starts Monday 7/28!

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Relay for Life Weekend starts today!

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RFL 2014 - Opening Ceremony, photograph by Wildstar Beaumont

RFL 2014 – Opening Ceremony, photograph by Wildstar Beaumont

Today, at 10am, the fantastic weekend of events that marks the climax of the 2014 season starts.

Relay For Life is the signature event of the American Cancer Society and has been active, and continually growing, now in Second Life for 10 years.

  • In 2005, the first Relay For Life of Second Life (RFL of SL) was attended by a few hundred avatars and raised almost $ 5,000 US dollars for the American Cancer Society.
  • In 2009 the Relay For Life of Second Life raised over $ 270,000. US dollars and was attended by thousands of avatars.
  • In 2011 the Relay For Life of Second Life raised over US$ 375,000 and ran right past the US$ 1,000,000 mark during the 2011 campaign!
  • In 2012 the Relay For Life of Second Life raised over US$ 375,000, taking the total raised since 2005 to over US$ 1,600,000 by the end of our 2012 fundraising season.
  • And in 2013, Relay for Life of Second Life, in a thrilling climax to the Relay weekend, crossed the 2,000,000 mark!

This year the plan is to raise US$ 401,000 – i.e. 401K. That figure represents a huge task – we started the weekend at 382,000.  The significance of the number is that 401 is the tax form that mark retirement in the United States – the plan is to RETIRE CANCER!

The American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life is a life-changing event that gives everyone in communities across the globe (and in Second Life) a chance to celebrate the lives of people who have battled cancer, to remember loved ones lost, and to fight back against the disease.

Relay Weekend  is a fun-filled, overnight event that unites SL individuals throughout the world to celebrate survivors (anyone who has ever been diagnosed with cancer), remember loved ones and raise money for the fight against cancer.

The RFL Telethon Studios, photographed by Wildstar Beaumont

The RFL Telethon Studios, photographed by Wildstar Beaumont

And the TV channels of Second Life are coming together to produce a twenty-four telethon to cover this event, which you can watch on

  • The Telethon is covering the 24 hours of Relay. Live coverage is from 9am – 10pm (including the Luminaria ceremony at 9pm) on Saturday 19th, and from 6.00am till 11am on Sunday 20th, plus  on Saturday.
  • During that time, we’ll bring you news of the Relay from our studio – with information about all the events that are going on, together with trackside interviews with teams and sim designers.
  • And when we’re not live, we’ll be showing interviews with Chairs from the RFL Committee, classic clips from RFL history, and TV shows from Treet TV that have featured Relay for Life.




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Penumbra Fashion Week Starts Tomorrow

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[ZE-Men] has the Blayne suit, a sophisticated outfit that includes the jacket, vest, shirt and pants.  Read more here about Penumbra Fashion Week.

Penumbra ZE Men Blayne suit

[ZE-Men] Blayne suit @ Penumbra Fashion Week

Hair:  Alli & Ali Joe

Boots:  Bravura Homme leather ankle boots in grey snake

Pose by KaTink Tony


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Season’s Palette Hunt Starts TODAY!

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Happy Sunday everyone!!!!

Without further ado, the Season’s Palette hunt has already started!
Please check out the main website for hints, prizes and for updated notices.
We will be posting our favorite’s soon….
Good luck!

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The Home & Garden event Starts on Sept 1, 2013 but for bloggers it will open Friday August 30, 2013. If you are a Blogger and you are interested in being invited please send me a Note card with your information and We will invite you.

Participating Designers & Bloggers In The 3rd Round of THE KOLLECTIVE:

1) Johnny Hardstone (JoHaDeZ) & Taliferrue Cathaldus (Blogger)

2)  Candy Nizna (Shadow Moon) & Tigist Sapphire (Blogger)

3)  Hanstrid Ishan (Serenity Style) & Yare Beverly (Blogger)

4) Helena Stringer (The Stringer Mausoleum) &  Arya Braveheart (Blogger)

5) Rekka Whiteberry (LBD) & Katlene Niven (Blogger)

6) Petunia908 Pinklady (Persnickity) & Kai Diamond (Blogger)

7) Rowan Attis (Piddler’s Perch) & Hanstrid Inshan (Blogger)

8) ToolShedManager (ToolShed) & Helena Stringer (Blogger)

9) Radcat (G.O.D) & Rekka Whiteberry (Blogger)

10) Kate Mclaglen (StoraxTree) & Claudia Daxter (Blogger)

11) ::A&A:: (Alliana Petunia) & Zuleicca (Blogger)

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The Sand & Sea Expo Starts at 3pm!

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Beachcomber Event Poster v2

Sand & Sea has officially opens at 3pm SLT today!!

We had a great out at this morning’s Blogger Event, and now the Sims are yours to explore! Check out so many great vendors, grab free snorkels and fins along the docks to enjoy the Underwater Displays, and click the Pink Shells at each vendor for a chance at the Beachcomber Prize!

Plus we’ve got a very special concert courtesy of Armageddon Productions:  The Beach Boys tonight at 8pm SLT!!

We couldn’t have done this without all of our amazing vendors, awesome bloggers and our Oceania Events Team! A big thank you goes out to the following:

Harlequin Fhang–for our wonderful Expo build!!
Kyorisa Yven–for scripting the Beachcomber Event!!

Beach Entrance:

Underwater Entrance:

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Original post @ Seasons Palette Hunts.

Start point

Thank you so much for waiting!!!!!!! I hope that you enjoy the hunt as much as the designers, the bloggers and I in setting everything up.

There are still a few spots that were not ready, but please JOIN OUR GROUP IN-WORLD because we will update the locations once they are accessible.

Join our group in-world:

Again, thank you very much!

Aurora Savira
Seasons Palette Hunts Organizer

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Erotigacha Starts Tomorrow!

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It’s ALMOST TIME!  Less than 1 day before we open the doors to SL’s first Adult Gacha Fair!  Here are more preview pics of some of the awesome gachas available!

Sassy Lovely
House of Thwacks
The Spirit World
The Spirit World
QE Designs
Rule 34
Warm Animations
Warm Animations
So Hawt SL
Always Creative
Always Creative
Sugar and Cyanide
Sugar and Cyanide
The Wicked Peach

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Grumble @ Thrift Shop! Starts Sunday June 8th

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