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The Month of Games, OMG! Room, Essenz, Elephante Poses, lollipopZ @ Hair Fair ’14, Morphine, Fresh Style and Resurrection GACHA Event!

Original post @ Welcome to Aurora Town Zindra.

Nice full post Today, lots of Goodies from all over in-World. The Month of Games is in it’s Second Week, this Event runs until the 31st. If your don’t remember The Month of Games challenges Designers to create Exclusives with Board Games in Mind, like Candyland, Clue and Chess.  OMG! Room is just beginning a new round, the Round officially opens Tomorrow July 18th.  OMG! is Bi-Weekly with items sold between 25L – 100L.

News from Essenz and Elephante Poses which I will go into more later in the Post.  One of lollipopZ’s Hair Fair Exclusives. An exclusive Morphine Skin and a Brand New Event Resurrection!  All you GACHA Freaks are going to love this one, Resurrection is a GACHA Event where old GACHA’s are made NEW!  Resurrection starts July 22nd, I wanted to give a quick preview so you save those Lindens!  So sit back, relax and read on!

My Exclusives from The Month of Games are by Zanze and {ZOZ}, both Designs were created with the Game Candyland in mind.  Zanze’s is Cotton Candy Pink Outfit, Top and Skirt Set and {ZOZ’s} are the Mesh Finger Nails that work with SLink Hands plus you get the matching Applier for your Toe Nails!

From OMG! Room, Lilliana is wearing Infected’s Soul Tattoo which includes all needed Appliers, and also from Infected for OMG!
is the styling Knuckle Clutch in Pink.  The Knuckle Clutch is a GACHA Prize, lots of Colors to win, so Good Luck!  News from the Essenz Camp is it’s Essenz’s First Anniversary!  Essenz has been in Business for 1 Year.  The next year promises new greatness from Essenz like starting off with a big sale at the mainstore from July 15th till July 28th. All items are 50% off (fatpacks excluded).  Lilliana is wearing the new Denver in Pink for SLink High Feet!

There’s another Anniversary being celebrated!  Elephante Poses is celebrating two years.  In a previous post I blogged one of the Anniversary Gift’s a Full Pose Set and Today I bring you another Full Pose Set, absolutely free to everyone for a limited time.  Mr. Charm is a Set of 6 Static Poses and sure it was made with the Males in mind, but work pretty damn good with the Females! Lilli’s uber cute Hair is one of lollipopZ exclusives Called Candy! Candy is Mesh, the pretty bow is resizable and comes with a HUD with a bunch of different Textures! Remember purchasing lollipopZ’s Candy or any other Hair at Hair Fair helps Wigs with Kids, a percentage of all Hairs sold at Hair Fair go to that wonderful Charity!

Last part of My post has Lil wearing Morphine’s Nadine in the Peach Skintone (Blush/Black Brow), an Exclusive for Fresh Style Event.  Fresh Style’s current Round ends on July 21st, when the inventory switches and Morphine’s Nadine goes bye bye.  I promised a preview of a brand new Event starting on July 22nd.  The Event is called RessurrectionResurrection is a GACHA Event that takes old GACHA Prizes brings them Back to make them New again!  Lil is wearing one of !NFINITY’s GACHA Prize for the Event it’s the World in My Hand Ring #7.

Photo Shoot took place at Pangloss on Banana Island, if you want to visit, go .:HERE:.

lp, mor,mg,tmog, ess, omg, #3_cropped

OUTFIT:  Zanze [ZE] Cotton Candy Pink,
Exclusive for The Month of Games Event (NEW)

TAT:  Infected Soul Tattoo (w. Appliers),
Exclusive for OMG! Room (NEW)

SANDALS:  Essenz Denver  in Pink for SLink High Feet (NEW)

Essenz - Anniversary sale July 15th - July 28th

FEET:  SLink AvEnhance Feet Female High

TOE NAIL POLISH:  -{ZOZ}- Sweet Candy SLink Applier Set,
Sold with the Mesh Finger Nails,
Exclusive for The Month of Games Event (NEW)

POSE:  //elephante poses// Mr. Charm Pose Set, Pose 03,
2-Year Birthday Celebration Gift (FREE)

lp, mor,mg,tmog, ess, omg, #4_cropped

POSE:  //elephante poses// Mr. Charm Pose Set, Pose 04,
2-Year Birthday Celebration Gift (FREE)

lp, mor,mg,tmog, ess, omg, #5v2_cropped

POSE:  //elephante poses// Mr. Charm Pose Set, Pose 05,
2-Year Birthday Celebration Gift (FREE)

lp, mor,mg,tmog, ess, omg, #6_cropped

POSE:  //elephante poses// Mr. Charm Pose Set, Pose 06,
2-Year Birthday Celebration Gift (FREE)

lp, mor,mg,tmog, ess, omg, #1hs_cropped

POSE:  lollipopZ Candy from Mixed Pack A,
Exclusive for Hair Fair 2014 (NEW)

SKIN:  Morphine Nadine Peach Skintone (Blush/Black Brow),
Exclusive for Fresh Style Event (NEW)
(Current Round ends July 21st)


EYES:  Poetic Colors Jaded Eyes in Royal,
worn Medium Bright (NEW)

EYELASHES:  *GA* Mesh Lashes Fantasia

Summertime Easy Living (NEW)

RING:  !NFINITY World in My Hand #7,
Resurrection GACHA Event (NEW)
(Begins July 22nd, Landmark Updated on 22nd)

CLUTCH:  Infected Knuckle Clutch in Pink
GACHA Prize for OMG! Room (NEW)

NAILS:  -{ZOZ}- Sweet Candy Mesh Nails for SLink Casual Hands,
Exclusive for The Month of Games Event (NEW)

Zoz Candy Nail HUD

HANDS:  SLink AvEnhance Hands Female – Casual

POSE:  //elephante poses// Mr. Charm Pose Set, Pose 01,
2-Year Birthday Celebration Gift (FREE)

lp, mor,mg,tmog, ess, omg, #2hs_cropped

POSE:  //elephante poses// Mr. Charm Pose Set, Pose 02,
2-Year Birthday Celebration Gift (FREE)

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The Pier Market, The Designer Circle, Tameless @ Hair Fair 2014, Feeb’s Rascal Street Sales Room, Fresh Style and Naughty Nitch Fashion Fair!

Original post @ Welcome to Aurora Town Zindra.

OMG!  My RL has been kicking by Ass this week.  I usually get breaks at work where I could work on posts, but not this week.  Geezzzz, I swear I have been working on this post the last 3 days!

I have tons of catching up to do now.  Today I’m talking about current rounds at The Pier Market, The Designer Circle and Naughty Nitch Fashion Fair.  I also have Hair Fair Newness courtesy of Nita Bracken of Tameless Fame!

Pier Market is first and from PM you can pick up Lilliana’s Dress by Yobasha called Starfish in Black. The Silver Bracelet on Lilliana’s left hand, right side of the photo, is by .{yumyums}. Sailors Token Steel Anchor Bracelet, the Bracelet is really lovely, I am going to blog again as you don’t get a very clear view of it, there are different colors available and sold seperately of he Sailor Token Bracelets, the Nail Polish is DP Koffin Nails Jolly Roger SLink Applier HUD Set, worn on both Lilliana’s fingers and toes and lastly for Pier Market is the Poses by Vestige they are from two Sets, Hara Set 1 and Hara Set 2.

miscellaneous Events, The current round of The Designer Circle ends this Saturday, so do not delay if you want Pure Poison’s Pin it Girl Wedges for Mid SLink Feet. The Skin is 7 Deadly s{K}ins Jubblies Cindy DEF, available at the current round of Feeb’s Rascal Street Sales Room. Lilli’s Necklace is Grumble’s Word Pearls Bitch, an Exclusive for The Naughty Nitch Fashion Fair, ending July 21st and more bracelets, this time from Geek Chic Creations Ella Bracelets in Blue and Red, they are Sold Separately and are Exclusives for Current Round at Fresh Style!

Lil’s Hair New from the 2014 Hair Fair! The beautiful long layered look is by Tameless called Lana.  Lana is Mesh, and Lil is wearing part of the Natural Roots Fat Pack.  15% of your purchase goes to Wigs of Kids if you buy Lana.  I really like Lana and a big TYSVM to creator Nita Bracken!

LC’s Photo shoot took place at the Neva Sky Village .:HERE:.

Pier Market 1_v2 Cropped

DRESS:  Yobasha Starfish Dress in Black,
Exclusive for Current Round at The Pier Market (NEW)

SANDALS:  Pure Poison Pin It Girl Wedges (for SLink Feet),
Exclusive for Current Round at The Designer Circle (NEW)

FEET:  SLink AvEnhance Feet Female Mid

POSE:  Vestige Hara Pose Set 1, Pose 01,
Exclusive for Current Round at The Pier Market (NEW)

Pier Market 2 real_cropped

POSE:  Vestige Hara Pose Set 1, Pose 02,
Exclusive for Current Round at The Pier Market (NEW)

Pier Market 3_Real_cropped

POSE:  Vestige Hara Pose Set 1, Pose 03,
Exclusive for Current Round at The Pier Market (NEW)

Pier Market 4_cropped

POSE:  Vestige Hara Pose Set 1, Pose 04,
Exclusive for Current Round at The Pier Market (NEW)

Pier Market 5_cropped

POSE:  Vestige Hara Pose Set 1, Pose 05,
Exclusive for Current Round at The Pier Market (NEW)

Pier Market 9_cropped

POSE:  Vestige Hara Pose Set 2, Pose 09,
Exclusive for Current Round at The Pier Market (NEW)

Pier Market 3_HS_cropped

HAIR: Tameless Lana Naturals Roots Fat Pack,
Exclusive for Hair Fair 2014 (NEW)
(15% of Purchase goes to Wigs for Kids)

SKIN:  7 Deadly s{K}ins Jubblies Cindy DEF,
Exclusive for Current Round at Feeb’s Rascal Street Sales Room (NEW)


EYES:  Poetic Colors Opal Eyes Grape Leaves,
Subscriber Gift, Must be Scriber for 30 Days  (FREE)

EYELASHES:  *GA* Mesh Lashes Fantasia

NECKLACE:  Grumble Word Pearls Bitch,
Exclusive for The Naughty Nitch Fashion Fair (NEW)

BRACELETS:  Geek Chic Creations Ella Bracelets
in Blue and Red (Sold Separately),
Exclusive for Current Round at Fresh Style (NEW)
(Left side of photo)

BRACELET:  .{yumyums}. Sailors Token Steel Anchor Bracelet,
Exclusive for Current Round at The Pier Market (NEW)
(Right Side of Photo)

NAIL POLISH:  Dark Passions Koffin Nails Jolly Roger SLink Applier HUD Set,
Exclusive for Current Round at The Pier Market (NEW)

HANDS:  SLink AvEnhance Hands Female – Casual

 POSE:  Vestige Hara Pose Set 1, Pose 03,
Exclusive for Current Round at The Pier Market (NEW)

Pier Market 7_HS_cropped

POSE:  Vestige Hara Pose Set 2, Pose 07,
Exclusive for Current Round at The Pier Market (NEW)

Visit http://auroratown.wordpress.com/2014/07/16/the-pier-market-the-designer-circle-tameless-hair-fair-2014-feebs-rascal-street-sales-room-fresh-style-and-naughty-nitch-fashion-fair/ for actual post date.

The Dark Style Fair

Original post @ Depraved Nation.
May 17  - June 7, 2014   The Dark Style Fair is hosted by Flair For Events and houses over 100 stores, each providing new & exclusive releases designed specifically for the fair.  Some of SL’s favorite designers offering you their twist into the darker side of fashion can be found HERE  

Visit http://depravednation.com/the-dark-style-fair/ for actual post date.

Fresh Style Fashion 4 Passion, Sugar & Cyanide and eXxEsS at Hair Fair 2014!

Original post @ Welcome to Aurora Town Zindra.

Two new Events I will be talking about Today.  One just started, one begins Tomorrow! Fresh Style Fashion 4 Passion, opened it’s doors this past Wednesday.  Fresh Style is a brand new bi-weekly sales event. All items are sold between L$ 45 – L$ 95.  All of your favorite Designers, actually there are tons of Designers at this one.  Skins, Shapes, Clothing, Poses, etc., for both Men and Women!  This first round ends July 21st, so don’t delay!

What kind of items can you find at Fresh Style?  Well Lilliana is wearing blah.BLAH.blah’s Erin Tunic and Capri Pants Midnight Cross, .S&C’s. Retro Clogs for SLink High Feet w.Texture Change HUD, -POUDRE’s- Honey Soft Pink Skin, the Treble Earrings by Geek Chic Creations,  Black Chain Music Necklace, also by  Geek Chic Creations, Impose’s Strangely Nail Polish on her SLink Finer and Toes Nailand even the Poses used are from Fresh Style, they are from Verocity’s Sha Pose Set.

Second Event, it’s a big one….  Hair Fair 2014 starts Today Midnight and runs until July 27th!  Lilliana is one of the proud Blogger for this Years Event.  I want to recap a little bit in case there are people that don’t know.  The Hair Fair happens once a year.  Premier Second Life Hair Designers get together create new exclusive Hair styles for the Event.  Proceeds of Hair sold at Hair Fair go to “Wigs for Kids”. For more information about Hair Fair 2014, please go to the official website that can be found .:HERE:.  If you have ever been to any of the Hair Fairs, you know that the SIM will be full, where low prim and join the Demo Group so you can try Hair Styles on before you go, the Demo Group is .:HERE:.!

For Lilli’s first post for Hair Fair 2014 it’s eXxEsS’s Radana! Lilli is wearing Color is  from the Dark Browns Fat Pack. Purchase the Mega Fat Pack and 100% of your purchase goes to “Wigs of Kids”, purchase a Color Pack and 50% of your purchase goes to “Wigs for Kids”.  I want to say a big Thank You to Layja Vidor eXxEsS’s Creator for trusting me with her Creations!

Exxess Hair, Fresh Style 1v3_cropped
OUTFIT:  blah.BLAH.blah Erin Tunic and Capri Pants Midnight Cross,
Available at Fresh Style Fashion 4 Passion Event (NEW)

SHOES:  .S&C. Retro Clogs, worn Gold Buckles, Includes Silver too (for SLink High Feet),
Available at Fresh Style Fashion 4 Passion Event (NEW)

SandC Retro Clog HUD_cropped

(.S&C.’s Retro Clogs HUD)

FEET:  SLink AvEnhance Feet Female High

POSE:  Verocity Sha Pose Set, Pose #01,
Available at Fresh Style Fashion 4 Passion Event (NEW)

Exxess Hair, Fresh Style 2v3_cropped

POSE:  Verocity Sha Pose Set, Pose #02,
Available at Fresh Style Fashion 4 Passion Event (NEW)

Exxess Hair, Fresh Style 3v3_cropped

POSE:  Verocity Sha Pose Set, Pose #03,
Available at Fresh Style Fashion 4 Passion Event (NEW)

Exxess Hair, Fresh Style 4v3_cropped

POSE:  Verocity Sha Pose Set, Pose #04,
Available at Fresh Style Fashion 4 Passion Event (NEW)

Exxess Hair, Fresh Style 5v3_cropped

POSE:  Verocity Sha Pose Set, Pose #05,
Available at Fresh Style Fashion 4 Passion Event (NEW)

Exxess Hair, Fresh Style 3hsv3_cropped

HAIR:  eXxEsS : Radana from Dark Browns Fat Pack,
Exclusive for  Hair Fair 2014 (NEW)

Exxess Hair HUD_Cropped

(eXxEsS Radana Dark Browns HUD)

SKIN:  -POUDRE- [Honey] Soft Pink M, Dark Brown Brows,
Available at Fresh Style Fashion 4 Passion Event (NEW)


EYES:  Poetic Colors Classic Gen4 in Black Coral,
worn Medium Bright (NEW)

EYELASHES:  *GA* Mesh Lashes Fantasia

EARRINGS:  Geek Chic Creations Treble Earrings,
Available at Fresh Style Fashion 4 Passion Event (NEW)

NECKLACE:  Geek Chic Creations Black Chain Music,
Available at Fresh Style Fashion 4 Passion Event (NEW)

NAIL POLISH:  Impose Strangely SLink Nail Polish Applier Set,
Available at Fresh Style Fashion 4 Passion Event (NEW)

Impose Strangely Nail Polish HUD_cropped

(Impose Strangely SLink Nail Polish Applier Set HUD)

HANDS:  SLink AvEnhance Hands Female – Casual

Exxess Hair, Fresh Style 5hsv3_cropped

Visit http://auroratown.wordpress.com/2014/07/12/fresh-style-fashion-4-passion-sugar-cyanide-and-exxess-at-hair-fair-2014/ for actual post date.

Boho Style

Original post @ Gacha Goodies.

The Thrift Shop is opening on Sunday and filled with so many different styles.
Since there is no set theme for this event there is something for everyones taste.
Men, Women & kids of all ages will find something to suit their fancy.
I will post some gacha stuff soon, (since there is well over 100 gacha machines)
 but there are so many cute event exclusive items,
I just couldn’t resist sharing a few of my favorites so far.
Happy Weekend
Happy Shopping
*~*Damselfly*~*Dash Rigged Mesh  Hair SOON @ The Thrift Shop
Grumble-Spiked Bow Headband-Teal Words SOON @ The Thrift Shop
Grumble-Womens Boho Flow Top-Yellow/Teal SOON @ The Thrift Shop
[Cynful] Bell Bottoms – Ripped Grey – Leopard  SOON @ The Thrift Shop
XoXo Glo

Visit http://gachagoodies.blogspot.com/2014/06/boho-style.html for actual post date.

TGGS – The Gallery Gift Shop [ the style ]


tggs-marchRotations ends 4/15.

TP to TGGS or check TGGS web for direct Slurls!

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Visit http://thegallerygiftshop.wordpress.com/2014/04/11/tggs-the-gallery-gift-shop-the-style/ for actual post date.

POE6 – Cero Style, Paisley Daisy

Original post @ Peace On Earth Gridwide Hunt.

POE6 Post 59 Cero Style, Paisley Daisy

POE6 Post 59  Cero Style, Paisley Daisy 1

Two dream dresses in white are perfect visions of angelic beauty for the season.  Osterhase YellowJacket of Cero Style uses feathers to create this lighter than air version and Joeylin of Paisley Daisy tops a soft skirt with a sparkly classic one shouldered bodice.

POE6 Post 59  Cero Style, Paisley Daisy 2

I do have to repeat that this years POE gifts have been absolutely exquisite and pays homage to the class that surrounds this event.

POE6 Post 59  Cero Style, Paisley Daisy 3
Of course the fact I am here is also homage to something.  When I figure it out . . . I will let you know . . .
DRESS:  Paisley Daisy  Angel Lace Gown for POE 6

Visit http://peaceonearthhunt.wordpress.com/2014/01/03/poe6-cero-style-paisley-daisy/ for actual post date.

Italian glamorous style

Original post @ Playing Paper Dolls.

One of the things I enjoy most is getting ready for a party. I can spend countless hours finding a perfect combination of dress, shoes accessories, hairstyle and of course makeup. 


But to be honest its really easy to look perfect when you can choose from the best brands on the grid. I shop a lot ( way too much) but I usually visit the same stores, I have a folder with Landmarks to my favourite brands, and other than events and interesting places I discover on the feeds, I always end up going to the same places over and over just because of their quality and most importantly because they fit my style. Thats the reason I love Baiastice, everything that Sissy Pessoa designs is pure glamour with a sleek style, beautiful patterns and an special eye for detail.
The Arcade - PILOT

When I saw the gatcha item from PILOT at The Arcade I knew instantly I needed that lovely Pisa Tower at home. I knew of someone else who would love it too *winks*. But I was lucky and on the second attempt I got the Rare item, the amazing cabinet with texture change … and I had to collect them ALL. I decided to take a raw shot from SL so you can truly appreciatte the attention to detail that Kaz Nayar has put on the design of these beautiful landmarks, they are absolutely amazing, each and every one of them. The only thing I am requesting is an spanish monument for the next round :) 

PILOT- Tower of Pisa Raw Shot

I still got some more items from The Arcade to show you. Ok…I still have A LOT!! and I am actually running out of time to showcase them all because at the end of the month they will be gone :( But in the first picture you can see a cute Vanity Case from House of Fox that includes make up props with different animations perfect for those vanity moments at home, I did have some small nail polishers, hair brushes and a few perfumes but I didn’t have makeup items with animations included and I really love them.

The complete collection is called “Runway Essentials” and it costs only 75L$ to play. The direct teleport to the House of Fox gatcha machine is here.

Skin: Baiastice Kate Peach (by Sissy Pessoa)
Eyes: LeLutka Ellis eyes – cloud (by Minnu Palen)

Hair: Vanity Hair The Meadow soil (by Tabata Jewell) *new*

Dress: Tee*fy Aurelia Summer High-low dress (by Azure Electricteeth) @The Arcade
Makeup Set: House of Fox Runway Essentials  (by Fashionboi Landar)  @The Arcade

Earrings: Paper Couture Pink Tourmaline Chandelier earrings *vintage*

The Arcade - PILOT

Dress: Baiastice Hina Maxi dress linen (by Sissy Pessoa) @faMESHed
Earrings and Bracelet: Glow Studio Caprise  (by Linka Demina) @ The Dressing Room
Snake Bracelet: Baiastice snake bracelet gold (by Sissy Pessoa) @faMESHed
Shoes: ISON billie patent heels black (by Harry Hyx)


Visit http://gieladelpaso.blogspot.com/2013/06/italian-glamorous-style.html for actual post date.

1st COC 2014 Photo Style Challenge

Original post @ Colour of Couture.

COC 1st challenge 2014

Finalists were asked to Mix and Match an inspirational outfit using as reference the new spring collection from Maison Martin Margiela…




Cymande Haalan “Cymande”

2014 COC - Cymande Haalan

INSPIRATION: The challenge was from the Martin Margiela Spring 2014 collection, and I loved the fun colors, brightness of the patterns and textures.. This styling reminded me of the funky clothes that were worn in the 70′s! I loved them and I put together what i felt represented that. It was a fun tme to wear whatever your spirit wanted, testing your fashion limits-just being free with a slight edge.

For something different: I had to put velvet in the mix, largely because the 70′s had so much of that texture for the pants and tube top, not to mention the belly chain. I loved the jacket, with the different patterns as Martin Margiela had funky colors that made everything come alive, along with different mixtures of lengths in his design elements, I felt like a walking piece of abstract art, ready to hit the discos.

Skin: KYXE Papaver
Make-up KYXE Vixen Eyeshadow -Turquoise
KYXE Adriana Pink Berries Gloss lipstick
Eyes IKON Lucid Eyes-Moor
Lashes: Avoki Prim Eyelashes
Nails: AA Nails collection

Headpiece: Noir Couture
Long Jacket: AnaLee Balut
Tube top: Suzzie yellow velvet
Pants: Mimiriki Velvette Magenta
Boots: BAX Ankle Boots, Metallic Gold

Location: Serenity Soul Pointe


ElaraGloriana Scrabblebat “ElaraGloriana”

Colour of Couture 2014 - 1st Photo Challenge

I am proud to be representing my Lumbee heritage as a 2014 Colour of Couture Top Model Competition finalist. For our first photo challenge the finalists asked to interpret a look based on Maison Martin Margiela’s 2014 Spring Collection. (If you are interested, you can see our inspiration images here: http://www.arcstreet.com/article-maison-martin-margiela-paris-ha…; ). What struck me about the collection’s mixing and matching of textures and cuts was how easily it all blended with one another. What may have been very visually jarring to audiences in art and fashion more than a decade ago is now at the heart of our post modern aesthetic. Blending of cultural traditions is now commonplace in all realms of art and fashion is no exception to this. In my styling I tried to emulate some of the recurring motifs of the collection like the golden shoes and the variation of fabric draping, mixing loosely fitted pieces with very tailored cut ones. The lack of any identifying features of the models in our inspiration is something we were advised to ignore and were asked to show our faces. I decided to add more than hair on top of my head to add a little punk and panache to the outfit, highlighting an attitude that, to me, is at the core of this collection and that is fun and playfulness.

Style Card:

Original Shape by ElaraGloriana

Skin by .::Wow::. Skins

Eyes in Realistic Green/Lt Green by FAKE

Original brow shape by ElaraGloriana

Eyelashes by MiaMai

Nails in Metallic Bark Brown by PurpleMoon Designs

Hairbase in Gingerbread by Wasabi Pills

“Blade” Hair in Red I by .::MADesigns HAIR::.

Hair Accessory Horns from “Thorn Dress” ensemble by GizzA Creations

“Triangle” Earrings, Necklace & Bracelet in Gold by A&Ana’s Jewelery

Shoulder Accessories from Rich&Famous Dress in Gold by GizzA Creations

Top of “Thorn Dress” in Apocalyptic by GizzA Creations

Harem Pants in Papillon Grey by YoKana

Ankle Boots in Metallic Gold by BAX

Pose provided by Photographer

Photograph by Madrid Solo
(Enjoy her Flickr feed: http://www.flickr.com/photos/madridsolo )


Eleseren Brianna “Eles”

COC  1st  Challenge - Maison Martin Inspiration - Eleseren Brianna

I loved the crazy but oh so clever mix of patterns and colours in this collection, and the adventurous mixing of boho with avante garde. The shapes are strong and deconstructed, and the use of colours in the fabric mixes and tattoos, together with the gold and metallic foils, the fringing and the beading make for a very rich effect.

I decided to focus mainly on the boho feel and pattern interplay in this styling, together with the deconstructed feel of this Maison Martin collection designs. For me it was important to find a harmonising and rich interplay of patterns in the pieces I used. My finished styling harmonised colours within an earth/gold/olive range with brighter and more vivid highlights of peacock blue. I suggested the fringing around the face by using Indian and gypsy styled jewellery pieces, which also worked with the boho feeling running through the Maison Martin collection. Separated sleeves and an asymmetric/tied styling to the pieces was inspired by the avante/deconsructed feel which is also in the collection. Finally I brought hints of gold into my makeup, to work with the gold tones and metallic gold ankle boots in the overall styling

=============== STYLECARD

2 Svara dress – forest – Zaara

[femme] Asmita Sari – Brown/Teal – 22769

React – Lyrical B!zarre (sleeves, re-textured)

Mesh Beanie Hat – Audrey multicoloured – Immerschoen-BodyCult

Aradhana Jewels – gold Maangtikka – Mashooka

Gypsy Earrings – Multi/Gold – Earthstones

Giordana Ankle Boots – gold – INDI Designs

Makeup – Mock, Soiree, Beautiful Deluxe

Hands – Slink

Photograph by Eleseren Brianna


Flidais Etchegaray “Fly”

Colour of Couture Photo Challenge #1

Inspired by the Maison Martin Margiela – Haute Couture spring 2014 “Artisanal” collection. This inventive collection literally looked like a “collection” of scraps of different luxurious textiles, jewels, and tapestries all pieced together in Margiela’s unique creations. I was inspired by a particular jacket in the collection which appeared to be made out of none other than foil. This top from .Shi, with it’s asymmetric cut and belted waist, was just the design I was looking for. The pants from Solidea Folies, came close to a pair worn with a particular Margiela design which exuded an almost gypsy/ circus like flair. I wanted to give my styling an almost industrial edge, so kept the colors metallic down to the chunky jewelery by Amorous. To add a splash of color, and as a nod to the full masks worn by the models in Margiela’s runway show, I accented my styling with Solidea Folies “Conceptual” half mask in red. Style inspiration can be found here:
Style Card:
Top: .Shi “Ti-Top Cropped Top” in Foil
Pants: Solidea Folies “Giovanna Pants”
Jewelery: Amorous “Suki” earrings and bracelet
Face Tattoo: Le Petit Details “Conceptual Makeup” in Face 2
Hair: LeLutka shaved hairbase in IrishRed
Skin: Deesses “Amanda” in Cappucino
Pose: Posies “Raina” (Vintage)


floraniana “Flora Raven”


Top tattoo- Gizza and Chaospire
Pants- Bootlegs Vintage
Hair-Truth (Edited By me)
Shoes-Fierce Sexy Boots in Gold
Jewelery-p.c. pearl drop earrings & Black Pearl necklace
Eyelashes-Crissy Designs
Lipstick&Eye Shadow- Beauty


Frayar “Bell”


Style Card:

Head Wrap, designer : L&H
Stripped Corset designer: Vixtris
Silver trench jacket designer: Cecilia Blachere
Vintage print horror pants designer: Eowyn Swords
Gold Boots designer: Alexxis DeCuir

Mask: BSD Design Studio
Lip stick: HT Glitter Lipgloss Clear silver, designer Leah Portland
Hairbase, Grey: Amacci


Kestrel Sorrowsong “Kes”

Inspiration – Maison Martin Margiela’s Artisanal Haute Couture, Spring-Summer 2014

Deconstruction is a term that is broadly used to describe a rebellion against traditional art forms. In fashion, the use of stylistic elements such as vintage and found materials, raw edges, revealed linings, and exposed seams on works that seem to be unfinished, recycled, or coming apart are signifiers of the deconstructed look. Deconstruction is a key element in Martin Margiela’s work. Margiela uses this technique to focus attention away from the designer as fashion icon and back onto the construction techniques and designs of the fashions themselves. I based my styling for this challenge on elements from three designs from Margiela’s Spring-Summer 2014 Artisanal Collection.

I chose Vero Modero’s Roman Top to bring an element of Passage #3: Robe Bustier into my look. Vero’s Roman Skirt in Glitter Beads reminds me of the materials Margiela used for the silvery jacket seen in Passage # 13: Ensemble. It also maintains the pencil skirt lines of the skirt in Passage #3. I added LaGyo’s Leather Shoulder Wrap because it reminded me of the vintage lap blanket used as a drape or scarf in Passage #18: Robe Du Soir. To finish the look, I added ASS’s Drama Shadow, BSD’s Surreal shoes, and constructed a tie belt from pieces of LD Major’s and League’s outfits. The eye shadow acknowledges Margiela’s use of masks on his models. The shoes acknowledge both the gold footwear he used in this body of work and Margiela’s use of scavenged and found materials. The tie belt reflects his use of string/ribbon belts, a subtle element in this collection that gives the garments the appearance of having been made from repurposed materials whose construction is fragile and that they might easily come apart.

Here are my reference sites:

Style Card
Hair – Vanity Hair Jioni , Black
Make-up: ASS Drama Shadow, Camo; Glance Skins Anais Lipstick, Matte 2; Glance Skins Anais Eye Shadow 10
Nails – Izzie’s Fall/Winter 2012 Nails
Corset – Vero Modero Roman Top , Army Green
Skirt – Vero Modero Roman Skirt, Glitter Beads
Drape – LaGyo Leather Shoulder Wrap Beige (recolored)
Jewelry – LaGyo Maya Earrings, Gold
Shoes – BSD Shoetopia Surreal, Gold
Belt – LD Major Night Terror Dress – Belt only, and League Full Lace Skirt- Front Ribbon only

Photo Credit: Nariko Okawa


sarahelisebeth Brenham “Sarah”

Picture for the photo challenge for the Colour of Couture competition-sarahelisebeth Brenham. Picture done by CKDexteter Howley

The theme of this challenge was to create a look that was funky and inspirational.

The main element that i choose to center this outfit around butterflies. These insects are one of the symbols of love and joy. Butterflies also bring a message, but just for me. It’s my belief that my maternal grandmother sends a butterfly to remind me that she’s always with me, even-though she’s in another realm.

The baggy pants and bright bright colors of the blazer, headpiece and shoes, gives this look an edgy feel.

Here is a list of everything that was used to create this outfit:

Skin: LAQ: Elena in Nougat

Eyes: Amacci: Emerald Eyes – 9

Eyelashes: Lelutka: MM-Catwalk Eyelashes

Nails: Pixel Mode: *[PM] Sculpted Nail V2 – Platinum Edition V2 : Gloss

Jacket: TOPAZIA: Strong blazer in butterfly

Pants: .::[NerdMonkey*Clothes]: [Horse pants 10]::

Headpiece: TOPAZIA: the butterflies anderian in pink

Lipstick: Madrid Solo: Soft Kisses 04

Eyeshadow: *Shack*: Eye Shadow in pink

Shoes: Angel Alphaville 72.7.2: Pink


Shinobu Istmal “Shinobu”

inspirational outfit using Maison Martin


Silly Avro “Prisilla”

Colour of Couture ~ 1st Photo Challenge ~ Prisilla S. Avro (far)

Inspired by the “inventive, creative and quirky” Maison Martin Margiela Paris Haute Couture Spring Collection 2014. Margiela’s collection was quite a treat for the eye in all of its contradictions. I spent quite a while looking at the photographs of this collection, as well as the live runway video of it, and did my best to absorb the bold quirkiness of it all. I was immediately attracted by the tattoo top and knew it had to be in my recreation. The over sized jacket was quite the curiosity as well so a quirky coat by .SHI appeared in my rendition. The masks on the models were intriguing, and while we were not to obscure our faces, I had to bring in a bit of the mask effect with the piece from LaGyo. On the whole I found the collection daring and I attempted to bring that factor into my look with wearing the tattoos from Identity. There were also several short dresses in the collection, and I chose to represent that with these sexy lil tweed shorts from Marshmallows. On the whole I enjoyed the challenge and the creative license it allowed me.


mask > LaGyo_Mirte mask Black
eyes > IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Celtic Green
make-up > Madrid Solo- Eyes & Lips- Shena- Full Set-Dark Night
earrings > LaGyo_Mirte earrings Black
hair > booN IIK551 hair black
tattoo top > .Identity. – Courage To Change [Fresh] Undershirt
bangles > LaGyo_Mirte bangles Black
coat > .Shi : Confi – Long Coat
shorts > ::Marshmallows:: Miss.Sweet Shorts-Twead
tattoo bottom > .Identity. Your Venom [Fresh] Underpants / Left & Right
shoes > erratic / selene – ankle boots
skin > Deesses Skins: Alicia – black eyebrows – ice frappe
pose > Slouch
location > R3volt Main Sim


Solde Rothmanay “Solde”

When I first looked at the provided link, I thought of Carnivale, or something along the line of Mardi Gras. On a deeper level I broke it down further to the use of geometric designs, popping colors and combining different artistic elements.

I decided to use the corset all because of the fabric texture. The face on the front is what I wanted to focus on because it reminded me of the Queen of Hearts from a story that I read. From that texture, I included the popping red and blues, adding the geometric element with the striped pants. The skirt was my own addition just to give it a touch of femininity.

Blacklace Beauty Kismet Gloss
Blacklace Beauty Spectrum Shadow

(Dumbo) Chapiteau scrap of a skirt ~silentsparrow~
(r)M~(ePunk) Boots~No.07
**RE** Spectrum Heart Bracelet & Necklace
B&C by Legal Insanity – loulou corset roses

.ploom. Hanna – Dipped 2

IKON Spectral Eyes – Dew

Lost Dawn


Tiviyah “Tivi”

Colour of Coutre Style Challenge #1 - Tiviyah

Style Challenge #1: Designer Inspiration (Maison Martin Margiela)

I definitely got a Boho feel out of a lot of the patterns that were used and some of the silhouettes… but one of the things the website said that really stuck out to me as unique about this collection was that it was meant to explore the mind of a ‘collector’… so I focused on things that individuals might collect. Some collect flowers and press them in books, others collect coins (my bracelets are made of coins), and others collect clocks/watches/pocket watches. So, draped from the gown are small pocketwatches meant to look like they are hung from the ruffles.

I have to thank the amazing Ashia Denimore for this photo!

..:: Style Card ::..

Shape: Mine
Skin: Kaelyn 09 (India) – Glam Affair
Eyes: Spectral Eyes (Field) – IKON
Hair: Serena (Jessica) – Lelutka (base only)
Hands: AvEnhancement Hands (Gesture) – Slink
Nail Color Applier: Diamond Set (Silver) – Nailed It
Gown: Vivienne (Champagne) – Zanze
Watches Added to Gown: Created & added by me from a full-perm kit made by FLECHA
Headpiece: Bohemian Romance (Powder) – Glam Affair
Necklace & Pearls & Earrings: Vintage Jewelry Set – League
Hand Bracelets: Mecca Hand Coins – On A Lark
** Makeup is default to the skin **


Vera Fenutzini “Vera”

COC Challenge 1 Vera Fenutzini1024


FUN AND FUNKY COME TOGETHER IN THIS SPRING 2014. Mix and Match an inspirational outfit using Maison Martin. URL attached is just to be used as a reference. Please make sure that we can see your face..

http://www.arcstreet.com/article-maison-martin-margiela-paris-ha…; When make style of clothe I look at all styles on link of webpage and notice many thing. One he like use many colors that blend. He also like big item and stripes. So when I make style that is what I use for base idea. It give me for add Warhol ‘color’ look all so to photo style, to blend in beauty of Maison Martins design. I hope you like what I put together.

Style card include this:

PANTS — ATHOR’S Stripes Pants
TOP— (include all this)
+Nuuna+ Meta Yellow
UNDERSHIRT/TATTOO- Beautiful Love by Vera Fenutzini Designs
COAT— D I R A M Patchwork Coat
MAKEUP—.:Glamorize:. Rival Black Combo
GlamAffair Cleo lipstick
Madrid Solo Vendetta Lips
HAIR—LeLuka Salome Hair
Slink Elegant Hands
BOOT- MoiMoi Boutique Mesh Gold& Silver Basic Spike boots


Zionp “Zion”

Color of Couture 1st style Challenge

Inspired by the Maison Martin Margiela Paris Haute Couture Spring Collection 2014.
The styling is inspired from my favourite look which consisted of a top that looked like a body tattoo, but it is also based on the overall feel of the collection. The collection was so creative, I loved the the emphasis on fabric and the way the fabric was draped and I particularly loved the prints and mixture of different prints together .

Stylecard :
Hair : Tuty’s Adorable in black
Top 1 : Rebel Gal Mugler body
Top 2: .shi Chinoi Wrap Top
Bottom : Fanatik Printed Leggings in Hena
Lipstick : ZIbska Lurine Lips 4 , EyeLiner : Flirt -Rawr
Shoes : JD Cult Suede Blue


Zoomy Bluebird “Zoomy”

COC Photo Challenge #1

Stripes with flowers. Gold metal twill alongside jewels and trinkets. Silk satin, mirrors, stones, ceramic, glass tube beads….all of this and more makes up Maison Martin Mariela’s latest called, “Artisanal.”

In this Haute Couture Spring 2014 Collection, Maison is a natural at combining different patterned fabrics giving them complete symmetry. It is not an easy task and for that he has my true admiration.

Inspired, I gave it a go by pairing a bold printed overcoat with glitter striped pants and a flowered bodysuit. I loved the look of his Embroidered “Clin d’oeil” Evening Gloves (which took 18 hours to make, by the way), but wasn’t satisfied with how anything with similar style transferred over inworld. So, I simulated the look with my own hair — Bushy and stringy without all the fuss. Lastly, I adorned my feet with gold ankle boots and with a touch of “Zoom Zoom” I wrapped a bold orange scarf around my neck bringing out that same color in the coat.

Maison Martin is a great way to begin Colour of Couture and I, for one, cannot wait until the next challenge!

Style Card:

* Antje Coat Patch (HUD) – ALB Dream Fashion
* Glitter Stripped Pants (Gold) – [Stellar]
* Colorful Bodysuit (Olive) – Peqe
* Afya Hair (Black) – Baiastice
* Oriantal Series [Female] Scarf – Gizza
* Lyra Earrings – Maxi Gossamer
* Beaded Top Boots (Gold) – Unique Clothing


Visit http://colourofcouture.wordpress.com/2014/03/09/1st-coc-2014-photo-style-challenge/ for actual post date.

Four Prim Perfect talks today at the SL11B Community Celebrations: style, sound, art – and mer!

Original post @ Prim Perfect.

Today, Saturday 28th January, we are delighted to have four fantastic interviews with leading Second Life  residents with two sessions of Meet the Designer, then Meet the Artist and then Meet the Community Talks in the Auditorium on SL11B Fascinate (either Stage 1 or Stage 2).

And another one not to be missed today is Carl Metropolitan’s talk at 3pm on Remaking the Second Life new user experience.

Meet the Designers

Meet the Designers

First of all, at a special time of 9am SLT on Stage 2, Saffia will be talking to two of Second Life’s leading Home and Furniture designers – Colleen Desmoulins of The Loft, and Froukje Hoorenbeeke of Dutchie about their work, their plans and their feelings about the announcement of the planned new generation of Second Life.

Meet the (Sound) Designer

Meet the (Sound) Designer

Next, at 2pm SLT on Stage 2, there will be a slightly different type of design to discuss.  Lorin Tone, sound designer extraordinaire, will be talking to Saffia about his work and Second Life sound – and it’s entitled “A Silent World: Rant, Lecture and Discussion”.

Meet the Artist

Meet the Artist

Then (after Carl Metropolitan’s talk at 3pm on Remaking the Second Life new user experience), at 4pm SLT on Stage 2, Taralyn Gravois will be talking to the artist Van Caerndow about how is real life art has carried over into sales in Second Life – and vice versa.

Meet the Community

Meet the Community

And finally, at 5pm SLT on Stage 2, Saffia Widdershins will be talking to Grace Wrigglesworth (and possibly some pirates too!) about the Safe Waters Foundation and life the the Fanci’s Deep – as a mer or as a pirate!

How do I find out more?
You can find out more by following the official blog, and by following on Facebook and Twitter.

There is also a Flickr page where you can paste your own images when the sims open. You make see some sneak images from the team before that so keep watching!

Or you can get the Guide – on the web or inworld.

Main site: http://slcommunitycelebration.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SLBCommunity
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SLBCommunityCelebration
Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/groups/sl11b/


Visit http://primperfectblog.wordpress.com/2014/06/28/four-prim-perfect-talks-today-at-the-sl11b-community-celebrations-style-sound-art-and-mer/ for actual post date.