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Wild Things Summer Gatcha: Mango Cheeks & Anachron.

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Hi there gentle readers!

I am a huge lover of gatchas so when there’s a new event especially for gatchas, I do a little happy dance. I’m excited to introduce Where The Wild Things Are; a gatcha event from July 26th-August 10th based on Maurice Sendak’s book.

<3 <3 <3

Mango Cheeks gatcha is Animal Headband’s that have 18 commons & 6 Rares. For this post I’m wearing Deer Pearl Rare. I must say I am absolutely in love with it, its so cute!. The full gatcha key is here.

Anachron is the relaunched brand formerly known as Redux!, and for Wild Things their gatcha is smartphones that have 9 commons and 3 rares with 6 animations: Phone Call M&F, Text, Selfie, picture & lighter wave. It also worth noting that each phone has a unique screen.

Milk Motion has a great new subscriber gift; the Queen tee!. Its available in black & white & all you have to do is click the subscribo, then the two tee’s to get em. Super easy & free.

Check out Milk Motion, Mango Cheeks & Anachron below!.


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…summer dress and decor…

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…summer dress and decor… by madi fray at madi Likes It… read the full article at http://ift.tt/1rLZKCU

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It’s Seriously Summer at Happy Hunting!

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This week Host and Hunt Reporter Cinders Vale has gifts decorating the Happy Hunting set from the Summer Hunt at Creations Park, Inkantation’s Let the Sparks Fly Hunt, the Fruit Salad Hunt, and Old Europe’s Starfish Hunt. You will get a look at a variety of things including 2 drivable Ferraris, home decor, clothing and building tools.

Editor’s note: Sometimes things get away from you and this week was Happy Hunting’s turn. Hopefully we have fulfilled our quota for the year!
~The actual dates for the Old Europe Starfish Hunt are the the ones Cinders gives us – July 18 through August 10.
~Also, the image of the beautiful teal dress from the Summer Creations Hunt got “lost”, so here it is:
#66 dress_001~Lastly we are a day late getting the show posted. We expect to be back on our Friday schedule again next week and far into the future.

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Big Summer Party for Harambee

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Grande Festa d’estate a Dubai Jazz My Way a sostegno del Progetto Harambee Gwassi-Kenya: splendide coreografie di Diletta Korobase per una notte indimenticabile!!!
Qui il video della spettacolare serata!
***Great Summer Party in Dubai Jazz My Way to support Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Project: beautiful choreography by Diletta Korobase for an unforgettable night!
Here the video of the spectacular evening!

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Beautiful summer gifts

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Hello darlings!
Beautiful Dirty Rich has put out two awesome summer group gifts, the Sunday Afternoon bikini and the After Sun mesh top with jeans shorts.
Appliers for both of these: Tango, Lush, Puffy, BBusty, vString, Venus, Phat Azz, Brazilia, BANNED, Perfect Bum, Wideloads, Baby Bump, Omega, Slink Physique, WowMeh

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Adorable Summer

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July wraps up with great things from Mishmish, Junk, Oyasumi and Half Deer. The Seasons Story set the stage for a summer on the farm. You can still find these great pieces from Junk like this tractor table and fresh milk sign. The structure I am in is from the Oyasumi gacha at Seasons Story as well. But the real gacha star there is Half Deers Pygmy goat gacha. You can play the rezzable ones or the wearable shoulder pet…but we know you will play both! Once you have picked up your pygmys head over to the Dreamers Factory for more Half Deer delights like these lovely Starry Twilight ears and horns. No one does horns like Half Deer. You can also pick up the cute deer face tattoo in her mainstore. Don’t go drifting off however before playing the Mishmish Candy Fluffz gacha. These adorable poofs will hover around you looking sweet. Finally the cotton candy machine of all cotton candy machines! Choose from three colors and let Mishmish serve you up some spun sugar in pink or mint. As Aime would say, so beaut!

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More Pics From Erotigacha 2 – Sinful Summer!

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LVS & Co.

LVS & Co.

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The 4th Summer Market Fair & StarFish HUNT at Old Europe Village NOW OPEN!

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Free at each sellers Market cart is a starfish with great gifts inside collect them all! 

  Another year and we can’t believe this is the forth year for this event. What started as a curiousity and also to create a complete contrast from the other seasons we thought let’s try a victorian rustic steampunk resort village in summer.
I am always amazed by the village and how it takes what’s thrown at it and somehow she looks grand. Although the shoppe buildings have remained the same with the exceptions of modifications to create bay windows, decorative roofs and awnings and lighting for windows.. all are located at and never moved from the same locations when they were  rezzed in 2008. The same  for the houses and castle all are at the originally rezzed spots. Creating a beach in the village square complete with sand a lifeguard chair and diving platform was a vision that hadn’t completely crystallized and most important would make a plausible and credible environment  impression to visitors. Come and visit swim in the village square beach there are free lifeguard uniforms for both men and women if visitors click the sign at front thats links to the free lifeguard outfits on marketplace they can purchase for free and wear.Visitors can dance at the Oceans cafe with the intan system, or have a starfish ferris wheel ride with a great view of the Largest most complex scripted animated crate shipping system in Second Life. Three cranes and a horse and wagon deliver from a 2nd floor warehouse the crates and move the cargo along in a perfectly coordinated squence with audio and texture effects. The moving gears and ropes all are powered from a single steam engine that also powers the steam starfish ferris wheel moving the cargo to the docks and  onto the river boat. The Golden Oriole shoppe in the village has steampunk gadgerty, buildings and many interesting and oddities visitors didn’t know they needed until they see them. In the front of the Golden Oriole shoppe you can sit at the potters wheel and your avatar will animate after 3 minutes you will be presented to your inventory a free vase, bowl or plates nicely decorated for you home or you can also give away copies to friends as gifts. There are thirty three different randomly made so collect them all. Behind the castle visitors will find the Old Europe airstrip where they can click the box and rezz for free from a menu three different models of WW1 combat aircraft easy to fly and these are armed and you can shoot down others with wonderful audio and visual smoke effects when hit.Besides the rezz box for the airplanes are free parachutes click and receive a terra-chute wear it if you are above 100 meters the chute will open automatically if you are falling. There will be scheduled entertainment and will be posted in this blog as well at the village entrance.Join the full perm group at front the entrance and receive a free gift immediatly of great full perm mesh boots be informed of the full permissions fairs at Old Europe and group gifts for members. Also Join the Old Europe Village group at the front entrance for notices of events at the village. Come to the fair and see for yourself  going on nearly seven years of building visitors memories and promoting Second Life commerce and creativity. Catch some of the excitement the atmosphere and the enchanted ambiance of Old Europe Village in Summer.
                                                    “all the seasons call this home”                  

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Summer Theme for July/August

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The theme for this round is summer, so be prepared for some amazing summer items to get your home looking fabulous.

I will keep updating the post as designers send their photos to me, so keep checking back over the next few days.  This round opens on the 23rd of July.  Get those Lindens ready!

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