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Take a hit…

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wowmeh, luck inc & tango friendly ♥

Hair (snapback included with hud)  – Beusy – Grimes
Skin – Deetalez – Faith
Brows – Go&See – Leo brows
Eyes – Just Magnetized – Basic eyes tone 04c
Septum – MONS – Septum style 16 gold @TheDressingRoom
Tattoo – Paperbag – Vintage pinup tattoo (full) @Viontage&CoolFair opens 10th Oct
Top – ABC – Rach top black @TheBigShow
Bong – Nikotin – Bong @TheMensDept
Thong – [Bewps] – Low Rise Lacies – Black & White Mix Pack UPDATED!
Shoes – Flite – SWT Black 

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.PENUMBRA. AW14 is Ready to Take Off!

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    .PENUMBRA. Autumn/Winter Fashion Week (AW14), 13th – 22nd of September is set to shine the spotlight on some of Second Life’s leading fashion talents. Set over 10 days, the schedule is packed with […]

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…take me for the ride of my life..

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…take me for the ride of my life.. by madi fray at madi Likes It… read the full article at

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Ride or take the bus?

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*Subbie is Wearing*
*Outfit-SS:-Laced up corset *NEW*
*Leg Tattoo-Tinjin -Tame My Tigher @Room69 *NEW*

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Take Me Higher.

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 Blog 38: Take Me Higher.

little bones. Ultraviolence – Ombre&Roots:little bones. /(Chapter 4)
Obscure – Bushido Mask – (Red):Obsure. / Manga Fair. 
. potcha & 2 byte . basic boxy shirt: potcha & 2 byte./(TMD)
. Anchor & Co. Sweat Pants (Black): Anchor & Co./ (Project Limited.)

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My take on the MOSSMS Q&A

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The new 1.12 update is available to us NOW. as of the penning of this blog you can only update your Mossms by using the recovery system. HOWEVER, Progenitor promises that the updater, for those with lots of Mossms would be available soon.
This update promises smoother less laggy animations and fewer issues with the Mossms “breaking” apart. This update is NOT mandatory. it is only cosmetic.

The Saint Patrick’s day promo will be ending the 22nd so be sure you acquired yours by then
(if any of the readers of this blog don’t know how to please just instant message myself or Crux Huntress in world for assistance)

Upcoming features and plans::

You can anticipate the new ‘Traits’ to begin rolling out in early April.
All the Mossms will have blinking eyes after the roll out but the animated irises will be a trait.
The new traits should be available at some level to all breeders.
There will be some that you acquire through breeding, some that you acquire through “splurt” purchases, and some that will be achievement awards.

Regarding other potential traits:
Attendants inquired about hair, lips, size, and clothing as traits.

We have experimented with both clothes and hair. I have a Mossms upstairs with a Slayer T-shirt but we’re not releasing that right now; right now we’re focused on eyes ears tails and sports”- Progenitor

Regarding new planets and new resources::
Yes there will be a new planet, possibly two new planets.
No there will not be new resource types. It was decided that adding new resources would over complicate the process and leave the website too cluttered.

“Jiminy asked: what’s this about sports and Mossms teaching each other.  In Mossms sports, there will be a number of different ways that a Mossms increases in skill in their sport, just like in the real world: exercise, practice, and getting advice from other more experience Mossms (coaching), and possibly classroom training. One of the things about sports that you might want to be thinking about is Leagues.  In real world sports, there are leagues like the NFL or the Championship Soccer League… organizations that run tournaments and give our titles, prizes, and trophies.  We’re going to provide tools for players to run their own leagues.
If you have aspirations to run your own league, be thinking about it!  You’ll be able to host your own championships, customize your trophies, design your own logo, create your own Mossmstitles”
There will be leagues and some leagues may or may not choose to play for ‘cash’ prizes ,however, the Mossms team is neither encouraging nor discouraging the practice. As they have always tried to steer clear of Legislating the secondary market. Which is to say they try very hard to not tell you what you can and can’t do on your own property with Mossms you have paid for.
“No you will not have to participate in big tournaments. Tournaments will be for fun not for progression.” – Asymmetrical

in regards to the timing of the sports:
You can anticipate the sports feature of the game to be available in the summer and more details will be released as we grow closer to that release.

Side notes about the sports release
Mossms will be doing all kinds of tricks and things with people that they don’t do now” – Progenitor


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Viva Las Tatas! Let’s Take a Play at the Hello Titty Slots!

Original post @ The Misadventures of Shady Ami & Redd.
The ladies at the Big Boobie Babes Freebie Group are always surprising me.  This time, this group is sponsoring the Hello Titty Slots!  What is this you ask?  You take the addictive nature of the Arcade, add the awesome designs of some of the best implant designers in Second Life and you get…

On top of which, all these items are set to 50L.  Not a penny more for some really good quality items!

I was so excited when I saw that cute little poster!  I was screaming on my chair!  Sure, there are a lot of things I scream at from my chair..but this was a happy scream, I promise.  Ami, Petal and I armed with ourselves with our Tangos, filled our wallets, and proceeded to shop!

Here is the offering from Tits up – Something I hadn’t seen before – A pregnancy top.  I especially like the cute skeleton shirt!  If I were ever in the family way on SL, I would wear that shirt from the first day I found out.

Now that I’m a few hundred Lindens lighter, here’s some of the items that I bought!

As you know, I’m a gamer girl at heart, so when I saw that [QE] had Nintendo themed boobie plushies, I was all over them like white on rice.  I also snagged these cute pasties from Holli Pocket, which are soon to be my new favorites!

This next shot is a secret shot.  I waited until Ami was offline to work on this.  I am fairly certain if I didn’t mention +PatchWork Heart  and their Dr. Who collection that I would be taken into the back alley and shot.

Here are 4 of the 8 good Doctors.  The green haired version of me is the gold and white Dalek. 

I’m a complete pack rat – the pose set I’m using is from the Unseelie Twisted hunt held a couple years ago from Virtual Alchemy.

That’s Captain Redd to you!

I am wearing a Star Trek dress from Capacious, a mesh offering.  The texturing on this dress is almost as polyester as the costumes were probably made from.  I loved the retro feel of this dress!

The last offering I have for you are the rock tube tops from Pink Sugah.  They’re called the “I’m with the Band” tops.  They offer them in various bands – from the Rolling Stones to Nirvana to Iron Maiden.  That’s right kids, this is the gatcha where I lost most of money.  I needed an Eddie Tube top!

Eddie never looked so good!!!

If you are interested in hunting for your own boobie items, here’s the SLURL: Hello Titty Slots!

Here is the blog with minute to minute updates: Hello Titty Blog

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Be Willing To Take Risks – Mental Health Awareness Retreat

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Be Willing To Take Risks
I have a favorite quote from Rocky Balboa that literally has helped me in my recovery with mental health. At times when I felt like quitting because of people in my past or present who treated me wrong, I would look at this quote and continue to fight. I continued to find options and solutions to my problems.
“Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place and I don’t care how tough you are. It will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward! How much you can take and keep moving forward! That’s how winning is done!!! Now, if you know what you’re worth then go out and get what you’re worth. But you gotta be willing to take the hits, and not pointing fingers saying you ain’t where you wanna be because of him, her, or anybody. cowards do that and that ain’t you! You’re better than that!”
That quote has literally helped me push through some obstacles in my life. 
I was talking recently to someone who said they were depressed. I offered them resources to which they said “oh I can’t call those hotlines because I don’t have a phone”. So I got them a chat room hotline, where people can chat via online versus using the phone. But that resource was met with “well, they aren’t going to be so friendly and they are just going to give me more resources that might not help me”. 
I really wanted to help this person, so I offered hospital resources, financial resources, government resources and yet resources after resources, ALL were met with some excuse. “I can’t do that because I will be in debt…..I can’t do that because I don’t want to rely on the government….I can’t do that because my parents hurt me and that has affected me in life…..I can’t do that because I am afraid….I can’t do that because I get too anxious….I can’t do that because I don’t trust therapist well enough to tell them about my problems….I can’t do that because self help requires time and energy and work that I simply don’t have”
But yet this person had the guts to complain. “Life is miserable because of my parents. Life if miserable because of my finances. Life is miserable because of xyz.” Everything and Everyone was at fault except for them.
How can you complain when you don’t even TRY? All you have to do is TRY! No one is asking for perfection. No one is asking you to be your best. No one is asking you for anything but to try.
I remember when I was so severely ill. I did my OWN research in between voices that were not real telling me they were going to kill me, in between horrible hallucinations, in between my anxiety, my ocd, my intrusive thoughts, my nightmares, my night terrors, my panic attacks and the list goes on. There was no mental health awareness retreat group for me. There was no one offering to help me with the resources. 
I did have two amazing friends though who helped me a lot with coping skills but even with that I had to put of MY part in order to heal. Them simply telling me to ground was not ever going to be enough. I had to do the work! I had to practice those coping skills. I had to search for my own therapist and get the help I needed. I had to TRY and do something. I had to try things and test my options. I would not be here talking to you about my recover if I had never even tried different options.
Just the other day my friend Maximillian Merlin (second life name) send me a notecard which contained a damaged pizza inside a microwave and a step by step on how to make such damages. By the way Max has done scripting for free for some of our educational hunts and I couldn’t be more grateful to him for all of his donated work.
Anywho, the damaged pizza made me think of how we trust our appliances many times without question. We hop in our cars daily and don’t question things until we hear some weird noise coming out of nowhere. We put in our foods in microwaves and don’t stop to think that this might be the day it does some weird random thing and blows up the house in a fire. Everyone knows that any electrical appliance has a chance to cause a fire but we go about our day just fine. Why is it so hard then to apply this to other aspects of our lives? To just trust even though we might face disaster? To trust despite the thought that we may fail, that it may end up chaotic and messy? No matter how much we know these appliances can break down, we trust them. Why not do that with life? Why not trust even if we might get burned? 
Taking risks might prove to you that things can turn out to be more beautiful than chaotic. The worst case scenario would be that you have a story to tell to a friend later on and have learned a few things from a bad situation. No lessons are ever learned by doing nothing. As Max would say “Lots of these bad things make excellent party stories”
At one point or another in life, we must trust things if we want a change to occur. We must take risks. And in order for that to happen, as the saying goes “Your desire to change must be greater than your desire to stay the same”. 
Take a look at what I am wearing HERE

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Take The Shot Hunt

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Please fill out a notecard and rename it “TTS APP (your name) (your store name)” and send to karakarkar, failure to do so COULD result in not accepted


Store name:

Contact person:


What do you sell:

Sim Rating:

How did you hear about us:

(cost 200)

Have you read all of our rules on the website?

Have you joined our group? (must join)

Hunt group: secondlife:///app/group/9b2c5537-abdb-0607-b595-c7ee17a8a9a8/about

copy and past to nearby chat



TTS Rules

1. must be a new item made for the hunt

2. must be UNISEX or one male one female related to photography. poses, props, frames, cameras, backdrops, etc.

3. Must have item ready by deadline

4. MUST obey the timelines

5. If you a sponsor and fail, you do not get refunded


TTS deadlines:

app deadline: June 15th

SLurl check: As received (hunt objects given with first pack to save time.)

Signs out by: as received please, if later let us know

Hint sent by: June 18th
Items in place and set for sale: June 18th
 Final walk through (many will be done to check SLurls and such:  June 19th

Hunt starts: June 22nd

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But first, let me take a selfie! Or not…

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