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Hunt Update!

Original post @ SL Hunts.

Here’s a list of what hunts are starting and ending.

Click the hunt name  for more info.



Hunts Beginning 8/24 – 8/30

Beginning 8/30

Bare Rose 9YA Treasure Hunt – The Elixir of Clown


Hunts Ending 8/24 – 8/30

Ending 8/27

Virtual Insanity Sale/Hunt


Ending 8/30

Funny hunt

Wild West Roundup Hunt

Placa Da Hunt (Friends Designers Hunt)


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Hunt Update!

Original post @ SL Hunts.

Here’s a list of what hunts are starting and ending.

Click the hunt name  for more info.



Hunts Beginning 8/16 – 8/23

Beginning 8/17

The Dirty Diva

Beginning 8/21

Red Queen’s Card Hunt

Splash of Color Hunt


Hunts Ending 8/16 – 23

Ending 8/16

Summer Time Blues Hunt

Ending 8/21

Battle of the Sexes for Him

Battle of the Sexes Hunt 2 for Ladies

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Hunt Update!

Original post @ SL Hunts.

Here’s a list of what hunts are starting and ending.

Click the hunt name  for more info.



Hunts Beginning 7/26 – 8/2

Beginning 7/27 & 7/28

Magical Maze

Avenue Hunt

Beginning 8/1


Dog Days of Summer

August Heatwave

Back2 School 2

The Blues


Fairy Tale

The Big New Hunt

Femboy – The Zodiacs

Starships  & Aliens

Journey of the Sea

Through the Jungle

Cupcakes Anonymous

TSG – Sloth

Pirates vs Ninjas

Abundance First Harvest

Can’t Stop the Beat

Beginning 8/2

The Third Anniversary

Wild West Round Up

IDWN Summer Time Blues


Hunts Ending 7/26 – 8/2

The only hunt ending date this week is 7/31!

 Ice Sundae Hunt

Get Lei’d

Beach Bum

Dark Fantasy

Let the Sparks Fly

Christmas in July

Fly Away

Mystical Fantasy

Plugged In II

Medieval Fantasy XII

Irodori Mini Hunt

Summer Toddleedoo

Summer sun


Let your Colors burst

Fruit Salad

Humaniod Summer

Simple Treasure <

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Season’s Palette RECENT UPDATE

Original post @ Seasons Palette Hunts by .
Hello there hunters, designers and SPH bloggers,

I have been MIA for awhile since RL has taken me into another warp thereby keeping me from SL (it doesn’t help that I recently got into a relationship with the love of my life!)

 I am aware that I have promised to start another hunt, but due to RL obligations and a few distractions, I have decided to put it off for another month since my RL birthday is coming up and I wouldn’t want to leave out my RL friends and family. I’m still quite undecided as to when the next cycle will begin, but frankly, I do want to start the pending hunt that I have planned in early March… the Season’s Palette Hunt Season 3 to begin this summer!

Right now,

I am in need of:

- Hunt organizers
- Hunt bloggers

Hunt applications for designers will be sent out soon. Please check back this website.

I hope to hear from all of you soon!

Aurora Savira

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Hunt Update!

Original post @ SL Hunts.

Here’s a list of what hunts are starting and ending.

Click the hunt name  for more info.


Hunts Beginning 7/5 – 7/19

The Fruit Salad Hunt - 7/6 – 7/27

Silly Dog Hunt - 7/6 – 7/13

Summer Dreams Hunt - 7/7 – 8/7

Around the Grid Hunt 2 – 7/13 – 9/30

Passion for Red Hunt - 7/14 – 8/3

Quest Fur Cover Hunt – 7/14 – 8/11

Slice of Summer Hunt - 7/14 – 8/3

The Gallery Gift Shop Anniversary Hunt - 7/15 – ?

Aqua Splash Hunt -7/15 – 8/15

The Fruity Hunt – 7/15 – 8/15

Super Villain Hunt - 7/15 – 8/15

Summer Safari Hunt - 7/15 – 8/15


Hunts Ending 7/5 – 7/19

Formanails Underwater Hunt – 6/1 – 7/15

Sweet Like Chocolate Hunt – 6/12 – 7/12

Hunt for Your Inner Slut 7 - 6/15 – 7/15

Sweet Treats Hunt - 6/15 – 7/15

Urban Assault Hunt – 6/15 – 7/15

The Young Gentlemen’s Club Hunt! – 6/16 – 7/16

The Snail Hunt - 6/16 – 7/6  (sim hunt link is slurl to sim)

Simple Summer Hunt - 6/18 – 7/16

I’m a Demon Hunt - 6/20 – 7/13

Summer Fashion Fair & Hunt – 6/20 – 7/6

Kiyomizu Summer Treasure Hunt – 6/21 – 7/13

The Flawless Picnic Sale & Hunt - 6/23 – 7/6

Sl Breedables Fair and Flying Monkey Hunt - 7/2 – 7/16

Silly Dog Hunt - 7/6 – 7/13




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Event Update Notice

Original post @ Sci-Fi Alliance’s Second Life Convention News.

Quick Notice – Event Schedule has been updated !
Check it out:


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Daily Update – Sunday June 1st

Original post @ Sci-Fi Alliance’s Second Life Convention News.


There’s so much to do and see at the science fiction convention!
Ride the Monorail around the estate and see all the amazing exhibits!
Take a submarine dive, the sub departs from the Hubs in Verne & Nowlan!
Visit the amusement park at Seaview Pier!
Transport yourself to a space dimension with a trip to The Milky Way Cabaret!

The People’s Choice Contest Opens TODAY!

Join us in picking the best and most original booths at this years convention! We will be gathering votes from all of you till the last day, pick your favorites to WIN !

Peoples Choice Poster2014 Rockem Sockem

Categories include: Best Booth, Best Event, Most Original, Best Hangout, Best Theme, Most friendly, Scariest, Prettiest, Most Fun, Best Story, Best Booth Swag/Gift, Best Host/Hostess, Best Actor/Actress, Best Costuming.

Voting is easy, Just stop by one of the voting kiosks at the Convention telehubs and click the People’s choice sign for a ballot and directions!
brought to you by the Asgard Command

The WebMonkey at one of the telehub voting booths.

The WebMonkey at one of the telehub voting booths.







The Build Contests are accepting entries!

Enter to earn a place in the Winners Circle & make your mark on convention history!

Build Contest Sign

May 31st thru June 7th
Judging June 7th 4pm slt
& Build Contest Celebration party June 8th Noon slt!

Three Categories of Creativity!

Conveyance -
It can be land use, sea use, or air & space use… perhaps to get around a six sim estate hmmmmmmm????  maybe?
32 prim/li or under
winning vehicle can be added to the convention guest rezzers for always!

Gadget -
(32 prim/li or under)
sooooo……. yeah, pretty much anything you can think of.  & it only needs to be a wearable prop, but if you want to make it do something, please do!
Winning gadget can be added to the convention gift pack for always!

Sci-Fi Mashup -
A poster, or prim display, or combination.
(32 prim/li or under)
In the spirit of the convention, we’d like to see what a science fiction mashup looks like to you!
Winning artworks cab be added to the hub galleries for always!

Each category awards three cash prizes!!

1st place, $ L1000
2nd place, $ L500
3rd place, $ L250


All entries will be displayed as part of the convention itself!
They will be artfully arranged at judging & left up for the Closing Celebrations!

The build contest sandbox is located in Nowlan & has a 4 hour auto return.

The sandbox can be found at the SURL:  HERE


A Few Additional Notes:
No plywood build platforms please.
Please  Be respectful of other participants.
YES!  you may use builder market content, this is a contest of your creativity, not your skills with making sculpts or mesh….   full perm only please on the finished entry (not including no-mod textures).

To be added to the list of Build Contest Participants please contact Senet Blackburn, or any available Convention Crew member in world.

Your winning entry must be full perm & with your permission of course!

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Enchantment Opening at Midnight to the Update Group

Original post @ .

Enchantment Poster-Lil Red

Flickr Group
Update Group

The Little Red Riding Hood edition of Enchantment will be opening up at midnight to the Enchantment Update Group. Members will enjoy a 12 hour early access, and at noon on Feb 1st, Enchantment will open up to the general public. Incredible items are offered by the participating designers, all limited editions, never to be seen in that exact shape and color again!

To join the Enchantment Update Group please click here.

enchantment map lil red FINAL


la petite morte
Enfant Terrible
Refined Wild
Elephante Poses

Participating Designers:

anc LTD.
Les Petits Details
the muses
ADD Andel
an lar poses
Les Encantades
the library
captivity poses
mango cheeks
chop shop
half deer
house of rain
aze designs

Landscaping done by Dizzy Sparrow
Grandma’s House Interior by Britian Knave

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Moving update 2

Original post @ Fashionably Frugal of SL.

Whoa…it is cold out there! Luckily the Frugal Team has been too busy decorating and making plans to notice. As the days grow colder we have been keeping warm from the pure delight of having things fall in to place.

Since the holiday season is here and most people prefer to spend that time with family and friends, we have decided to hold off on all rounds until after the holidays. We still have a couple booths open! So, if you are interested in being in our reopening round and would like a tour of the store please contact Love holiday or fill out our designer app here:     Serious Inquirers only!

Moving to our new store front home on the Brazyville sim, has been wonderful. We would like to thank the staff at Brazyville for making us feel at home. Please keep watching our blog for updates and sneak peeks of the fabulous new Fashionably Frugal look.

We would also like to thank Living Moments Studios for the wonderful  custom artwork she created for our store.  You can view her gallery and pricelist here:

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Hair Fair Info Update

Original post @ Hair Fair.

We wanted to keep everyone posted and up to date. Early Access Bloggers will be notified by the 4th of July, so that we have enough time to get them organised groups wise.

Hair Fair Photo Contest Winners will be announced also by the 4th of July. So that people have time to plan for the following week.

 Bandanas needed to be in by the 30th of June, you do not have to have a store to create a bandana, this is something for EVERYONE to do, and I am extending the deadline on that until the 2nd of July, so please get yours done, and encourage friends to do so too.  For a kit please contact CharitySasy String in world.

Bandana Day - Make a Bandana

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