Siren Productions Presents The Jewelry & Accessories Expo - 12/5-12/13/2014


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CUPCAKE:   ::Axix:: Sugar Bear In A Cup Polar Gacha  TY! Elise Mannequin
ALGODON:  RαzzBerry Iɴc. [RI] Yummies (Cotton Candy-Pink) Gacha  TY! Jayme Lorakeet
ESTANTES:  Alouette – Candy Jar Shelves & Counter TY: Scarlet Chandrayaan
JARRONES:  Alouette – Candy Jars  TY: Scarlet Chandrayaan
CORAZONES:  SYSY’s Candy Hearts  TY! Sysy Chapman
BIZCOCHOS:  .*Paper Flowers*. Cakes Gacha  TY! ArianaClaire
MAQUINA BATIDAS:  [ Organica ] Milkshake Machine (Bubblegum)  TY! Aki Shichiroji
BATIDAS:  [ Organica ] Milkshakes  TY! Aki Shichiroji
ARBOL:  Myrrlne Candy tree gacha 5  TY! Myrrlne
SILLAS:  ::Axix:: CupcakeChairs  TY! Elise Mannequin
NIÑOS:  ! Lost Junction! [LJ] Sugar Friends Gacha  TY! Tala Laval

VESTIDO:  {ViSion} – S&F – Leather Dress Dolche – White  TY! pjey Pearl
BRAZALETES:  [Modern.Couture] Jewelry – Mika Bracelet Gold

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4 Year Anniversary @Vision S&F

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Hi Ladies,
There’s a big bash planned for today from 10:AM SLT to 2:PM SLT ONLY so hurry down and grab your gifts and check out the big sale. There will be music and dancing and fun for all!!!

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A little Victorian, a little glamour (Angelic Vision Antiques & CIRCA)

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Hi everyone! I got pinged earlier this week by Rhiannon Skinstad, whose shop- Angelic Vision Antiques- just joined Homestuff. She was wondering if I’d like to blog some of her wares, so of course I said ‘yes’ and went to see what her shop had to offer. The shop’s richly textured, with rezzers everywhere so you can get a look at all of the furnishings- not ‘yeah we sell this one in white and red too, but here’s the blue one to look at’. You can rezz up anything she’s selling and get an eyeful of it on demand. She specializes in Victorian decor – something I would’ve gone crazy for in the house I had a million million years ago, and something that I still love a lot. Here’s one of her livingroom sets: we chose the cream one because we felt it’d show off her texturing well without distracting from the shape and line of the furniture she does.

livingroom set

Nice and proper, isn’t it? Here’s what the armchair looks like a bit closer-up… lovely texture work on the brocade, isn’t it?  It looked this good with my graphics slider down low, too- she pays attention to making sure the pieces look good even at low-rez, as everybody should have a pretty SL experience. I heartily approve!


The cabinet here is the ‘Curio Cabinet in Applebirch’, which I thought would be fun to share.

curio cabinet

The items rezzed in it are optional- with a single click you can remove them and have an empty cabinet- and the doors open, as well! This piece is suitable for any of your random little knick-knacks from here there and everywhere, and is available in several different colors of wood.

curio cabinet empty


The elegant ‘Victorian Fireplace’ is what we have here (along with the Baroque Chair that I got out of her lucky chair while I was in the shop): nice textures, high-gloss finish… and it brings something to mind here: your furniture from Angelic Vision Antiques is modify, so you can alter the shine, or adjust the fabric pattern, as you see fit.

The fireplace also comes with three different options on the fire burning inside- and 3 different screens to give it that proper drawing-room air:

fireplace 2

Pretty, isn’t it? The area rug in these photos is also from the store, and comes with the livingroom sets that AVA offers.

But enough about how pretty the furniture is- how functional? The poses stocked in the sofa are widely varied- more than 20 each for men and women, and then another 15 or so for couples.  As I’m not quite that schizophrenic, I’ll just model the gents’ poses, to give you an idea of the variety.

Sofa pose1

There’s a couple of reading poses, which offer you a book while you’re seated flipping pages, and several others- you can sit on the floor and drink coffee, or you can lounge on the sofa and do it!

sofa pose2

And if you’ve just had enough and need a nap, the sofa’s set up to help you out with that, too.

sofa pose3

The armchair’s also got a big bunch of poses in it as well- 30some for guys and gals altogether.

armchair pose2

So what else about these lovely pieces can I show you… oh right, I wanted to show you what the color brocades looked like! This is the Baroque Chair, in a gold and blue brocade:


As you can see, the brocade’s got a real vibrancy to it: you don’t see textures like this everyday! Really lovely stuff, at Angelic Vision Antiques. I didn’t explore the non-G-rated stuff much, but I have it on good authority that the cuddles and other activities on the more adult stuff found upstairs at the shop are quite nice.
Yes, Virginia, there’s lesbian sex furniture to be had.
You should go check out Angelic Vision Antiques by clicking on their name here- the shop’s always open, and I’m sure Rhiannon would be happy to help you find whatever you need: she also told me that she does entertain the occasional commission piece!

Next we have something on the other end of the spectrum. CIRCA did a lovely modern vanity.  Just look at this thing:

vanity 1

Elegant and clean lines, geometric and stark and… wait, what is all that stuff on top of it?

vanity 2

Cherelle Capra has been away from SL for a bit, but she’s really come back with a vengance.  Look at all that makeup on the table; all those things you might do at a vanity. Now, I am not going to go through all of the animations that are built into the stool to allow you to do all those things, but here’s a couple for you to enjoy.

You can blow dry your hair at the vanity:

vanity 3

and you can also give it a good brushing out to preserve the shine:

vanity 4

How many animations did Cherelle put into this item? Well, this may give you a hint… here’s all the props that come with the vanity set.

lady divine inventory

While sure, there’s 6 lipsticks in there (one for each hand, in 3 different shades), so you’re probably not going to need 6 different animations… there’s a couple things to do with a few of these props. And a few animations that don’t require any props.  Cherelle really knocked herself out on this one: you should go check it out at CIRCA!



I did most of these photos last night and worked on them in photoshop (almost entirely on the surroundings to these great items of furniture), when I realized I’d overlooked something about the Angelic Visions Antiques set.  The coffee table and end table have rezzers built in- two floral bouquets, two lamps.  I got a quick picture of all four for you:

tabletops 1

tabletops 2

OK. Now I’m finished, and it’s gotten rather late on me: I think I’m going to go back to sleeping on the sofa.

Once again, the livingroom set is from Angelic Vision Antiques, and the ‘Lady Divine’ vanity is from CIRCA.

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{ViSion} – S&F Comes to Cleavage!

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{ViSion} -S&F - Logo 2

{ViSion} – S&F has joined the Cleavage region with super sexy items for you to add to your big boobie and booty wardrobe! Come give her a warm boobie welcome and check out her items including:

{ViSion} -S&F - Dress_Garter Flame - pic {ViSion} -S&F - Eva Top W_Lolas - pic {ViSion} - S&F - Lingerie Erotica _W Tango, Phat_Cute Azz - pic {ViSion} -S&F - Lingerie Dolls {ViSion} -S&F - Jeans Short _W Azz Applier - pic {ViSion} -S&F - Phat Azz Booty Shorts - pic

These items and MORE can be found HERE at her brand new Cleavage location.

More Happenings Around Cleavage!


Lolas recently released a brand new pair of gorgeous and jiggly fitted mesh breasts called Delicq and they’re now available at Cleavage!! Come see what all the buzz is about!


Lubbly Jubblies Logo FINAL

Lubbly Jubblies is a monthly sales event held in the Cleavage building across from Lolas! providing new and exclusive items for the implant community. Our sponsors for the June round 1 Hundred, Epic, Pink Sugah, Sassy! and [trs], along with 15 additional shops have brought you some amazing designs which you can see below. The current round is OPEN NOW and will run through noon on July 13th. Happy Shopping!

Click to view slideshow.



The Seraphim Social  is going on now til the end of the month over at Cleavage! This month the items are inspired by the book Gone With The Wind. There are clothes, accessories and home decor items available, but please note, since this is not a Cleavage event, not all items will be implant friendly. Please check the item descriptions for compatibility. All pics can be found over at Seraphim’s coverage of the event found HERE.


ARCADE YARD SALE! The designers and bloggers of Cleavage have set out some of their gacha goodies along the path in the center of the region. Come check out what’s available to complete your collections HERE.

Coming Soon to Cleavage!


Summer Jams is coming 6/27 – 7/11 to celebrate great summer music! Cleavage designers will be bringing you NEW EXCLUSIVES so stay tuned!

Get Involved with Cleavage!

If you’re an implant friendly designer or blogger and want to get involved with Cleavage, there are lots of ways you can do so.

Designer Application for Lubbly Jubbies: Please apply here

Going Bust and Lubbly Jubblies Blogger Application: Please apply here

Rental Application: Please apply here

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