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Sky World Hunt

This post originated @ HUNT SL.

SKYWORLD Hunt & RaffleHunt Dates: Jun 29 (one day only)

Type: Sim or Store Hunt
Region Rating: Moderate
Stops: 20+
Hunt Object: Treasure Hunter
Hunt Theme: Mall Opening and Breedables review.

Start: Allendale
Web Site:
Contact Persons: IrishGypsy McCormick, Passmeaxanax Resident

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What Could New World Notes, Billi Bobbi & KaraLee Aeon, Game of Thrones, & Cultured The Magazine All Have in Common?

This post originated @ Cultured the Magazine.

We live for Westeros! In case you haven’t heard the news, by Saturday evening, SIX episodes of season 5 have become available to watch online because of the Thrones leak! Although we can’t tell you where to get it, we’re happy to confirm it IS there if you know where to look. However, they are in 480P….jump ahead ye all pirates and fear not internet spoilers for 6 entire weeks of our lives in exchange for crummy quality that hurts our eyes and our imagination OR remember patience and slowly avoid the internet for a whole, 6 entire weeks or  more precisely……….30 seconds before we realize we can’t and get corrupted by spoilers anyway and indulge in our high def right of life…

The choice is yours. Which house do YOU support?



Image edited by Billi Bobbi and KaraLee Aeon, also KaraLee made the poses as well as set everyone in place. And WOW this must have been quite a task lol but one greatly viewed and perfect timing with the launch of the new season yesterday night. They have characters up to date with the newest season, but that’s all we’ll say to that. Full list of cast credits HERE.


This is relevant because I, for one am a huge GoT fan and decided to cover a interesting story in Cultured The Magazine relating to the new season, as well as roleplay going on at a popular sim in Second Life that is GoT themed named, Kings Landing. We’ll be explaining all about the sim, the hot details of the new season, and this image will be featured as well in the story. We’re set to release May 15th!

Here’s a quick article mentioning Cultured, myself, and some cool info about GoT cosplay photography happening in the grid. New World Notes Article

I already know which house I support. As corrupted and messed up as some of the characters we met so far in this house seem to be, every time I succumb to the latest buzzfeed or Zimbio house quiz, here I land!


Much love,


Winter is coming….HODOR HODOR HODOR.

EVA Sales Room, Designer Circle, Penumbra Fashion Week, EverGlow, 7 Deadly s{K}ins @ The Thrift Shop, {ZOZ} @ World Goth, Group Gifts and More!

This post originated @ Welcome to Aurora Town Zindra.

I have to say time is simply slipping by for me, I feel like I missed my blogging quotas a lot this Month.  Maybe it had something to do with my being sick earlier in the Month.  For us here in the US, next week is Memorial Day weekend, that means 3 days off which is super cool, but I can’t believe it’s here already!  We are at the half way point of the Month and today I showcase EVA Sales Room, Designer Circle, Penumbra Fashion Week, 7 Deadly s{K}ins exclusive for the Thrift Shop, -{ZOZ}- at World Goth and  New Releases and a Group Gift!

Check out what Lilliana is wearing today, it begins with her Dress which is FLRN Designs Isabel Dress in Black an Exclusive for EVA Sales Room.  The Handbag and Band Beads Ring are some accessories by AsHmOoT being offered at discount for The Designer  Circle.  Lilliana’s shoes are one of the many exclusives that .:JUMO:. has at Penumbra Fashion Week.  The Shoes are .:JUMO’s:.Mademoiselle Shoes Croco Ivory.

Lilli is wearing new releases by Truth, she has the new Paola Hairstyle on.  Lilli’s Eyes are another new Color from the Easter Morning Mesh Eye Line by Hudson’s Clothing Co., she’s wearing Pale Moss Today.  Also from Hudson’s Clothing Co., is the Bangle it’s one of the items from the  Floral Flair Almond Accessories Set a new Group Gift.  Lilli’s Skins is a Thrift Shop Exclusive by 7 Deadly s{K}ins.  Lilli is wearing Benthe in Caramel Skin Tone, and also used  7 Deadly s{K}ins Slink Hands and Feet Appliers.  The Appliers are sold separately at the Main Store.

Something else found at Penumbra Fashion Week is Baubles! by Phe’s exclusive, the Eye Of Spring Necklace.  World Goth just opened this weekend and Lil is wearing one of -{ZOZ’s}- Exclusives the Dark Poem Nail Polish SLink HUD.  The Poses I used today were from two different Pose Designers.  They were just poses I had in my inventory which worked well with Today’s Post.  First set is one of my Pose Sponsors, EverGlow.  I used Poses from EverGlow’s Juicy Pose Set.  The literally last pose I used in the last photo is Elephante Poses Feel The Release Pose #4.  Elephante Poses Feel the Release was a new Set made for this years Pose Fair and is now available at the Main Store.  Funny my photo shoot site is Bang Poses SIM.  I visited Bang Poses this weekend and thought the site was very pretty.  You can visit Bang Poses .:HERE:.

May 17th Post Juicy #1_cropped

DRESS”  FLRN DESIGN Isabel Dress in Black,
Exclusive for EVA Sales Room (NEW)

HANDBAG:  AsHmOoT  Sack Bag in Brown,
Exclusive for Designer Circle (NEW)

SHOES:  .:JUMO:. Mademoiselle Shoes Croco Ivory,
Exclusive for Penumbra Fashion Week (NEW)

FEET:  SLink AvEnhance Feet Female High

POSE:  EverGlow Juicy Pose Set, Pose #1 (NEW)

May 17th Post Juicy #2_cropped
POSE:  EverGlow Juicy Pose Set, Pose #2 (NEW)

May 17th Post Juicy #6_cropped
POSE:  EverGlow Juicy Pose Set, Pose #6 (NEW)

May 17th Post Juicy #4hs_cropped

HAIR:  Truth Paola from Black & Whites Pack (NEW)

SKIN:  7 Deadly s{K}ins Benthe in Caramel Skin Tone,
Exclusive for Thrift Shop (NEW)

APPLIERS:  7 Deadly s{K}ins Slink Hands
and Feet Caramel Skin Tone (NEW)

SHAPE:  WoW Skins V2 Susse Shape (NEW)

EYES:  Hudson’s Clothing Co. Easter Morning Pale Moss Mesh Eyes (NEW)

EYELASHES:  Gaeline Creations Mesh Lashes Natura (NEW)

NECKLACE:  Baubles! by Phe Eye Of Spring Necklace,
Exclusive for Penumbra Fashion Week (NEW)

RING:  AsHmOoT Band Beads Ring,
Exclusive for Designer Circle (NEW)

BRACELET:  Hudson’s Clothing Co. Floral Flair Almond Accessories Set,
worn Black Onyx Bangle, Group Gift (FREE JOIN)

NAIL POLISH:  -{ZOZ}- Dark Poem Polish SLink HUD,
Exclusive for World Goth (NEW)

nail shot for post_cropped
(-{ZOZ}- Dark Poem Nail Polish)

zoz poem nail polish hud_cropped
(-{ZOZ}- Dark Poem Polish SLink HUD)

HANDS:  SLink AvEnhance Female Elegant 1 Hands

POSE:  EverGlow Juicy Pose Set, Pose #4 (NEW)

May 17th Post release #4hs_cropped

POSE:  Elephante Poses Feel The Release Pose Set, Pose #4 (NEW)

Meet Our World Builders: Saiyge Lotus

This post originated @ Fantasy Faire 2015.

Saiyge Lotus, the creator and owner of Balderdash and designer and builder of Fairelands Junction for many years, shares with us her reasons to return, what it is like to build Fairelands, how she began building and what is her favourite Faire memory. Your Junctions have welcomed the visitors into the Fairelands for many years. … Continue reading Meet Our World Builders: Saiyge Lotus

A tail from another world

This post originated @ Fantasy Faire 2015.

‘It’s useful to go out of this world and see it from the perspective of another one ‘ – Terry Pratchett Today is the birthday of Terry Pratchett, the wonderful fantasy author of my favourite DiscWorld books, who passed away last month. The Fantasy Faire is celebrating Terry Pratchett Day – with several events about … Continue reading A tail from another world

Meet Our World Builders: Beq Janus

This post originated @ Fantasy Faire 2015.

Beq Janus, the designer and builder of Aurora, shares with us the inspiration and the backstory of the frozen world beneath the northern lights. She talks of her creation process, reveals how she found Second Life, New Babbage and started building.  This is your second year of building a Faireland. What was it like, what … Continue reading Meet Our World Builders: Beq Janus

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