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The 24²: Sexy, Chic, Fashionable Jumo

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Jumo Designs - Diaphanous BW 3
Let’s get better acquainted with one of the designers participating in Siren Productions’ upcoming 24² event, JuneMonteiro. She is owner of both Jumo Fashion and Jumo Designs.

Photographer Alianna Logan

AL: Thank you for taking the time to speak with us, June. First, we’d like to know how long you’ve been designing in Second Life®?
June: I have worked with RL fashion my whole life drawing for stamping fabrics, but in the virtual world do it to four years. Jumo Fashion has existed since July 2013 when I started to draw fashion, but in fact, I started in SL drawing textures on Jumo Designs in November 2012.

AL: So you’ve been around for a while then. Are your designs only for SL residents or is the Jumo brand in other virtual worlds?
June: Many designers of SL buy my textures to develop other virtual fashion games. But I have my brands only in SL.

AL: Do you credit any other designers or colleagues in SL as having mentored you or helped you to achieved your current level of success?
June: In fact I would like to thank the many who inspire me with their technique and refined taste for fashion design. Many served me as a guide in this incredible universe, without which I never even spoke to them, such as Gizza, Indira, Mohna Lisa, Utopia, among many others who are not only light but a beacon for me. I never had mentors, although in my heart I appreciate being able to have one, I was actually observing, experimenting and learning from the mistakes and successes of my own experiences. And believe me, it was not easy!

AL: I can imagine it wasn’t. Any time I’ve tried to venture into clothing design myself, I leave the experience with renewed respect and appreciation for those who do it well resigned to just buy what I need. So what other fun things do you like to do in SL?
June: Absolutely dance in the wonderful clubs we have here, each with very different personalities of others. My husband and I enjoyed ourselves avail for nights on end. Lights, music and color, Second Life is full of life, full of new experiences, just explore. I LOVE it!

Photographer Alianna Logan

AL: Your enthusiasm makes me smile. I am in wholehearted agreement with you! I’ve been here since January of 2006 and I’m still enjoying my second life tremendously. I am curious what your favorite things are to design?
June: Skins for sure! The skins have been my passion since I joined SL (am I alone?) Haha. Love working with the lights of faces and bodies, am passionate about eyebrows and lips … Simply I love doing makeup, moles and freckles, I know it sounds crazy but it really fascinates me!

AL: It doesn’t sound crazy at all! I personally never tire of having a new skin that looks good on my shape. Do you hope to expand your brand to include different items than you currently sell in the future?
June: I always had this idea in mind, I would offer residents all sorts of products that would make them feel full! For me fashion is behavior, and it encompasses every mode of life from own appearance, where you live, even what one reads or what one consumes. This is a big project but it is not impossible.

Photo supplied by JuneMonteiro.

AL: You certainly seem like one who can tackle a big project. How did you become involved with The 24² specifically, and any hints as to what you will be making for the event to tease our audience with?
June: I was invited to some time ago to participate in the 24², and inspired me precisely what I like most about SL, the dancing and sexy nights. My entire collection permeates this style, a sexy, chic and fun to enjoy the wonderful SL nightspots.

AL:What is your next big project that you might care to share?
June: We would like to expand the two stores, Jumo Fashion and Jumo Designs. We would like to partner with other designers to offer more products and with the highest quality services to residents. This challenge is scheduled for October and should last a month to get ready.

Photo supplied by JuneMonteiro

Thank you again, June. We look forward to seeing what you’ll have at The 24² opening September 5th!

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Jumo Fashion & Jumo Designs Inworld: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wedding/229/98/3599
Jumo Fashion on the Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/146413
Jumo Designs on the Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/pt-BR/stores/141371

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