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The Blackened Mirror Jigsaw: Quinn returns to Seraph City!

Original post @ The Blackened Mirror.

Quinn returns to Seraph City!

Quinn returns to Seraph City!

Yes, The Blackened Mirror returns tomorrow with Episode 4 – (Sunday 26th January at 2pm) and we find Quinn back in Seraph City – his home. Or so he expects.

But this is a very different Seraph City, it seems – and there are some shocks in store for the detective hero.

“Meet at the office.” That was the arrangement. But what will Quinn find there?

Have fun with the jigsaw!

Click to Mix and Solve

Quinn returns to Seraph City!

Remember – Season 2 will be continuing this weekend on Sunday 26th January at 2pm PST (10pm GMT), but in the mean-time you can catch up with Episode 1-3 (and all of Season 1) on the Blackened Mirror website, on our Facebook page – and also on the Blackened Mirror Treet channel too!

And in case you missed it – here is Episode 3 again!

Visit for actual post date.

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