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The Halloween GACHA Spooktacular! Oct 7 – 21

Original post @ SLGBT Alliance.

SLGBTA Halloween Gacha Spooktacular


Second Life allows us to be whoever we want to be — younger, older, male, female, Furry, skinny, curvy. We can wear what we want to wear, love who we want to love, and do anything and everything that inspires us. Second Life allows us to express who we are openly. Here, we are free to be happy being ourselves.

Unfortunately, Real Life isn’t always so kind, and so many times we suffer at the hands of those who can’t accept us for what we are, what we do, who we befriend and who we love.

This Halloween, on a holiday that embraces the unique, The SLGBTA is joining forces with the community of Second Life Designers in support of Dan Savage’s It Gets Better Project. You are invited to help fight real life discrimination with your Second Life creations.

The Dan Savage Project, founded and headed by writer Dan Savage, is an ongoing effort to provide LGBT youth with the resources they need to know that eventually, life gets better. Donations help fund anti-bullying campaigns and suicide prevention.

We hope you will join us in supporting this important cause! Click HERE to submit your confirmation application. Applications are due by September 25th, 2014.


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