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The Month of Games: Introducing Mr. Peppermint

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Join us at The Month of Games as we introduce several of the popular characters from The Month of Games! Check out some fun facts about the games and the characters themselves. Then join us July 12th, 2014 as The Month of Games Opens with a kick start of Candyland:Fashion Extravaganza July 12th, 2014 12pm & 5pm.


This working candyman of the lollipop & peppermint forest starts off his morning bright and early with a cup of hot coco topped by some silky whipped cream before a hard days work in the Lollipop Forest. Time to harvest candy for all the boys and girls who attending the gala at Queen Frostine’s sugary palace on July 12th, 2014 at 12pm & 5pm SL. Honored attendees include BOSL, Boulevard, and Siren Productions. MODEL: Bosco Jonson

Can you answer these trivia questions about Candyland???

1. What are the playing pieces shaped as?

A. Lollipops B. Cupcakes C. Gingerbread Men D. Candy Rappers

2. True or False, There are white squares on the trail of the Candyland Board Game?

3. What is the name of the lady who lives in the peanut brittle house?

A. Princess Lolly B. Queen Frostine C. Gramma Nut D. Lady Licorice

4. What is the very first picture space on the board?

A. Candy Cane B. Plum C. Ice Cream D. Snowflake

5. Where is the final location on the Candyland Board?

A. Candy Castle B. Lord Licorice’s Mansion C. Pie Palace D. Queen Frostine’s Fortress

Let’s see if you can get all 5 questions right!

The Month of Games Calender

Check out the complete list of designers here on the website and the calender above for all the fun events with our Media Sponsors AIM Modeling Agency, BOSL, Boulevard, Cultured The Magazine, Designing SL, ModeLS Magazine, SCALA, SL Live Radio. Join us at SCALA for our Candyland Party on July 12th at 12pm and 5pm SL.

Answers: 1:C, 2:False, 3:C, 4:B, 5:A

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