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The Secret Affair – Game of Thrones (For men)

Original post @ Gacha Junky.
The Secret Affair may be a small cosy event compared to some but it has certainly raised the bar in what is achievable in SL contentwise. This round opened with the highly anticipated Game of Thrones theme and many of the creators were pushing the limits of SL’s latest advances in mesh and materials. In top form were creators like Alchemy and aisling – with really stunning works of art masquerading as wearable assessories. [Tia] made an amazingly detailed iron throne with an astonishingly low prim count and Fanatik excelled again with an architectural structure simply named Tower.

For me, it was refreshing to see items that men could actually use. PFC and Enigma created items geared more towards men if not at least for unisex purposes. DRD also produced a fun unisex machine. After all, who doesn’t want to wave a Stark head about!

And what is Game of Thrones without the dragons..? Alchemy’s animated wyrmling is a must have. It is beautifully modelled, textured and animated. In some ways I am glad it is not a gacha, for I would be sinking big bucks into the machine to collect them all otherwise. If you prefer something more edgy (and spikey), play DRD’s gacha for the rare animated dragon. Even Bauwerk has a shoulder dragon gacha on offer. If you want something cute, play yumyum’s Baby Dragon gacha.

I could keep waxing lyrical about every single creator involved in the event but a picture says a thousand words. Take a look and make sure you visit the event before it closes at the end of the month. You may regret it if you don’t… for winter is coming (well, in Australia it is…)

Jon Snow and Ghost
Close up of Sigil Ring

Closeup of dire wolf brooch

Jon is wearing:
(The Secret Affair – Non-Gacha)
Stitched – Athalos tunic and Bran pants/boots
PFC~Northern Cape – winter
AZOURY – Stark Boots (Black) – note they only work in the outfit for static poses only. This is because I wore them over the Stitched boots.

(The Secret Affair – Gacha)
[Tia] House brooch – Direwolf – (Boxed) – rare
:Enigma: Heaven Gold White Shield (rare)
[The Forge] GoT Rings, (House Stark)

Alchemy – Fenris The Great Wolf – Snow – from the Red Riding Hood Enchanted event
[EZ] Longclaw Sword - EZ Weaponry

Drogo and Wyrmling

More wyrmling detail
Drogo wears:
(The Secret Affair – Gacha)
Pure Poison – Khal Drogo – Black and Brown (Rare) – Arms and Belt
(The Secret Affair -Non gacha)
Alchemy – Wyrmling – Animated pet – Black
Redemption outfit by [The Forge]

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