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The Secret Affair – Game of Thrones

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Its the big day, the premiere for HBO’s Game of Thrones new season and the opening of The Secret Affair here in Second Life. There is no shortage of GOT items to be had at this small but significant event that opens today at 12pm slt. The event coordinator went with quality and keenly focused content. The result is an event with items that fans will love and role players will splurge on to embellish their scenes and surroundings. One of the more expensive items is this build by Fanatik Architecture, simply titled TOWER. The tower and the floating rock beneath will set you back three thousand linden but I suspect many Game of Thrones fans will walk through this and feel how it can immerse you in RP. To me it feels very much like the tower that the Lanister lovers tossed the Stark boy from. The textures and tones of this build are exactly what everyone has come to expect in this leading brand and there is no shortage of old world mood in these walls.
Also featured here is a golden dragon by O.M.E.N, a steal at 55 linden. Other non gacha here includes a gorgeous dress by Peqe and an iron throne by TIA. Neither of them easy to see completely but you will not miss them when you get there. The skin I am wearing is by Birdy, called Daenerys skin in biscuit. It has all of the usually fabulous rendering we have come to know from Birdy. 

Headress – Alchemy – Mother of Dragons – ULTRA RARE
Armbands – Pure Poison – Khal Drogo- Arms – Black & Brown – RARE
Belt – Pure Poison – Khal Drogo – Belt – Black & Brown – RARE

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