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The Shoes Fair 2013

Original post @ The Misadventures of Shady Ami & Redd.
Drum roll please.  The Shoes Fair has arrived! 2013 addition.  Just opened on the 16th.  I was actually very surprised…. there was so little buzz about this fair, that I didn’t even know about it until the 17th, and that was by just stumbling on to a little sign about it.  I was really shocked and disappointed. There should have been big signs all over the grid for this kind of fair.

When trying to get go to the fair, I ran in to another problem.  I couldn’t find a landmark to even get there! Not only that, but I couldn’t even find a sim name to look up to get to the fair the old fashion search bar way…  The only info I had, was the blog, which was very informative….. except for a location. I ended up having to dig around in the search, hoping to find some sort of link to the fair.  I was able to find one, and it didn’t take too long to find it… but fuck,  I’m not even at the fair yet and I’m already frustrated, you know? That’s not a good way to start out.

After tp’ing in, I instantly notice the extreme lack of people around.  I saw one other person there and she was on the other side of the fair.  I’m not surprised nobody showed up, though, considering there was almost no advertising of the fair and for those few who knew about, couldn’t even GET a landmark for the place.

But that is all behind us now. It’s time to try on shoes and shop!

Lots of good looking shoes.  I didn’t see anything too strange, which was a little disappointing.  At fairs you normally have a shop or two doing something really odd or creative with their project.  While walking around, I noticed several shops were empty! Some had a store sign in front of the shop, but nothing inside.  Other shops were just plain ol’ empty.  I have no idea what happened…?  Did a lot of people drop out of the fair?  Where that many people unprepared?  Was the fair rushed at set up time? I’ll probably never know… but once again, I was feeling disappointed.  Especially when some of the stores I was most looking forward to, ended up being some of the empty stores. Bummer.

I did find things to try on though!

And there were some nice things to check out….

This style seems to be the newest hot trend at the moment.  I saw several shoes that looked just like these.

Check out the BLOG for more info on the fair.

CLICK HERE for a ride to the shoe fair.

And of course I found something to buy! :D There were exclusive shoes at the fair, but my purchases were non-exclusives.

Awesome zombie galoshes from Nerdmonkey.

…. and Element Wedges from Razor.

I also bought the shoe pose stand that I’m using in those photos.  It came from a great pose store called WetCat.

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