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The SL11B Community Celebration is over – but you can see it now on Designing Worlds

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Don’t miss the recent Designing Worlds show where we pay the first of two visits to the amazing SL11B Community Celebration!

This show was recorded before the event opened, so we concentrated mainly on the public builds – our second show will focus on the residents’ builds (many of which were still under construction as we filmed).

SL11B CC Cake Stage

SL11B CC Cake Stage

We talked to Diana Renoir, Exhibits Assistants, Sec Mod Co0Ordinator and Land Team (and half a dozen other key roles!), Rosamoo Mendelsohn about the wonderful Big Hunt, the builders of the DJ and Live Stages -Kaz (Kazuhiro Aridian) and Aki Shichiroji, Will Webb, theTime Capsule co-ordinator and last but certainly not least – Yvanna Llanfair, the creator of the wonderful pod tours – which this year included seamless transitions to balloons and boats!

SL11B CC Cake Stage - Interior

SL11B CC Cake Stage – Interior

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