Siren Productions Presents The Jewelry & Accessories Expo - 12/5-12/13/2014

The Void is calling…

Original post @ Twisted Hunt Fall 2014 | Sept 1 – 30 .

… and we’re happy to answer it’s call.

We’re back with another look at some of the amazing stuff you can find if you brave this year’s Twisted Time Warp Hunt. Think about it – 100+ stores, 11 colors and 11 themes to pick from, all in the hands of some of the most creative, warped, devious minds in Second Life. This is not just a hunt, it’s a tradition and an event that has never been duplicated quite so successfully in SL.

The stores look gorgeous, the side hunts will melt your brain and the prizes make every drop of blood, sweat and tears worth it.


Dark Matter

Dark Matter

Dark Matter

Dark Matter

Dark Matter

Xtreme Designs

Yes, these are just silhouettes.  No, you have no idea how I risked life and limb sneaking into Lucian’s store to get a sneak peek for the blog.  The man is Deviousness personified and I was lucky to escape with just this and not get dropped into his side game without a map.  =)

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