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Time is fleeting…

Original post @ Twisted Hunt Fall 2014 | Sept 1 – 30 .

…and warping, hours passing like seconds, seconds stretching into eternity – all in pursuit of those elusive spinning cubes! We are about 17 hours into the start of the Twisted Time Warp and it’s already been one helluva ride!

As with all hunt starts, there are a few spots where you might need help getting through to the next place, so be sure to join the Twisted group and keep an eye on chat for clues and info on navigation issues. The group is pretty friendly too and you just might make a new friend or find yourself a hunt buddy to work the Twisted path with.

Have we mentioned that there are prizes, side games and more gachas than you can imagine on this hunt? The Twisted merchants have really gone all out (some might even say completely lost their minds!) and the hunt is literally bursting at the seams with stuff. And nonsense. And things you didn’t know you couldn’t live without until you see them.

The theme is Twisted Time Warp. All previous hunt colors and all previous hunt themes are being revisited, reworked, reshaped, reimagined and jumbled together in one huge acid trip of a month. This is your change to score some amazing brand new builds, orthat gift you missed in a past hunt, or find a recolor of something you loved, or even an updated, less prim heavy version of something you might remember collecting years ago. We’ve got tons of stuff to showcase this month from the hunt, so be sure to check back for updates.





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