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Twisted’s Spell

Original post @ Twisted Hunt Spring 2014 | March 1 – 31.

As many of you veteran Twisties know, finding those elusive little cubes is never an easy task.  However, in the spirit of the current Twisted Hunt theme, we have come up with a new method you might want to try out:  The Twisted Spell to Summon the Cubes.  Its extremely simple to use.  Just stand within 30m of the landing point at whichever store is giving you a problem, raise your arms high, close your eyes and chant the spell aloud.

“Cubes who dwell in slivers of night,
Uncloak yourself to hunter’s sight.

Mystical forces black and white
Reaching out through Twisted flight,
be they far or be they near
Bring us the magical cubes here.

A perfect cube we summon now,
Another way we don’t know how.
Bring the cube into the light
That we may hunt another night.”***

When the spell is completed, open your eyes, take a deep breath, and go back to camming every nook and cranny you can find, using the most awkward camera angles and dizzying pans possible, along with any obligatory teeth gnashing or hair pulling necessary for you to find the cube.

If all of the above fails, bolster your hunting spirit by taking a look at today’s group of gifts just waiting to be found.




***Spell bastardized from several excerpts of the “Book of Shadows”, ala Charmed.   What, you expected real magic?  =P




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