UPDATE: More Well Known Residents Sign UP for the Celebrity Auction!

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Great charity fundaiser for Feed a Smile:

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MadPea Celebrity Auction Poster

More awesomely generous well-known SL ‘Celebrities’ have signed up to take part in the Celebrity Auction. Really this is going to be amazing and raise so many L$ for such a great cause! There’s still time to sign-up so get your name added and make a real difference to the life of children in Kenya!

Canary Beck
TeenaMarie Bressig
Sina Souza (Sinalein Resident)
Caitlin Tobias
Mericat Ireland
Anderian Sugarplum
Roman Godde
Lisa Brune
Bcreative Wilde
Dusty Wasp
Aeonix Aeon
Maggie Mae Bhaktiguru (Any1 Gynoid)
Toxic Darkmatter
Arduenn Schwartzman
TerryLynn Melody
Inara Pey
Isla Gealach
Freestar Tammas
Garnet Psaltery
Chloe Seljan
Sabbian Paine
Synitry Resident
Leetx Resident
Gabrielle Riel
Imre Bellic
Tzaryna Gracemount
Kiana Writer
Trinity Yazimoto
Levio Serenity
Kess Crystal
Ayla Barzane
Draxtor Despres
Jo Yardley
Kush Zepp
Octagons Yazimoto, Emery Milneaux and Katharine McGinnis (Owners of The Arcade)
irrie Ember
Yelena Istmal
Pandagroov Windstorm

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Tab Tatham and…

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