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Viva La Arcade!

Original post @ The Misadventures of Shady Ami & Redd.
So it is that time again!  The Arcade has struck the group of us like a bunch of kids.

This time around the theme seems to be gravitating towards the summer – sun, surf and other activities that require gobs of sunscreen, mosquito repellant or a cool beer.
For the first few days, we were unable to get into the Arcade – the sim was full!  Ami and I were so anxious to get in!!  We tried to busy ourselves with other activities, like garden cleaning, outfit making, inventory cleanup, but by day 3, Ami was like, “If I don’t get into the arcade tonight, I’m gonna cut a bitch!”  
For those not in the know, the Arcade is held on a homestead, instead of a full sim.  A homestead has when it is full can hold up to 33 people.
This is a mixed blessing. For those of us who were able to get in, it gives the shoppers a more intimate shopping experience, giving us room to move.  It also gives us the time we need to look at what we’re buying and not have to worry about swarms of people using the same gatcha and possibly overloading it.
The bad side is…you may get a lot of rejection – this sim is full and so on.  Or you end up like Ami, in a frothy rage by the time you get there.  
This song seems to sum up the situation:

Once you get in, you get to see the Arcade in its full glory.  

I was so excited to get in, I forgot shoes!!!

Archie – the spokesperson for the Arcade, dons a summer look!
When we eventually got in (we all went out separately), we all were giddy with anticipation.  One of the cool things about the Arcade are the different avatars that you can see:

Here’s a view of the interior of the Arcade.

Watch out – Grandma has the munchies!!!

I never had the ability to skateboard…so seeing a bear doing it makes me kind of jealous.

So –  what did we buy???

Here Petal and I are modelling off the MUST HAVE item from the fair – a headdress from Tee*fy!  Our outfits are from Lua’s.
Ami’s in her Wasabi Pills Hair.  They had 2 sizes – One for small and one large.  For 50L, this was a steal!
Teacup piglets!!! They are my favorites!  Look at all of them!!!  They are from !OhMai.  The surfboards are an item from Tabloid.
You know how much I LOVE plushies.  These cuties are from Intrigue, Co. 

There are plenty of treasures for you to find at the Arcade, and if you join their group, you can trade your items too!

Here’s your ride! The Arcade SLURL

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