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We have a lot of news today! First things first – October round…

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We have a lot of news today! First things first – October round has arrived and Atelier Kreslo is proud to present a new collection of chairs: Leaf chairs by Ravyn Hynes of MudHoney and RubyStarlight Writer of Exposeur!

Leaf chair, created by Ravyn Hynes is 1LI, copy/mod and includes 6 female and 2 male poses by RubyStarlight Writer.

Available exlusively for a month at Atelier Kreslo.

Only a week left to see and purchase 8 unique artpieces by Zane Audran.

You can check out and buy both of our featured collections at our new location. Atelier Kreslo has moved to Fall sim!

Imogen will be always our home but new place means new possibilities and plans! Stay tunned for a lot of new things in upcoming months!

Atelier Kreslo @ Fall

Come and visit us at our new and refreshed place!

Atelier Kreslo Team


Visit http://atelierkreslo.tumblr.com/post/63948654246 for actual post date.

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