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White Walker

Original post @ Gacha Junky.
Just had to do a quick post with the PFC Dragonslayer gacha set (in Iron) available from The Secret Affair. Here’s my version of a white walker… I was inspired by their menacing appearance and ethereal blue eyes.

PFC Dragonslayer Gacha at The Secret Affair
PFC~Dragon Slayer – Belt (iron)
PFC~Dragon Slayer – Tiara (iron) RARE
PFC~Dragon Slayer – Necklace
PFC~Dragon Slayer – Bracer (iron)
PFC~Dragon Slayer – Skull arm
PFC~Dragon Slayer – Claw
Also wearing non Gacha items from PFC:
PFC – Reaper
PFC – Slayer (DCS Weapon)
Petit Hair by Tableau Vivant – Arcade March 2014

Visit http://gachajunky.blogspot.com/2014/04/white-walker.html for actual post date.

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