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Happily Ever After Starts With Star Crossed Weddings...

Experience the ~ Seasons of Life~ by John(johannes1977) 

This post originated @ Windlight Magazine.


Great review of my LEA build, “Seasons of Life” by Owl Dragonash:

Originally posted on Through Owl's eyes…:

~ Seasons of Life~ by John (johannes1977) @ Lea 4


John’s Seasons of Life build is a wonderful depiction of life cycles and seasons he has divided his plot into 4 seasons.

Once you view each the effects and ambience really add to the feel of the space.


I first became aware of John’s art at SL12B his Dreaming away exhibit caught my attention!

Since then wow the man is everywhere.


I thought my sl was busy lol below is a small list of things John is part of.

Defiantly an Artist and Mover to watch!

John on Flicker

John’s web Folio

Co-Founder of Team Diabetes of Second Life-Coming Soon!

Owner of Windlight Magazine & Windlight Gallery

Owner of Epic Chromatic Gallery

Seasons of Life featured in Lindearts blogspot

Scenes of war review @Epic Virtuality

Windlight an Art magazine opening review @ Living in a

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24 2015 Post #4

This post originated @ You’d Better Work Bitch!.

                             Ooh-la-licious/Candy Girl/Peaches & Cream

Outfit: Ricielli – Spiked Bra & Pullover & Ricielli Lavinia Purple Shorts
SLink:! Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High ! & ! Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Casual !
Shoes:BAX Prestige Boots Black Leather
Hair: AD – tantrum – light blondes
Skin:Ooh-la-licious/Candy Girl/Peaches & Cream For 24 2015 Event
Ooh-la-licious/Candy Girl Tones Available Are:
Ooh-la-licious/Candy Girl/Peaches & Cream *SHOWN*
Ooh-la-licious/Candy Girl/Amaretto Skin
Ooh-la-licious/Candy Girl/Brown Sugar Skin
Ooh-la-licious/Candy Girl/Caramel Skin
Ooh-la-licious/Candy Girl/Chocolate Skin
Ooh-la-licious/Candy Girl/Cocoa Skin 
Ooh-la-licious/Candy Girl/Espresso Skin 
Ooh-la-licious/Candy Girl/Godiva Limited Edition Skin 
Ooh-la-licious/Candy Girl/Honey Skin
Ooh-la-licious/Candy Girl/Mocha Skin
Ooh-la-licious/Candy Girl/Vanilla Skin
Available Appliers Are:
Ooh-la-licious Generation 5/Belleza Body Skin Appliers
Ooh-la-licious Generation 5/Slink Hands Appliers 
Ooh-la-licious Generation 5/Slink Feet Appliers 
Ooh-la-licious Generation 5/Lolas Skin Appliers (Works With Lush Breasts too)
Ooh-la-licious Generation 5/Phat/Cute Azz Appliers
Ooh-la-licious Generation 5/WowMeh Appliers
Ooh-la-licious Generation 5/*KL* Lena Body 
Ooh-la-licious Generation 5/Ghetto Booty Appliers
Ooh-la-licious Generation 5/Slink Hands Appliers
Ooh-la-licious Generation 5/Slink Physique 
Ooh-la-licious Generation 5/Maitreya Body Skin Appliers
Ooh-la-licious Generation 5/Brazilia Doll Skin Appliers 
Ooh-la-licious Generation 5/Slink Feet Appliers
Ooh-la-licious Generation 5/Brazilia Butt Appliers
Ooh-la-licious Generation 5/#TMP Body Skin Appliers
Candy Girl Lip Options: 
Bare Gloss, Bare Matte, Berry, Bubblegum, Cherry, Fuchsia Berry, 
Grape Frost, Mango, Papaya, Peach, Pearberry, Pearberry Frost, Plum Frost, Wildberry.
Eyes: pc eyes – classic gen4 – m/r – calm sea
Nails:~P!P~ Glitter Diva Nails Slink Finger & Toe Nail applier
Other Notes About Ooh-la-licious Are:
★ Higher Resolution on Flickr:
★ Like Ooh-la-licious Skins® on Facebook:
★ Designer Personal Page:
★ Second Life Marketplace:

The First Windlight Art Gallery Artist in Residence: Wicca Merlin

This post originated @ Windlight Magazine.

Profile Pic August 2015

Windlight Art Gallery is pleased to name it’s very first Artist in Residence: Wicca Merlin! Wicca will debut her new showing at the September 2015 exhibit, which will open officially on September 8, 2015. Below is Wicca’s official bio:

Wicca Merlin came to Second Life 2007 when a friend told her she could experience music from other countries as her home country of Germany did not afford her the same exposure to music from around the globe. Presently Wicca is a designer and has her own brand, Wicca’s Wardrobe. Wicca’s Wardrobe is a team of 4 people – Veovis, Redclaw and Wicca – who design and create together and Prisilla, who is the good soul and GM.
She is a well known, experienced and respected model and blogger who enjoys mentoring others. In her blogging and photography, she always strives to be different, bringing in her love of fantasy and Avant Garde, her photography always takes on a bit of an edge. Wicca was surprised that her photography would be considered art and was flattered to be invited to create an exhibit.

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A Kinky Halloween 4 Hunt

This post originated @ SL Hunts.

SLhuntsKinky Halloween 4 poster


ADULT only, kinky,naughty,BDSM,D/s,toys,clothing, what ever comes to your naughty minds.

Hunt Name A Kinky Halloween 4 Hunt
Hunt Date October 1-31
Applications Date Deadline Sept 25th
Organisers SL Name Alissa Serenity
Any Other Info P&T Hunts manager Melody Mordly This Hunt will end with a secret final location when sponsors will hide a second bonus gift for hunters.
Type of Hunt Grid Wide Hunt
SLurl to starting location

LIttle dancing

This post originated @ Sheep Clouds.


Dear Readers :)  How was your day? How is your day? How are you doing? 

Let me show you Virtual Diva released for Sneak peek August round “Mirror Gown”
Lovely Hat :) 

Sneak Peekの8月のラウンドも残り2日ぐらい。すでに八月ではないですが。

Sneak Peek Slurl

little dancing…  She is dreaming to be dancer, she has practice everyday even nobody there.

This is my promotion to this dress :DD  little bit feel lonely feel sad. 
but this dress was made more fantasy chic.  You can see vender pop at Event place.
You will see very cute picture :) 

Gown : Mirrors Gown by Virtual Diva @ SNEAK PEEK August 

boots : *COCO*_Over-the-kneeBoots_Black

Hair :    Haert-Hair    Natural brown

Thanks for reading. 
Have a Nice day or Sleep well!! 

Please visit for the original post date.

Good Reads: Literary Classics Hunt

This post originated @ SL Hunts.

SLhuntsgood reads


Read any good books lately? This hunt is all about good reads…The Classics! Merchants can create costumes, outfits, furniture, decorations…anything that highlights classic “must read” literature.

Hunt Name Good Reads: Literary Classics Hunt
Hunt Date October 1-October 31
Applications Date September 20, 2015
Organisers SL Name Desideria Stockton
Any Other Info Please apply at IM Desideria Stockton with questions. Sponsors: 200L Timeline: Apps due 9/20/15 Hint & Pic due: 9/25/15
Type of Hunt Grid Wide Hunt
SLurl to starting location

24 2015 Post #2

This post originated @ You’d Better Work Bitch!.

-mL- Kaylee Outfit (The24) 

Outfit:-mL- Kaylee Outfit (The24)
SLink:! Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High ! & ! Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Casual !
Shoes: Came with outfit
Hair: *~*Damselfly*~*Sunhild Mesh DkBlondes
Skin:Glam Affair – Katra & Summerv3 – FLF – Jamaica
Eyes: pc eyes – classic gen4 – m/r – calm sea
Jewelry: Came with outfit
Nails:~P!P~ Glitter Diva Nails Slink Finger & Toe Nail applier

Make the World Go Away in Second Life

This post originated @ Windlight Magazine.


Honour McMillan reviews Baby’s Ear, a great photogenic location!

Originally posted on Honour's Post Menopausal View (of Second Life):

Babys Ear (adult)

Sometimes you want the real world to go away for a while, it can be very ugly. These thoughts, of course, reminded me of the song. For those who remember it, I haven’t linked to the Eddy Arnold version. Instead I went back to the original by the fabulous Timi Yuro. :)

Babys Ear (adult)

My escape route is inworld – a chance to play with the camera. I got lucky today and discovered that Neva Crystall’s new home sim is open to us (I thought I’d missed it after seeing Inara’s post, but something obviously changed).

Babys Ear (adult)

Neva has a welcoming message for us: Welcome to Neva’s Baby’s Ear, my home away from home. There are no fences nor ban lines throughout the sim, so let free your wanderlust and enjoy your stay.

Also, for those convinced that everything labelled…

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Impressions by Inara Pey

This post originated @ Windlight Magazine.


Kate Feldragonne reviews Inara Pey’s Impressions on LEA 6:

Originally posted on A Kat and A Mouse:

I’ve been a busy bee in SL lately, and I made it to Inara Pey’s current LEA exhibit, called ‘Impressions.’

What is ‘Impressions’?

According to Inara, it’s a combination of three things:  “The first is a display of my more recent images and videos of places I’ve visited around Second Life – the impressions they’ve given me, if you will.  The second is the setting itself, an interpretation of Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous “Fallingwater,” the house he built for Edgar J. Kaufmann and his family – a house that has made an enormous impression on me over the years.  The third is the 2D and (particularly) 3D work of a talented Italian student, CioTToLiNa Xue – work that made quiet an impression on me when I happened across it in July, and have wanted to share with a wider audience.”

After having a bit of time to wander…

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Return to the Madness of Peatonville Asylum

This post originated @ Windlight Magazine.


MadPea has another immersive experience that is returning: The Peatonville Asylum, just in time for Halloween!

Originally posted on MadPea:

Everyone has a favourite MadPea game. We get asked often to bring back some of the most popular games and so we are delighted to announce the return to the madness of Peatonville Asylum this Halloween season.

We’ve gone back to the crazy roots of the game, updated and rebuilt and will be bringing the game back to the grid starting on 1st October. The same chills, the same thrills, the same frights…all rebooted and improved for our craziest game yet.

As always our games wouldn’t be possible without the hard work of our vendors and we have 25 of the absolute best taking part in the madness with us…

Ladies & Gentleman, loosen your straight-jackets, and prepare to bounce off the walls of your padded cell and join us in welcoming the creators behind The Peatonville Asylum gates…

Peatonvile Stores Announcement


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