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Windlight Art Gallery to Open August 1, Formal Opening Reception on August 8!

This post originated @ Windlight Magazine.

Windlight Magazine Gallery Opening PosterFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Grand Opening of Windlight Magazine’s Art Gallery & August Windlight Artist Fellows Exhibition

DATE: August 1, 2015


Windlight Magazine, Second Life’s newest magazine about the arts, will open it’s brand new Windlight Art Gallery with a group exhibition on August 1, 2015. The opening reception will be on August 8, 2015 at 1pm slt and feature live performer Anek Fuchs. A closing reception will be held on August 23, 2015 at 3pm slt and will also feature live performer Anek Fuchs.

The exhibition will feature August 2015 Windlight Art Gallery Fellows Artemis Greece Resident, Richie Narstrom, Seb Arkright, Bones Delicioso, Ozymandi Resident, Ilrya Chardin, Sandi Benelli, Myra Wildmist, SereneDean Resident, Roffellos Resident, Bluesrocker Resident, ChrysteRox Resident, and Wicca Merlin. Many of the works are original pieces by each artist in a variety of scenery and art mediums.

About the Windlight Artist Fellowship Program:
The Artist Fellowship program will provide free gallery space to both new and established artists for a period of 30 days. This program is open to both new and established artists in Second Life. The goal of the program is to provide promotional and artistic resources to artists in Second Life.

About Windlight Magazine:
Windlight Magazine is a publication about the art and photography world of Second Life. The goal of Windlight Magazine is to support artists, photographers, galleries, and related events. John nee Johannes1977 Resident is the Owner, Publisher, and Editor in Chief of Windlight Magazine and Gallery. The magazine is published on a monthly basis.

For More Information:

Ice Cream Social

This post originated @ Addicted To Hunts.

Do you love ice cream?? Are you a store owner?? Then you will wanna hop on this ice cream social and be apart of this sweet hunt.

Read the following requirements and then send me a nc with the following information:

  1. full sl name
  2. store name
  3. store slurl
  4. store lm
  • your store should be comprised of original items made by yourself
  • no biab, reseller, x-rated, freebie, clubs will be accepted
  • your prize can be anything you like so long as it deals with ice cream
  • your prize needs to be new and exclusive during the run of the hunt
  • this is a 0l hunt
  • hunt dates: august 12-31

Lagniappe In New Orleans Art at The Pearl

This post originated @ Windlight Magazine.

Saoirse reviews The Pearl Gallery in the New Orleans sim:

2-Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 5.44.21 PM

I was taking in the sites of the fabulously designed virtual New Orleans riding the St. Charles streetcar, smartly named “Desire”, when I came upon The Pearl gallery.


This gallery is New Orleans style tall ceilings and welcoming atmosphere, croissants and coffee at the door.  The pieces inside captured my attention with their miscellany of expressions.  At first glance, the personal aspect of these pieces may be missed amid the colors and distinct variations of images.  I mention this first so you will take the moment to look deeply into these images after you see them the first time.  “Gossamer Soul” has a texture of rough sandstone which made me recall the aspects of brutalist architecture.  This was a movement in architecture from the 1950s and 1970s, the term “brutal” derived from the French béton brut, or “raw concrete” a word coined by Le Corbusier when asked about his material.  In Gossamer Soul the roughness of the concrete is in hues of sands, yellows and browns.  In SL art it is fascinating to see how artists mix the tactile feeling of an image with the 2D aspects.  You can almost hear the sounds of scraping as the concrete element is added and smoothed into the image.  This style is present also in a piece titled “Coastal Monument in Red”, scratches from the tools of a cement layer.  In “Coastal” I also had the feeling of a heated aspect to the cracks.

The artist moves from the tactile of the New Brutalism to vibrant colors in “Little Dreams”.  There are a couple of main images, the artist, a famous castle, and there are underlying images as well.  I will not reveal them here, only to write they give us an insight to the personal part of the artist.  The images on this piece have an almost holographic aspect to them, hinting at transparency but not giving way to it.  Swirling colors entertain the eye with this piece.

The artist has also given us a couple of pieces that have a look of watercolor paints in the color strokes.  “God Rest” is one of those pieces with a watercolor aspect.  I have a feeling that the artist, Shakita Adored, will be adding more pieces as she completes them.  There is a lot of diversity and many varying expressions.  To me this means that she is only getting started on what she can develop from her expressions.  The Pearl is definitely a little something extra [Lagniappe] for those who visit.  Artfully yours, Saoirse Heart



It takes all kinds to build a community in Second Life: Basilique hits 2000 member milestone

This post originated @ Windlight Magazine.


Basilique is a community that Windlight Magazine will be covering soon online, check it out and congrats to the sim owner, Canary Beck for this milestone!

Originally posted on Canary Beck:

InnocentlyWicked Resident, a 4-week old avatar who describes herself as: “young and I just want to have fun’, surely didn’t imagine she’d be winning Caitlin Tobias’s inventory of poses from her store Pose O’Clock, when she accepted our invitation as Basilique’s 2000th member.

2000 members might not sound like much in comparison to some in world groups out there. Compared to groups solely based on regions however, 2000 is a respectable number and it’s taken years to get to this point. Basilique opened December 26th, 2012 (there’s even a street named after that date, leading up to the Basilique Playhouse – see image below). Back then we had about 30 charter members (friends, mainly) who we personally invited. At first, I experimented with charging a join fee (starting at L$ 1000). Lowering the join fee to L$ 350 made no difference to sign ups. Eliminating the join fee also made no difference. The join fee was never the problem.

Via XXVI di dicembre Via XXVI…

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Going Bust Is On NOW! 7/28/15 – 8/11/15

This post originated @ Cleavage.


A new round of GOING BUST is on now with deals to be had! Going Bust is a sales event that opens on the 28th of every month and runs for 2 weeks, with all the sales items now located in one convenient location!

This current round runs from July 28th to August 11th, with great deals available for 100L or less!

bombshell - cotton body suit ads 1 Hundred. Bareback Bodysuit V.2 AD_ 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Grazia-going-bust Blink2Wink - Xena Bodysuit [Ad] epoch - tonic outfit - advertisement - goingbust FnH Lace Body Cross for GB GD Boho skirt and top Rasberry Blues GD Boho skirt and top Purple Haze GD Boho skirt and top Indigo Grass GD Boho skirt and top Aquagreens Jelly Lacey T Ad purple candy - Keiko 1 .SALT - SPANDEX SET - GOING BUST JULY_AUGUST 2015 sass-undeez-g-stringz-basics-vendor-ad-going-bust sass-undeez-g-stringz-sparkle-ombre-vendor-ad-copy sg-franz_theshops_preview sg-franz_lelutka-_previerw TD Maysa Sensual Dress with Appliers TU-bubbles Ad Pink [trs]CroppedSweatshirt_PIC_LJ

Click here to teleport to the event.


New LJ logo_just tagline

Lubbly Jubblies is a monthly applier event providing new and exclusive items for your mesh bodies and bits. Our sponsors for the June round Bombshell, 1 Hundred, Infliction and Tiffany Designs along with 15 additional designers have brought you some amazing designs which you can see below. The current round is OPEN NOW and will run through noon on the 13th. Happy Shopping!

Click here to teleport to the event.

Click to view slideshow.

Click here to teleport to the event.



The End is HERE! Now through August 6th you can head up to the sky for Seraphim’s post apocalyptic themed event for clothes, accessories, poses, home decor and MORE! Please note all items are not implant friendly so please try demos! Check out Seraphim’s coverage of the event HERE.

Click here to teleport to the event.

Get Involved with Cleavage!

If you’re an implant friendly designer or blogger and want to get involved with Cleavage, there are lots of ways you can do so.

Designer Application for Lubbly Jubbies: Please apply here

Going Bust and Lubbly Jubblies Blogger Application: Please apply here

Rental Application: Please apply here

Creating A Hand Painted Effect In Your Photographs

This post originated @ Windlight Magazine.


DWPhotoworks demonstrates how to create a hand painted effect in your photographs:

Originally posted on DWPhotoworks Blog:

I have always had a fascination for some of those old photographs that had been hand colored or toned to create a soft almost watercolor effect. These were mostly done with black and white images and almost always had that soft pleasing look to them.
I had tried many times to create a soft watercolor look to a few of my images. I have seen some wonderful renditions of others work that mimicked that look very well and envied the artists efforts. In this article I will share my latest technique which isn’t really a true watercolor effect, but presents a sort of modern art pencil and watercolor sketch.

“Pretty In Pink”

After selecting your image, and opening it in your version of Photoshop, create a duplicate layer as always. The tool that is used for this technique is the popular plug-in from Topaz Labs ( ) called Simplify.

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MadPea Art Gacha Festival

This post originated @ Windlight Magazine.


MadPea Art Gacha Festival is now accepting registrations!

Originally posted on MadPea:

150714 Gacha Art Fest

Someone once told us that you can’t do art and gacha together…that was like showing a red rag to a bull! Last year MadPea produced it’s first Art Gacha Festival and it was a huge success for everyone concerned.

So much so that we’re doing it all over again this year.

The festival starts on the 14th August and there are still spaces for artists to take a machine to sell their works. Here’s some more info directly from the Pea’s mouth:


Each Artist can rent up to two gacha machines, which we will provide.  The machines have three levels: common, rare, and ultra rare. You must provide at least one rare item per machine.

Your submissions must be original artworks, quality, and not be sold in any of your in-world shops or museums.

It will be appreciated, if they were unique, and never before seen pieces of Art…

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Tie The Knot Hunt

This post originated @ HUNT SL.

TieTheKnotHuntPosterFA2015Hunt Dates: Sep 1 – Sep 30
Application Deadline: Aug 25
Application Site:

Type: Grid Wide Hunt
Region Ratings: General/Moderate/Adult
Stops: 50
Hunt Object: Ring Box
Hunt Theme: Weddings!

Start: Desolate
Web Site:
Contact Persons: Juliet Moonshadow, Alexia Gaelyth

Check out all the hunts at HUNT SL. Updated Daily!

Hunt SL Banner Updated Daily Sign

Please visit for the original post date.

Weaving loom and Forest girl

This post originated @ Sheep Clouds.


Glad to see you again :) 

I feel that in my house “Weaving loom” first time in sl. Of cource i don’t have in rl. 
before that, no word “Weaving loom” in my head ^^;
This time i first met with furniture in Sneak peek. 
I hope that little by little more furniture’s shop would be participate in Sneak peek.

Introducing about “Luxe Paris” Outfit and “The Manufactory” Weaving loom.


Dress : Luxe Paris Callas in Navy Maxi Skirt and Top @ SNEAK PEEK July round
Weaving machine : {M}”Au Buisson” Weaving Loom @ SNEAK PEEK July round

Dress : Luxe Paris Callas in Turquoise Maxi Skirt and Top @ SNEAK PEEK July round
Pose : andika pose [For me *amai akai ito] 01For me @ The Secret Room

The Secret room

Dress : Luxe Paris Callas in Watermelon Maxi Skirt and Top @ SNEAK PEEK July round
Pose : andika pose [Loves Me Loves Me Not] wear 01Loves me Loves me Not @ The Secret Room

Luxe paris Outfit is looks so beautiful. specially when with natural things or in forest like that :) 
This Weaving loom made by wood, very nice combination with Luxe Paris’s Outfit.
Don’t you think?
when i first met with this outfit, i already decided when take a pic i will take a pic in forest :)

Dress : Luxe Paris Callas in Navy Maxi Skirt and Top @ SNEAK PEEK July round

(Furniture Credit)
Weaving machine : {M}”Au Buisson” Weaving Loom @ SNEAK PEEK July round

book table : (Decor) – Stacked Books Table  @ WHIMSICAL HAPPENINGS
Pot : Sway’s [Walden] Coffee pot . green
Mug : Sway’s [Walden] Mug . blue
blanket Chair : 8f8 – Back to School Chair with Blanket
Fabric rack : !! Follow US !! Fabric rack COPY version
Mannequin : !! Follow US !! Couture – Eve COPY version
Couture rack : !! Follow US !! Couture rack COPY version
Keep calm wall paper : CL Low Prim Store

Oops.. i always talking a lot in my blog even poor English… It must read easy more… 

I will try >.<
Thank you for coming here today :)

The Aloha Fair, The Lexi Project, Latreia, Sneak Peek, WoW Skins Group Gift, and More!

This post originated @ Welcome to Aurora Town Zindra.

Picture the Glorious Sun above, you on a Lounge Chair, Cocktail in Hand, Palm Trees swaying softly in the distance, and the smell of the Ocean, sounds really nice huh!? Reminds me of Hawaii! You know what else reminds me of Hawaii?  The 2015 Aloha Fair!  The Aloha Fair is one of the places Lilliana went Shopping Today!  Lilliana is also showing more from the current Sneak Peek Round and is wearing WoW Skins July VIP Group Gift.

There’s a Special Event going on right now, not sure if you all have heard, but one of our fellow Residents needs your Help!  Lexi Zelin Owner of Angel Red Couture was diagnosed with Stage 3 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and is in need of help to pay her Medical Bills and Expenses as she is not able to work in RL. Lexi is only 28 years old, is a Mom to a little Girl, plus plays a big role in Second Life by creating High Quality, Full Perm, Mesh Apparel, which opens doors for many SL Residents to have the freedom of starting their own businesses.  The Lexi Project Event opened yesterday, July 26th and runs for at least a week. Believe it or not, I have found lots of information on Lexi Project, but not when the Event ends.  Over 300 SL Designers have donated at least 1 Design and will donate all their money made at The Lexi Project Event to help Lexi.  So here is another chance to buy yourself something nice and also help a fellow Resident in need!

Lilliana’s Post begins with her lovely little Mini, it’s Lushish Catz Heidi Mesh Dress. Lushish Catz Heidi Dress includes a HUD with 9 Colors and is an Exclusive for The Aloha Fair 2015.  Since Lilliana has a few Designs from The Aloha Fair, I am grouping them together right here.  Next Aloha Fair Exclusive is Lilliana Shoes.  I really, really like these, they are super cute!  The Shoes are Latreia’s Kaiya, the Pinks with a 5 Floral Texture HUD.  Kaiya are for SLink High Feet and are my second Exclusive from The Aloha Fair!

I got two more Aloha Fair Exclusives for you Today, next up Lilliana’s Hair it’s Tukinowaguma Cindy the  HUD 2 Fat Pack.  I swear it looks like Lilliana’s Hair is blowing in that tropic breeze I talked.  My Last Exclusive for The Aloha Fair Today is the Nail Polish, it’s Kitty’s Claws: Florals SLink Polish HUD, 10 different Flora Designs in Kitty Claws HUD!

Now for what I purchased for Lilli from The Lexi Project.  I picked up SHEY’s Maldiv Lexi Handbag.  SHEY’s Maldiv Lexi Handbag comes with two versions of the Bag an arm Hold and Relax Hold as Lilli is holding below, this is one of SHEY’s Exclusive’s for The Lexi Project.  If you are a memeber of WoW Skins VIPs then hurry up and pick up July’s VIP Group Gift, Lilli is wearing Stella in the Golden Skin Tone, which is WoW Skins  July 2015 VIP Group Gift.  I am loving on the Skin BTW, very sultry looking! Lilli has been wearing AVELINE’s Mesh Eyes Natural Hazel for the, last few Posts. The Hazel Eyes are an  Exclusive Free Gift on MarketPlace.

My Sneak Peek Exclusives are next.  First the Jewelry the Set is by .:Glint:. called Sleeping Love, you get the Earrings and Necklace.  Lil is wearing the Raven Set of .:Glint:. Sleeping Love, there are a few more colors sold separately Exclusively at The Sneak Peek and now for the Poses, they are also a New Exclusive from Sneak Peek.  The Pose Set Today is KaTink Andrea Editorial Pose Set.  The Set includes 10 different Static Poses!  Photo Shoot Site Ippos SIM Home of the Silent Hearts .:HERE:.

Sunday, July 26th Post, Pose #1_cropped

DRESS:  Lushish Catz Heidi Mesh Dress w.HUD (9 Colors),
Exclusive for The Aloha Fair 2015 (NEW)

HANDBAG:  SHEY Maldiv Lexi Handbag,
Exclusive for The Lexi Project (NEW)

SHOES:  Latreia Kaiya Pinks w.HUD (5 Textures) for SLink High,
Exclusive for The Aloha Fair 2015 (NEW)

FEET:  SLink AvEnhance Feet Female High

POSE:  KaTink Andrea Editorial Pose Set, Pose #1,
Exclusive for Sneak Peek Round (NEW)

Sunday, July 26th Post, Pose #3_001_cropped

POSE:  KaTink Andrea Editorial Pose Set, Pose #8,
Exclusive for Sneak Peek Round (NEW)

Sunday, July 26th Post, Pose #9_001_cropped

POSE:  KaTink Andrea Editorial Pose Set, Pose #9,
Exclusive for Sneak Peek Round (NEW)

Sunday, July 26th Post, Pose #4hs_cropped

HAIR:  Tukinowaguma Cindy HUD 2,
Exclusive for The Aloha Fair 2015 (NEW)

SKIN:  .::WoW Skins::. V2 Stella Golden Skin Tone,
Exclusive July 2015 VIP Group Gift (FEE TO JOIN)

APPLIERS:   .::WoW Skins::. V2 SLink Physique Skin Applier (NEW)

SHAPE:  WoW Skins Ahlam Shape (NEW)

BODY:  SLink Physique Mesh Body v.2.3.1 (NEW)

EYELASHES:  Gaeline Creations (*GA*)  Mesh Lashes Fantasia w. HUD (NEW)

EYES:  AVELINE Mesh Eyes Natural Hazel Medium Sized Pupil,
Exclusive Free Gift on MarketPlace (FREE)

JEWELRY SET:  .:Glint:. Sleeping Love Raven Set,
Exclusive for The Sneak Peek Round (NEW)

Glint Sleeping love Jewelry Set_cropped
( .:Glint:. Sleeping Love Raven Earrings and Necklace Set)

NAIL POLISH:  Kitty’s Claws: Florals SLink Polish HUD,
Exclusive for The Aloha Fair 2015 (NEW)

Kitty's Claws Ad cropped
(Kitty Claws Florals SLink Nail Polish HUD)

WEDDING BAND:  JCNY ‘Greatest Love, Engraving Edition,
worn Combo Engagement and Wedding Rings (NEW)

HANDS:  SLink AvEnhance Female Casual Right
Hand and Elegant Left Hand

POSE:  KaTink Andrea Editorial Pose Set, Pose #4,
Exclusive for Sneak Peek Round (NEW)

Sunday, July 26th Post, Pose #7hs_001_cropped

POSE:  KaTink Andrea Editorial Pose Set, Pose #7,
Exclusive for Sneak Peek Round (NEW)


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